Where does Jimmy John’s meat come from? – know more interesting facts

Jimmy John’s is a subsidiary type of restaurant industry that offers fast food in the United States. The products offered by the franchise are sandwiches and other sides. The main focus of the company is on generating employment and recruiting 45000 employees in its stores. The headquarters of the company is located in Champaign, Illinois, United States. The business was initiated in 1983 by Jimmy John Liautaud after he completed his bachelor’s degree. The franchise secured the first position in the 2016 Entrepreneur’s Fortune 500 and secured the second position as the most popular restaurant for Business meals by expense reporting program certification. Let us find out Where does Jimmy John’s meat come from?

Where does Jimmy John's meat come from?

Jimmy John’s Meat

It has been noticed that the meats from Jimmy John are sourced from the United States itself. The nonveg sandwiches or subs include fresh salami, capicola, fresh ham, and fresh ham. Every single location of Jimmy John’s makes use of choice top round roast beef, dry cured genoa salami, real wood-smoked ham, and spicy capicola.

The natural sliced meats used in its products resist additional flavors, colors, nitrates, MSG, or hormones.

The meats at Jimmy John’s include minimal processing and it specifies service marks, logos, and trademarks of Jimmy John’s.

The company prefers the usage of fresh meat in the house despite packaged meat slices. 

Nutritional Facts of Jimmy John’s Meat

Each serving of Jimmy John’s meat comprises 170 calories with the sourcing of 29.7% Fat, 70.3% Protein, and 0% Carbohydrates. The other nutritional values are as follows

Total Fat9%
Saturated Fat13%
Unsaturated Fat0
Dietary Fiber0
Protein 32 g

Healthy Menu at Jimmy John’s

The healthy meals at Jimmy John’s include less content of fat, sodium, and calories. The healthy menu includes the following items

  • Turkey Breast Plain Slim
  • Roast Beef Plain Slim
  • Turkey Tom, “EZ” on the mayo
  • Vegetarian, no mayo, and “EZ” on the cheese
  • Country Club, No Mayo, “EZ” on the cheese
  • Big John, “EZ” on the mayo

Sugar content Jimmy John’s food items

The meat at Jimmy John’s is well known for its hygiene standards especially for deli meat selection as they generally resist artificial flavors, chemicals, low cut, and use of preservatives. The only sugar source involved includes the usage of caramel color which is rubbed against roasted beef.

The capicola and beef at Jimmy John include sugar content along with nitrates but it goes well with the sale due to smoke flavoring.

Slicer Note for Jimmy John’s Chicken

The meat slicers used at Jimmy John’s sub and sandwiches include shared slices. The slicers are cleaned from the middle cutting except for Capicola Ham and Salami as they are combined meats. The slices are grouped for efficient cleaning.

Allergen Notes for Jimmy John’s meat

The ingredients of each food item are displayed on Jimmy John’s label. It specifies the addition of egg, soy, or gluten if they are present. Generally, the bread at Jimmy John’s excluding soy and wheat, and the lettuce wrap option is most preferred for the individuals who want to consume low calories. The lettuce for unwiching is from the iceberg lettuce Autumn. The general researchers contend that components at Jimmy John’s are prepared without peanuts and tree nuts while some food items contain warnings for potential cross-contamination.

Vegan Options at Jimmy John’s

There are no sandwiches for vegan eaters on Jimmy John’s menu. They further display the components of the sandwich listed against the menu that is vegan except for mayonnaise and meat. 

The oil used at Jimmy John’s for preparing its food items is peanut oil.


Jimmy John’s is a renowned fast-food selling company that offers the finest subs and sandwiches along with other sides. It is well known for its rapid delivery to the customers. The company sells meat items which include fresh salami, capicola, fresh ham, and fresh ham. The meat is cleaned efficiently from the middle slices except for Capicola Ham and Salami which have mixed slices. The company believes in using fresh slices of meat instead of packed frozen slices which ensures accurate hygiene standards and purity. The labels of Jimmy John’s food items specify all the additives that warn against allergies. It doesn’t include any vegan items on its menu but wishing could be selected by the customers who like to eat with fewer calories.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is an unwiching alternative at Jimmy John’s healthy?

Ans. The unwich wrap with tomato, lettuce, cucumber, and turkey is a nutritious choice and makes eating healthy.

  1. Which vinegar is used in food preparation at Jimmy John’s?

Ans. The vinegar used in Jimmy John’s food preparation includes red wine vinegar, grey poupon, pure olive oil blend, and oregano basil.

  1. What is unwiching at Jimmy John’s?

Ans. Unwiching is an alternative to wrapping the sandwich into lettuce instead of bread or subs.

Where does Jimmy John’s meat come from? – know more interesting facts

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