What Channel Is Youtube On Fios?

Fios is an acronym for Fiber Optic Service that runs over a Fiber Optic Communications network which is an American company and is headquartered at New York City. Its parent company is Verizon Communication, the Fios itself is known as the Verizon Fios. The Verizon Fios was founded in September 2005 in Texas, United States, and has over 6.5 million customers spread in nine states of America. Let’s here learn ‘What Channel Is Youtube On Fios?’.

What Channel Is Youtube On Fios?

What Channel Is Youtube On Fios?

Fios offers a bundled package that includes internet, telephone, and TV services altogether. By this, it is pretty much clear that youtube is accessible and available to stream with the Fios service and on Fios devices. As far as channel number is concerned, Youtube is available on channel number 838 on Verizon Fios. Not only is youtube available to stream on the Verizon Fios, but you can also stream Netflix channels on it, available on channel number 837. Of course, a separate Netflix subscription is mandatory. Along with Netflix, there are over 20 famous channels that are available on the Verizon Fios with a different monthly plan. 

Some of the famous channels available on Verizon Fios are:

  • CBS
  • American Broadcasting Company
  • ESPN
  • Food Network
  • ESPN News
  • Cartoon Network
  • BET
  • Nickelodeon
  • Discovery Channel
  • CNN
  • Disney Channel
  • Animal Planet
  • Big Ten Network among others

Verizon Fios Plans

There are various plans that the Verizon Fios offers for your devices namely: The Fios TV Plan, the Fios Basic Phone plan, and the Fios shared data plan. 

Details on the different plans are mentioned below:

The Fios TV Plan

  • $110.00 per month+ taxes plan wherein you get 425+ channels including an additional $200 Verizon Gift card, one Set top box, and Multi-room DVR service.
  • $90.00 per month+ taxes plan wherein you get 300+ channels including one set top box and Basic DVR service
  • $70.00 per month+ taxes plan wherein you get 125+ channels including a set-top box
  • TV Test Drive plan for $70.00 per month + taxes wherein you get to explore 425+ channels for 2 months after which Verizon Fios would themselves recommend a good plan for you.

Basic Phone Plan

The Basic Phone plan offers you unlimited voice calling and texting along with 500MB of internet through which you can only download the ringtones. It costs $30 plus taxes and fees.

Shared Data Plan

This plan is for all your devices including your phone, tablets, and PCs. In this plan, they offer 5GB and a 10 GB plan that costs $55 and $65 respectively. The plan includes 5G nationwide/ 4G LTE, unlimited voice call and text, and carryover data to next month. Data boost $15/1GB and various rewards that Verizon offers from time to time.


A bundled package is getting very popular these days among the people and rightly so, in one package you get access to the internet, telephone service along with Dish TV. So, it is preferable, contrary to the separate packs that need a separate recharge for each device, primarily because nobody has got extra time for scheduling these things separately in their to-do list of the day.So, such Innovative thing has led people to opt for such services as fios.


1. How do I change my Fios TV plan/package?

You can very easily change the current Fios TV plan in various ways:

– Using the Fios TV remote. You need to press Menu > Customer Support > Getting Started > Special Offers

– Using the Fios app

– Signing in to My Verizon

–  Going online to Fios Plans and Channels

2. What is the highest display resolution for broadcast on TV?

The highest display resolution for the TV is 1080i (interlaced)

3. How to use the Verizon Fios TV mobile app?

For using the Verizon Fios TV mobile app you need to:

– Connect your home Fios Router using wi-fi.

– Make sure that the set top box’s power button is on. 

– Now log in to the Fios TV Mobile App using your username and password.

4. How to register for My Verizon to manage my Verizon home account?

You need to register on Verizon’s website or its app My Verizon with your username and password and you are good to go. There would be multiple directions on the website to assist you throughout. Along with managing your Verizon home account, My Verizon gives you access to a wide variety of features such as:

– Viewing or changing the service

– Viewing and Paying bill

– Watching online TV 

– Access Support

5. How to contact Customer service at Verizon Fios?

To contact Customer service at Verizon Fios you need to call their helpline number 1-888-364-0115 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. on all working days. You can also chat to the customer service staff, regarding your issue at their website verizon.com

What Channel Is Youtube On Fios?

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