Does Amazon own UNFI?- Full History

UNFI- UNFI is the largest publicly traded wholesale distributor across the United States and Canada. Amazon- Amazon is an American multinational technology company, which focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, etc. Let’s know ‘Does Amazon own UNFI?’

Does Amazon own UNFI?


In a world of artificial living, where everything gets better with a touch of a finger, people crave good quality food which doesn’t only provide the best nutrients but which can equally enhance one health and no one can understand the quality of organic food better than UNFI.

Stands for United National Foods Inc.(UNFI), which is the largest wholesale food distributor which operates throughout the United States, and Canada. UNFI is owned by Amazon-Whole Foods Market according to the wholesale distribution agreement.

History of UNFI

UNFI which is the largest public-traded wholesale distributor is made from the merger of two regional distributors. So, to know more about UNFI, one needs to dive into its brief history.

1996- UNFI was founded

1966- With the merger of the two largest regional distributors, many other regional distributors got merged with UNFI, making it the largest distributor of natural products

2007- UNFI acquired Millbrook Distribution Services

2012- UNFI partnered with Buyer’s Best Friend 

2012- UNFI created a unified reordering system

2016- UNFI announced the acquisition of major companies like

  • Haddon House Food Products, Inc. and
  • Gourmet Guru, Inc.

2018- Completed the acquisition of SuperValu, Inc.

What kind of retailers does UNFI distribute to?

According to the annual UNFI company report of 2020, the kinds of retailers UNFI distribute to are:

  • The Fresh Market
  • Coborn’s 
  • Natural Grocers
  • Ahold Delhaize the USA
  • Lunds & Byerlys, etc.

Stores owned by UNFI

  2. UNFI Canada
  3. Tony’s Fine Foods
  4. Albert’s Fresh Produce
  5. Nor-Cal Produce
  6. Honest Green eSolutions
  7. UNFI Wellness, etc.

Brands of UNFI

UNFI serves at the heart of every culture around the world by serving quality organic products that bring people together while serving the best unique products, UNFI believes in a strict brand that not only accompanies its Net Zero Emission of 2027 but also can serve the best quality of sustainable organic products and the best brands of UNFI is

  • UNFI produce
  • Wood Stock Farms
  • UNFI  up next
  • UNFI fresh
  • Pro Organics, etc.

How to log in on UNFI?

To avail of the services of UNFI and its products, one should know about the details and the functionality of UNFI. Also, to give ease to its customers for ordering any kind of products from it, like any other e-retailer or e-commerce platform, it provides its customers with the ‘Customer log in’ option which can be availed by making an account on UNFI and the steps to open a customer account on UNFI are

STEP 1- Open the official account of UNFI

STEP 2- Below the log in to my UNFI, click on ‘request one today’

STEP 3- A page as customer Signup will be opened

STEP 4- Fill in the form by providing your First Name, email address, mobile number, etc

STEP 5- After filing the above requirements, scroll the form to ‘Ordering Accounts’

STEP 6- Select the Account type

               For Instance- USA East, USA WEST, etc

STEP 7- Click on Request Access

STEP 8- One customer UNFI account will be created.

How much does UNFI pay?

              Job Title            Salary
    Warehouse worker           $21\hr
    Forklift operator           $21\hr
    Warehouse associate          $17\hr
    Department specialist           $21\hr

Kinds of Products served by UNFI

As the largest wholesale food distributor, UNFI believes in making the best products with the highest quality, safety, and compliance standards, and the products produced by UNFI are

  1. Essential products which are used every day from Fruity hoops to Shells & Cheese paste, etc
  1. Woodstocks- For instance- Instant Oatmeal to pickles
  2. Wild Harvest- From organic blue corn chips to Salmon blueberry recipe
  3. Equaline- All kinds of mouthwash and soaps
  4. Asian Gourmet
  5. Culinary Circle
  6. Stone Ridge Creamery, etc.

Conclusion- By building a food system that is better for people, communities, and the planet, UNFI operates facilities that are located to provide efficient service, speed to market and which can reduce carbon footprint and by taking all the essentialities with it, UNFI is trusted across the whole United States and Canada, which doesn’t only stands in serving the best organic food but also makes a healthy cross-chain of food supply among its communities.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Question 1- What kind of industry UNFI is?

Answer- Food Wholesale\Distribution

Question 2- Which areas are served by UNFI?

Answer- The United States, and Canada

Question 3- Does UNFI still holds the agreement with Safeway Inc.?

Answer- No, the agreement with Safeway Inc. was terminated in July 2015

Question 4- When did the Amazon term will end with UNFI?

Answer- After 27 September 2027

Question 5- Is UNFI a public company?

Answer- Yes.

Does Amazon own UNFI?- Full History

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