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During the back-to-university season, students tend to spend a lot of money on supplies, from gadgets to other essential items for college. Since all these expenses create a huge hole in the student’s pockets, the concept of student discount was introduced. student discounts are discounts that are given to students on things such as devices, clothes and stationery that they can use for college. Apple Student Discount – Let’s know.

Apple Student Discount

Apple is a multimillion-dollar technology company that specializes in the line of consumer electronics, software and online services. Even though apple is a giant, it still provides student discounts so that students can save money while purchasing products like macs, MacBooks and Ipads that are high productivity-oriented devices. Even though you don’t save a significant amount of money, it helps you save 100 to 200 dollars USD. it usually gives a 5%-20% off on its products. This article will talk about who can avail of these discounts, how can one avail them and what products and services come under these discounts. 

How to avail of apple student discounts? 

To avail of an apple student discount, it varies from location to location. 

In the US, just by heading into a US Apple store (mostly the one in the area of your university) and then follow the steps of your chosen items. One must take their identity proof and proof of eligibility to avail of the offer. One might not be asked for proof, but they should carry it just in case. 

In the UK, you need to sign up for an application called UNIdays. UNIdays is a website that was founded in 2011 that allows all college students to use it for free. In this case, it will help verify the student’s college enrollment. The application is free but you need to make sure your account gets verified to avail of the discount.

Who can avail of Apple student discounts?

Students pursuing higher education: A person can qualify for the student discount only if they are 17 or older and are enrolled in a part-time or a full-time course (in college). They also need to have a valid student ID to make themselves eligible for the same. The student discount is available as soon as you enrol yourself in a university or college course. 

Parents of the students: Not only students pursuing higher education but their parents or guardians can avail of this discount. By availing of this deal, they too can save money while purchasing apple products on behalf of their children. One important thing to keep in your mind is that you cannot avail of the discount if you are buying it for yourself. 

People working in education – If a person is working in education (teacher, professor, PTA) then they can also avail the apple student discount. they too can get their share of apple savings. To avail of this discount, the person needs to show documents to prove where they work and their position. People in the PTA (parent-teacher association) can also avail themselves of this discount.

Products and services available under the student discount :

Products: In the mac and the MacBook range of devices, the apple student discount applies to MacBook Air, MacBook Pro (13 inches), MacBook Pro (16 inches), iMac and iMac pro. Since 2022, they are now also applicable on a mac pro and mac mini. 

In terms of Ipads, the apple student discount works on Ipad pro and iPad air as well as on the iPad and the iPad mini.  As of the 2021 fall, people could save up to 200 dollars USD or 280 euros on the mac and MacBook range of devices and up to 100 dollars USD or 80 euros on the iPad range. 

Services: The service that comes under the apple student discount is apple music. It provides a student discount to university students. It gives 50% off to students (an individual 10 dollar subscription for 5 dollars). This seems to be perfect for college students since they tend to be very budget-minded. Other than that, it also provides students with a free one-year subscription 

To apple TV+.

Question 1) How can a person avail of a student discount in India?

Answer) in India, there are certain criteria for a person that they have to check to be eligible for a student discount. They need to be below the age of 25, they need to have their fee receipt as proof of them being a student. If a store denies you the student discount, one can always avail of it through the official apple website. 

Question 2) How many students use Apple products?

answer) In every university, at least 51% of the student population uses apple products. Be it an iPhone, iPad or MacBook – apple is pretty famous among college-going students.

Question 3) How much was apple worth in the year 2021?

answer) As of last year, apple’s net worth at the end of the fiscal year was 2 trillion dollars USD.

 Question 4) How long can you have a UNIdays account For?                                                                                

answer) unidays has an automatic date created a system that verifies your student account every one academic year (one year at a time). Once the one year gets near the expiration date, the user gets an email encouraging them to reverify their account. 

Apple Student Discount – Know more

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