Do The Home Depot Price Match Walmart’s?

In this article, let’s see “Do The Home Depot Price Match Walmart’s?”.

Do The Home Depot Price Match Walmart's?


Walmart is one of the biggest retail companies in the whole world. It is a multinational corporation. The retail stores of Walmart are in America. The idea of Walmart in the form of a retail store was first coined in 1962 by Sam Walton. The products sold by the company through its retail stores include items like beauty products, home décor items, home appliances, automotive products, toys, cosmetics, lawn and garden supplies, grocery, table silvers, home furnishings, and housewares. The Home Depot company supplies construction products, supplies for decorations, tools, appliances, and many more. It also provides services in almost all parts of the world. The company has more than two thousand retail stores. The company provides all types of home improvement products. The various services given by the company includes gardening, plumbing, small building jobs like making garden tables and chair, shelves, small cupboards, and many more. The Home Depot is one of the most trusted brands for home improvement retailing shops.

Do The Home Depot Price Match Walmart's?


The price of Home Depot matches the price of Walmart if the terms and conditions stated in the Price Promise Policy of the Home Depot company are fulfilled. The Price promise of the Home Depot company refers to a system in which the customers can purchase a product at low prices if it is sold at a lower price by other companies. This policy is followed by any other company when manufacturers like Home Depot are providing the same product at lower prices. This rule can be claimed only for the authorized companies that have signed for this convention. Moreover, there are some conditions through which protection under the Price Promise Policy is given to the customers. These conditions include-

1. DIFFERENCE IN THE PRICES– The companies must be selling the same product at different prices. Moreover, the price difference for that product must be more than 10$. It is less than the required proof the company can deny reducing the price of that product.

2. SIMILARITIES IN THE PRODUCT SOLD AT DIFFERENT PRICES- The features of that product must be the same. If the features are different the customers can not claim protection under the Price Promise of the company. The physical features of that product include shape, size, color, brand name, warranty, working, and many more.

3. PRODUCT FROM DIFFERENT COMPANIES– The product sold at different prices must be from different companies like the Home Depot company and Walmart. Moreover, the product must also be of different brands. Although the size, color, product uses, and description is required to be similar.

4. DIFFERENCE IN BRAND– This condition is not made clear by the company. Although, there are some products or items sold in the market at different prices. The company’s price matches with Walmart if the items are not sold under any specific brand name.


The customers have to provide evidence to the Home Depot company that a particular product is sold at a lower price by Walmart. In such situations, the customer can ask the managers to compare the two products, its feature, and the price of the products. The price will be lowered by the Home Depot company once the employees have verified the requirements mentioned in the Price Promise policy of the company.


The process of verification of prices and their similarities while online shopping is the same as in-store shopping. The customers can share the information about the price through the mail and ask them to reduce the price for that product. Moreover, the company willingly reduces the price of the previously bought product within 30 days of purchase. Therefore, the company offers cashback on a product even when it is been purchased by the customer. It is done when that item is sold at a lower price by a Home Depot company as compared to the price of the company.


The home depot company makes the best-selling home appliances. The company manufactures a wide range of home appliances like electronic grillers, refrigerators, drilling machines, and many more. The Home Depot company does a price match Walmart’s. The company offers to charge less price if the customer proved that the same product is sold at a lesser price by the Home Depot company. It is made possible by following the terms and conditions of the Price Promise Policy of the Home Depot company. It allows the customers to match the price with companies and retail stores like Walmart, Lowe’s company, and many more and purchase similar products or items at a lower price. The customers can purchase a new product from Walmart and Home Depot company at 50% less amount of the original price if the product is replaced during the warranty period. It also accepts time to time coupons from the Home Depot company.

Do The Home Depot Price Match Walmart’s?

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