Polaris First Responder Discount

As one of the biggest outdoor goods brands in the world, Polaris is loved and used regularly by many outdoor venturers and thrill-seekers. Their dedication to making the outdoors fun and accessible to everyone is what has made them stand out for the longest time and it has only since gotten better and better! This article explains ‘Polaris First Responder Discount’.

Polaris First Responder Discount

Does Polaris offer a First Responder Discount?

But what does Polaris do to give back to the community? What do they do for the people who work tirelessly for us? First responders- that’s who you want to know about! And the answer to that: Yes, Polaris does have discounts for first respondents across various products. But before you know what that is, you should probably read a bit more about the company itself- see who they are, what they do and why they’re a big name in the world.

Polaris- Who Are They?

From having launched the snowmobile, which evolved from being a singular product to a whole industry on its own to their constant efforts to reinvent the ATV as often as they can (all-terrain vehicle, if you didn’t know), Polaris has always been at the forefront, making it easy and comfortable to get lost in the great outdoors for everyone who loves it and making it very enticing for those who’ve never tried.

Founded in the early 50s, Polaris has produced military vehicles, helped create a network for people to join groups of like-minded people- to go on adventures together with people who love it just as much and have also pioneered the three-wheel roadster movement! Today, Polaris has 30 brands under its umbrella and if you would believe it, it all began as a small mechanical shop! At present, they also produce electric vehicles.

As far as the official divisions of their company, Polaris consists of five parts: 

  • Off-road vehicles and snowmobiles
  • Motorcycles
  • Aftermarkets
  • Boats
  • Global Adjacent Markets

Through Polaris Adventures, they also provide premium rides and drive experiences for everyone who would love to get a taste of the outdoors once in a while, even if it isn’t a regular hobby of theirs.

The First Respondent Discount

Polaris does its part in ensuring that the active military, veterans, first responders, and medical professionals get their due in purchases of their brand’s products. All of the people who come under this bracket are eligible for a $250 USD discount on purchases of select models.

The models that they offer discounts on are the RZR, Ranger, Sportsman, and General.

All those mentioned above (i.e., active and veteran military officers, first responders, and medical professionals) are instantly eligible for discounts on the RZR model vehicles and aftermarket items. If you’re wondering what aftermarket items are- they are replacement products for when you need replacements for worn-out automobile parts.

On the RZR model, accessories worth $500 USD are given for free- all you need to do is to validate your ID and there you go- that’s a whole lot of money saved!

As far as the RANGER model vehicle is concerned- if you’re a first respondent then there’s something in it for you there too! On purchase of the 2021 or 2022 model Ranger, you will be eligible for a $500 USD discount on accessories that accompany your vehicle. The same goes for the GENERAL model vehicle!

If you’re a little more adventurous and decide to purchase an ATV (all-terrain vehicle), then there’s a little something there too. Any accompanying accessories for an ATV will be given with a $250 USD discount for all first responders provided their ID is validated.

So, How Do You Avail Polaris First Responder Discount?

To be able to avail these attractive discounts, a first responder will have to get their ID-verified. This can be done here. You’ll have to pick what group you belong to in the options given on this site and then go ahead with the verification process. If your verification is successful, you will receive an email from the Polaris mailer. Don’t be worried if you don’t, it’s probably just in your spam folder.

You’ll have to bring a printout of your ID and the verification document you get upon successful verification to the local Polaris store to avail your offer. If you’ve got some problems with completing the verification process despite confirming your eligibility, there is a support team for that too who’d lend a hand.


Being on the front line in a fast-paced world is not easy in the least and those who do come out to do the good work deserve to have it recognized in every way possible. A lot of businesses in the United States recognize their efforts through discounts on their products and Polaris also does the exact same. So if you’re someone who puts their life on the line for the country, you can be assured that Polaris is doing their best to thank you for it.

Polaris First Responder Discount

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