HSBC Rewards – All About It!

Being one of the world’s largest and most productively serving financial institutions, HSBC has been a dominant player in the financial field ever since its inception, thanks to its loyal customer base. With their dearth of services on offer, such as personal banking, wealth banking, commercial banking, global banking and markets, they open a whole new world to a lot of people. Its extensive network has sixty-four countries as part of it, with a major presence in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, North America, and Latin America. This article explains ‘HSBC Rewards’.

HSBC Rewards

With a huge level of operations such as this, it is only right to think of what HSBC has that keeps its customers loyal to them. The answer is proper service, prompt help and a spectacular rewards program.But before you delve into what exactly the rewards program offers and what benefits it enables its customers to be entitled to, you might want to know more about what services HSBC offers on a whole.

HSBC- An Overview and Services 

With their capital, expertise and extremely skilled finance professionals, HSBC provides a wide range of financial services to ensure that you get maximum returns on any sort of investment. They are also a trusted company not just amongst clients, but also amongst investors- HSBC is listed on three different countries’ stock exchanges and has at least 187000 unique shareholders in over 120 countries! HSBC has been in America since 1865.

Its services

HSBC provides a wide array of services that covers almost all financial needs in the bracket- They offer banking services, short-term and long-term borrowing facilities, a mobile banking app, international services for the frequent traveller or anyone else who needs it and a bridge service for those new to the US. As far as their borrowing services go, HSBC offer personal loans and offer a home equity line of credit service for those who are eligible! 

This enables you to use your home’s equity and make it a consistent source of funds- this will come in handy for any major expenses that you might incur, such as tuition expenses, home expansion plans or debt consolidation. If you’d like to check out investing in securities but are in the dark about where to start, then HSBC has got something to help you too.

How do they help their potential investors?

Their global asset management team helps all potential investors to identify potential sources of profits and incomes and invest in profitable sources only. This includes both those from inside the United States and out of the country, across the world. You will be given access to a professional from the AMC team who will help you with giving you and your portfolio access to varied profit-making avenues and help you take the right path. To make sure that you have your future also set and ready for your family, HSBC also offers insurance services. They help you to work out a long-term plan and identify any risk factors to be considered, to ensure that you get the best financial protection possible.

HSBC Rewards

The HSBC Rewards program enables you to receive points every time you make a purchase using their card. You may receive a cashback directly deposited to your account, or as a statement credit to your credit card. If not this, you can choose to receive points, which you can redeem for exciting gifts!

The HSBC Rewards program enables you to be eligible for some heavy gift cards, from some of the world’s biggest and coolest stores. The stores that they offer are Amazon, Apple, BestBuy, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Burger King, GAP, Starbucks, Lowe’s, PlayStation, Nordstrom, Sephora, Shell, Subway, and Walmart!

This isn’t even the complete list- this is the tip of the iceberg! They offer more gift cards to many other companies too. And voila, it doesn’t stop there!

A chance to win goodies- here’s how

The HSBC Rewards program also makes it possible for you to win a lot of super cool goodies as well! As part of the program, you will stand a chance of winning an iPad, a ceramic cooking pot, a huge telescope, a nice watch, a remote-operated drone, a headset, a set of cooking appliances, a Dyson hair appliance, a flat-screen TV, a coffee maker, a designer kids bed, an expensive set of knives, a sound system, a waffle iron, an electric razor, a set of microwavable containers, an open barbecue grill or a smartwatch!

Cool set of gifts huh? All you need to do is become part of the HSBC family today! Apart from the gifts and the coupons, the HSBC program also offers travel discounts to its clients! HSBC Travel, powered by Priceline, enables any eligible member to be able to make use of their reward points to book flight tickets, hotel rooms and make use of specified associated car rental services too! You can choose to pay completely with saved up reward points, or pay with an HSBC card and earn points on that purchase as well. There is also an option to use both to finance the trip too! You can fly anywhere with no blackout dates or seat restrictions on major airline services. If you are interested in Travel Statement Credit, you can pay with rewards online and you’ll receive a statement credit for purchases that are not less than USD 25!

You should be eligible for the rewards program, provided you have any of the following cards:
  • HSBC Elite Credit Card
  • HSBC Premier Credit Card
  • HSBC Cash Rewards Credit Card
  • HSBC Advance Credit Card
  • HSBC Platinum with Rewards Credit Card
  • HSBC Cash Rewards Student Credit Card.


With world-renowned services and prim and proper professionals to aid you every step of the way in your financial journey, HSBC has it all. What makes them a lot more appealing is their very attractive rewards program, which awards their customer’s loyalties very generously- this is where they get to reap the extra benefits of being part of the program. So if you haven’t yet, you should too!

HSBC Rewards – All About It!

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