Does Amazon Prime Include Echo Dot? – Know More

Amazon Prime is a paid subscription of Amazon, which includes millions of songs to stream and allows you to watch different TV shows, and movies, and includes gaming, providing varieties of books to read, and a lot of other benefits. It has more than two hundred million subscribers and is available in many countries. Echo Dot known as Amazon Echo Dot is an American branded speaker launched in March 2016. It is a smaller version of the Amazon Echo. Echo Dot’s shape and size are similar to that of a hockey puck which embodies Alexa voice in it. It is a physical product that uses Alexa’s voice to work, you can also change its name to ‘Echo’ or something else to avoid confusion. It is mainly designed to connect to external speakers. Echo Dot possesses four generations. Let’s know ‘Does Amazon Prime Include Echo Dot?’.

Does Amazon Prime Include Echo Dot?

Does Amazon Prime Include Echo Dot?

Amazon prime does not include Echo Dot rather it is included by Amazon. But as Amazon Prime is a paid subscription of Amazon, you can use Echo Dot with Prime to enjoy many benefits and it will be free of cost, you only need to have an account on Amazon to use Echo Dot.

Steps to connect Echo Dot to Amazon prime:

  1. Download the Alexa app on your mobile and sign in with the Amazon account details.
  2. Connect your Echo Dot to some power supplying agent.
  3. Open the Alexa app and click the ‘More’ option and then tap on ‘Add a Device’.
  4. You will see an ‘Amazon Echo’ option, tapping on it will show Echo, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, and more’. Click on the option and follow the further instructions.
  5. Make sure that Echo Dot is connected to wi-fi by following the steps on the Alexa app.

Four generations of Echo Dot

As discussed above, Echo Dot possesses four generations, each with some different structure or features

a) First-generation

Echo Dot’s first generation is the hockey puck size speaker and is a smaller version of the Amazon Echo. It functions the same as the Amazon Echo but due to its small size, it is mainly used in external speakers. The first-generation Echo Dot has a weight of .55 lb and a height of 3.8 cm with a diameter of 8.4 cm. It is used to play music, check the weather, for calls or messages, and much more.

b) Second-generation

Amazon Echo Dot’s second generation has a lower price than the first and is available in different colors like white, black, and grey. The second generation was launched in October 2016 with the betterment of voice recognization. Amazon has provided free Echo Dots to Amazon Prime subscribers back in August 2017. The second generation of Echo Dot is .36 lb in weight and has a diameter of 8.4 cm, with a height of 3.2 cm.

c) Third-generation

Echo Dot’s third generation was launched in September 2018 and is almost similar to the second generation with the difference in the outer covering with a fabric in the third generation. It has a higher price than the previous one and is launched with a better sound feature. This model gives a yearly warranty. The weight of this model is .66 lb and has a height of 4.3 cm with a 9.9 cm diameter.

b) Fourth-generation

The fourth generation of Echo Dot was launched in September 2020. It is smaller as compared to the third generation but comes with a new spherical shape with the fabric covering. It is designed with LED lights on the base, covering the entire base in the shape of a ring. The fourth generation of Echo Dot is launched with charcoal, white, and twilight blue colors. Its sound performance is much better than the previous Echo Dots providing a very high-intensity sound.

Kids edition

It is also available in the Kids edition having content and design which are kids-friendly, allowing them to learn more skills through Amazon kids+. The fabric covering of the kid’s edition is available in many cute prints like panda and tiger prints, it provides them audible books to read and the entire edition is under the control of parents so that they can check the past activity and can also set the daily time limit to use it. Echo Dot’s fourth generation is also available with a clock that shows temperature, time on a LED display. Its weight is 341.3 gm and its height is 3.5 inches with a diameter of 3.9 inches.


In all, it can be said that Amazon Prime does not include Echo Dot but is included by Amazon and one can use Echo Dot by just having an account on Amazon. The only expense you have to make is to buy the Echo Dot and you don’t even have to pay to use it with Prime. Echo Dot provides many benefits if you use it with Prime like streaming Amazon music without ads, turning on the lights when you reach home, helping to set a routine, providing extra discounts while shopping, and much more.

Frequently asked questions

1. How is Alexa different from Echo Dot?

Ans- Alexa is just a voice that is embodied in the physical product Echo Dot, to avoid misunderstanding, you can also give it some other name.

2. How is Echo Dot different from Echo?

Ans- Echo Dot is smaller in size than Echo and has a lower sound quality than the Echo.

Does Amazon Prime Include Echo Dot? – Know More

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