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Everyone loves to eat good food, when it comes with taste and delightful aroma no one can resist it. QDOBA is one of the popular restaurant chains in the US and Canada that serves Mexican cuisine to its customers. It serves traditional San Francisco burritos along with Mexican gumbo, tacos, quesadillas, chile con queso. QDOBA Mexican Eats not only serves tasty food but it also offers some of the best rewards programs to its valued customers. Hence, if you want to know more about QDOBA Mexican Eats and QDOBA Rewards this article is for you.

QDOBA Rewards

What is QDOBA Mexican Eats?

QDOBA Mexican Eats is a casual dining restaurant brand in the United States and Canada that specializes in Mexican cuisine. The organization offers innovations, old classics, and the option for clients to make their meals by discovering new flavor combos. We can find more than 600 QDOBA venues in the United States. The company’s fame grew even more after they announced a new price strategy, all-inclusive pricing based on the quantity of protein consumer orders.

The burritos at QDOBA are made in the San Francisco burrito type. Tacos, chile con queso (one of their most famous dishes), Mexican gumbo, and quesadillas are also available. Another feature that distinguishes QDOBA is the accessibility of its stores. They serve breakfast and are open 24 hours a day in a few areas. QDOBA is also closely associated with the student community. They have many divisions near colleges and even have collaborations with some of them.

QDOBA Rewards

QDOBA has confirmed several improvements to its renowned QDOBA Rewards program that will make it convenient to earn free food quickly. All participants who join the revamped program will receive one point for every $1 spent and a free entrée only with 125 points. Newcomers who sign up will instantly get a serving of QDOBA’s signature Queso & Chips during their upcoming visit to the QDOBA hotel.

Vintage QDOBA Rewards members can relish the flavors they truly desire for free upon fewer restaurant trips thanks to a convenient format and two-tier loyalty scheme. The simplified system also improves the rewards method by inevitably putting entrée benefits in members’ wallets, ensuring that free flavor options are never skipped. 

How to Participate in QDOBA Rewards Programs

It’s easy and convenient to join the QDOBA Rewards Programs, you can refer to the steps given below to join the program.

1. Sign up for Free:  Install the QDOBA Rewards phone app (IOS or ANDROID) or create a QDOBA Rewards account or you can also visit the QDOBA Rewards site to make the account. In the registration form, you need to fill in some of the basic details such as your name, phone number, email, etc.

2. Once the account is created you need to scan the reward card or the QDOSA App at the checkout. 

3. You will receive 1 point per $1 spent.

What is the Two QDOBA Reward Status?

Experience the privilege and comfort of your latest Rewards card! Accumulate points across every in-store, web-based, and catering order, and gain access to member-only benefits and special offers. When the status has been raised the benefits get increased as well.

The two statuses in the rewards program of QDOSA are:

1.  Foodie Status: The privileged members earn one point for every dollar spent, a complimentary entrée at 125 points, and can advance to Chef status after only 12 QDOBA tours annually.

2. Chef Status: The privileged members receive all of the Foodie advantages, as well as extra perks such as $2 signature Queso & Chips for every trip to QDOSA and seasonal prospects to earn extra points all year with crave-worthy deals and mouth watering challenges.

How to Redeem QDOSA Reward Points?

For Online and mobile app rewards, there is no need to individually redeem the points as the Free Entrée will be credited to your reward wallet and you can use it during your upcoming visit to QDOSA. All you have to do is inform the cashier that you want to utilize the reward points, and they will be implemented to your order.


QDOBA Mexican Eats is one of the most popular Mexican cuisines in the United States, it has many branches and restaurants that cater to the needs of its customers. They are specialized in Mexican food and serve the flavor and delight of Mexican culture.  Food is one of the good parts of the QDOBA Mexican Eats but the other good thing is the reward programs that allow the customers to get a treat for themselves as well as for their friends and family. The reward program guarantees free meals and awesome saving opportunities for its customers. If you are a fan of Mexican cuisine and love the rewards program then you should try QDOBA Mexican Eats.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many points does QDOBA give you?

Ans: QDOBA, the renowned fast-casual Mexican eatery, recently unveiled a series of changes to its famous QDOBA Rewards program, attempting to make it simpler to earn free food quickly. All participants who join the revamped program will earn 1 point per $1 spent and a complimentary entrée with just 125 rewards points.

2.  How do I obtain free QDOBA chips?

Ans: Login to your QDOBA Rewards profile to place an order via the app or website. Include the entree of your preference to your food order, then at the payment page, apply the “Reg Chips & Queso with Entree” reward from QDOBA Rewards.

3. QDOBA rewards: how do you get them?

Ans: To get the QDOBA rewards you have to:

  • GO TO QDOBA AND EAT. Place the  Order online or at the checkout, and scan your rewards card or mobile app. If you are not a member, then you can keep your receipt, register, and redeem your points.
  • You get points as REWARDS. Receive 1 point for every $1 spent.
  • Take Advantage of a Free meal. Utilize your rewards points to get flavorful rewards such as FREE entrées!

4. Where can I find the code on my QDOBA receipt?

Ans: You can find the Claim codes at the bottom of the receipts.

QDOBA Rewards – Read To Know More

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