What channel Rick and Morty is on Spectrum?

   “Connect with spectrum”. Since its inception in 2014, Spectrum has been doing just that. They are the second-largest telecommunication service provider providing cable, internet, and telephone services. Due to its growing popularity, let us dig deep into their offers. Let’s know What channel Rick and Morty is on Spectrum?

What channel Rick and Morty is on Spectrum?


   Formerly known as Charter communications, it officially branded itself as spectrum in the year 2014. The event which solidified the spectrum’s entry into the tv service sector is after the acquisition of Time Warner Cable and Bright house network. 

      Charter communications or spectrum is the second-largest tv operating service right after Comcast as they service around 102.7 million people all across the United States. It is the third-largest pay-per-view service provider after Comcast and AT. 

    By providing a multitude of content for access via its service known as spectrum on demand, the tv service network has gained more subscribers, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic. Many tv shows also gained popularity due to this global event. One such show which did was Rick and Morty. 

     Rick and Morty is a popular adult animated sitcom that has attracted around 11 million viewers from all across the world and 2 million from the U.S itself. Let us understand the spectrum’s involvement in making this epic sitcom across the U.S radar. 

Rick and Morty 

This infamous adult science fiction comedy series revolves around the eccentric scientist rick, who is an alcoholic and a failed scientist living with his daughter, who then takes his loyal grandson across the world for intergalactic space adventures.

This tv show has over 94% of rating on rotten tomatoes and a myriad of excellent reviews especially praising the brutal and wacky script reminiscent of old schools tv shows such as the south park, futurama, and even family guy. 

Is Rick and Morty on spectrum?

    Rick and Morty premiers on adult swim which can be viewed by subscribing to spectrum of on-demand services. To access the spectrum on-demand services, it is necessary to first subscribe to the spectrum internet or tv cable services. 

      The type of package you select determines the type or the amount of content you have access to. There are different packages as per the needs of the customer. The packages also vary by a different location. Some of the packages offered by spectrum are: – 

Tv package PriceChannels 
Spectrum tv select $44.90 monthly 125+
Spectrum tv silver $69.99 monthly 175+
Spectrum tv gold $89.99 monthly 200+

Features offered 

Premier content: Other than the basic content which comes along the required package, spectrum allows the user to choose separate content with extra payment. Channels like HBO Max can be accessed so can pay-per-view content, adult content, etc.

  • Parental control 

Certain sensitive content which cannot be viewed by young children can be controlled by the parents with the help of spectrum parental control. All you need to do is set a pin or a password for those channels or even certain programs which are R-rated. 

  • Anytime cancellation

The best feature of Spectrum subscription is its anytime cancellation. Spectrum works on a no-contract basis wherein you could cancel your subscription to its services anytime and anywhere. The actual approval would take about 30 days; however, it is approved almost all the time. 

How to access spectrum on demand? 

Accessing content on spectrum on demand is considered extremely easy and simple, all you have to do is: –

  • With the help of your remote control, press the menu button 
  • Using the arrow buttons, navigate to the desired content, which could be tv shows, movies, or video stores. 
  • If your remote control already comes with the on-demand button, then it becomes extremely simple wherein, you press it once to access the tv shows, twice for the movies, or thrice for the video stores. 


     The second-largest popular tv cable service brand spectrum has respectfully gained its recognition due to the quality service it provides to all its customers. From set-up service to post-sale servicing, spectrum has named itself as a solid brand with the ability to go miles.

       Although everything concerning this brand is considered good by multiple sources, the expenses are considered a tad bit on the higher side which leads customers hesitant to make such a commitment. Hopefully, shortly, spectrum considered the middle and the lower-middle class more mindfully.


1. Does spectrum offer a senior discount?

   Yes, spectrum is one of the few tv cable brands offering senior discounts to everyone above the age of 65. The spectrum internet assist program is readily available to any household where there is a senior member. 

2. How much does the spectrum installation fee cost? 

    Spectrum’s installation fee costs about $19.99. if you’re taking tv with the internet or just the tv cable service, it costs about the same without any price concessions. 

3. Is Netflix free with spectrum?

   No, Netflix does not come free with spectrum. You will have to subscribe independently to the services offered. 

What channel Rick and Morty is on Spectrum?

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