Can I Use Scene Points To Buy Gift Cards?

In the whole scenario of the market strategy, which doesn’t want to expand its customer range? Can you name a businessperson who does not want to be in the position of leading that business market? Obviously, everyone wants it. That’s why the stakeholders need to manage their business strategy in such a way that the relationship between their customers and products launched can have the same frequency, so easy to match, which not only increases the sales of the company but can also enhance the power position of that business corporation in the market. So to grab the attention of customers, many companies provide them with gift vouchers or gift cards for their purchases. Let’s learn ‘Can I Use Scene Points To Buy Gift Cards?’.

Can I Use Scene Points To Buy Gift Cards?

Can Scene points be used to buy gift cards?

Yes, you can buy gift cards by spending your scene points which you occasionally get by spending your money on different kinds of purchases. As gift cards are easy to use and can be used anywhere.

What are the benefits of earning Scene points?

  1. Provide their members with gift cards.
  2. Make them eligible for nicer discounts like a 10% discount on movie snacks and a 10% discount on movie ticket passes on Tuesday.

The Scene+ was developed by Scotiabank and Cineplex entertainments in the year 2017 makes it easier to earn through your debit card or visa card.

What is a gift card?

A gift card/ certificate/voucher/token is a prepaid stored-value money card. It can be used as an option to cash for the purchases she did in that particular or related business. Neiman Marcus was the one who introduced the first gift card in the year 1994.It resembles a credit card that can be identified by a specific number or code. Or in simple words, a gift card is like giving money as a gift.

Who can issue a gift card?

It can be issued by:-

  1. a retailer
  2. a bank
  3. hotels
  4. shops
  5. airlines
  6. cruise ships
  7. parks restaurants
  8. Other business markets

What are the benefits of a gift card?

  1. Sometimes the case may be as the recipient of a gift does not want to have that but providing a customer with a cashback is something that does not look good in the marketing world. So, they provide their customers with gift cards that are in correspondence with something like cashback. 
  2. A gift card can provide customers with products at a low rate inducing a sense of security inside them. 
  3. It is to increase the traffic of customers to their products.
  4. That can strengthen the customer-business holders’ relationship by providing them with a caring environment.

The above points show that gift cards are valuable for both business holders and customers. This way, the idea of gift cards is interesting. It seems good when you use your credit card to buy things and get rewarded with gift cards to use as cash or buy stuff, but not everyone feels it is secure. However, they also want a gift. For this kind of person, the Scotiabank Scene debit card is a good option to earn. Without worrying about credits, you can use a debit card from a trusted bank account to win exciting gift cards.

How can people earn gift cards through debit cards?

Using a Scotiabank debit card

  1. you can earn one scene point for each purchase worth $% you make with your debit card.
  2. After spending money in Cineplex Entertainment theatres, you can earn five scene points for each $1. 

Using a Scotiabank Visa card,

  1. You can get one Scene point for every $1 purchase.
  2. When you make your first purchase with the Scene credit card, you will receive 2,000 bonus points, provided you make $500 in everyday purchases within the first three months.
  3.  After spending money in Cineplex Entertainment theatres, you can earn five scene points for each $1. 

In 2022, you can only have 10,000 Scene points as a bonus on spending money using a Scotiabank debit card at a stock.


Using a Scotiabank debit card or Visa card for all your purchases makes you eligible to get scene points from retailers or others. These scene points can be easily redeemed to be used as gift cards.

Some Frequently asked questions are-

  • How can a Scene member redeem Scene points at restaurants?

Placing orders only through a redemption offer allows you to have the eligibility to use your scene points as gift cards. Scene card which has a total number of points worth equal to the cost of food at the restaurant can be redeemed to pay the bill.

  • How do Scene members pay with Scene points online?

There are two ways to earn points: by adding a card and completing the survey. Using Scene points to save will apply to your order once you opt ‘Redeem Scene pts to save’ in the checkout checkbox. The number of points you have can determine your discount if Scene points aren’t enough.

  • Can a Scene member do shopping with Scene Points?

Yes, it is. Use of Scene points may give you $10 to save. Only in an online purchase, the Scene members can choose the number of Scene points they want to redeem for each gift card.

Can I Use Scene Points To Buy Gift Cards?

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