This article is all about the Vercelli tire warranty. Before getting into the topic, let’s look into the introduction about the Vercelli tire company.


The Vercelli Tire Company is one of the leading brands of manufacturing tires. Moreover, all the parts and materials used in manufacturing the tire are developed by the company. The tires manufactured by the company are known worldwide for their performance and affordability. It is one of the most reliable vehicles in the market. Moreover, the interior of the vehicle is featured high-tech safety features. It is one of the most trusted vehicle manufacturing companies in the whole world. The differences in tire quality can change a person’s driving experience. Also, the tires are smoother, stable, have extra load capacity, decrease road-noise, and many more. These tires are affordable and long-lasting. Moreover, these tires suit all geographical locations. The Vercelli tire covered more than 15,000-25,000 miles without any wear or tear.



The Vercelli tire company offers a warranty on the tires manufactured and sold by them. All the internal and external parts associated with the tires are covered under the warranty policy of the company. Moreover, the Warranty Policy of the Vercelli Tire Company offers many perks and benefits to its customers. These benefits include a free exchange tire policy, on-time servicing, free replacement, discount on the next purchase, and many more. The tires manufactured by the company provide customers with a warranty for a limited time.


• REASONABLE TIME OF WARRANTY FOR SPECIAL TIRES– The warranty period of Vercelli tires is greater than any other company. The warranty given on light truck tires is more than any other type of tire it is because these are not consistently used and carry less weight. The valid warranty period is 2-3 years.

•REASONABLE TIME OF WARRANTY ON GENERAL TIRES– The warranty period, repair and replacement policy vary from one vehicle to another. It depends on the quality of the tire, the material used in manufacturing the tire, geographical locations in which it is used, miles covered during a month, and many more. The general warranty period of a tire is 8-10 months

•TIRE EXCHANGE AND RETURN POLICY– The company offers free replacements and exchange facilities for the tires when the vehicle is in the warranty period. This proposed offer of the Vercelli Company is valid for 10-12 months from the date of purchase.

• MILES COVERED ACCORDING TO THE WARRANTY OF THE COMPANY– Manufacturers of the company claim that their tires can easily cover more than 15,000 miles of distance without causing any harm to the external covering of the tires. If the quality of the tire is degraded before completing the required number of miles, then the buyer can claim for the replacement of those tires with the new one.

•WARRANTY ON ALL WEATHER TIRES– The all-weather tires are capable of working in harsh and extreme weather conditions like terrains, mountainous regions, snow as well as sand. These are special tire that is designed to provide high mileage and effective performance. The reasonable time for the warranty on all-weather tires is two years.


The internal parts of the tire include nails, screws and bolts, the metal piece used for assembling the tire, the tire frame, and many more. The external part of the tire consists of the outer covering mostly made of rubber. This external part of the tire is in direct contact with the surface of the road. Sometimes, due to harsh driving or because driving on uneven roads leads to degradation of the external surface of the tire before time. 

Although, the Vercelli Tire Company provided one year of warranty on the external surface of tires. Moreover, the internal parts have been given protection by the company against corrosion if it happens under natural circumstances then the company offers exchange and replacement. The warranty on these internal parts associated with the tire is three years. Although, these have to clean and oiled regularly.


The Vercelli Tire Company is one of the major tire manufacturing units in the world. The company is known to create luxurious and affordable tires. The company has collaborated with many vehicles manufacturing companies to provide reliable tires. The aspect of warranty on vehicles and individual parts is covered in the Protection Policy of the company. All the vehicles sold by any branch of the company have a certified ten years of warranty. It also includes compensation given in repairing or replacing the vehicles in some situations. These tires are known to be effective and efficient in all geographical locations like plains, forests, mountains, and deserts. The company provides a reasonable time for the warranty on these tires. Different types of tires have varied warranty periods like all-weather tires have a warranty of 2 years. The general warranty on Vercelli Tire is ten months. The company offers free replacement of tires if it is damaged before or during the warranty period.


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