Why is Kiton So Expensive?

It is rather disappointing when you step outside for shopping and find out that there’s hardly anything within your budget. Thus, it is wise to know beforehand which brands fall on your preference list and your budget list as well. There is no doubt that there is ongoing inflation in several countries, be it the developing ones or the developed ones. Therefore, why the prices of certain or almost all commodities are rising is no mystery now- the pandemic mixed with the ongoing war has both wreaked havoc worldwide. However, when it comes to a particular brand, it is imperative to look at many other factors such as what kind of audience the brand caters to, what is the process behind the production of its products, how much human labor and technology is being used in the manufacturing process, and the like.Why is Kiton So Expensive? keep reading.

Why is Kiton So Expensive?

Why are Kiton Clothes so Expensive?

When it comes to the clothing world, there is no doubt that brands like Kiton occupy much space since they not only offer variety but also elegance and class. And nowadays, when there’s a cut-throat competition in any industry, be it fashion or education, it is obvious that brands have had to up their games. 

So, without any further ado, let’s look at the factors that have contributed to the products at Kiton being highly-priced!

Kiton is a Luxury Brand: And why it is Expensive?

The first and foremost reason for these costly products at Kiton can be attributed to the fact that the brand claims to be a luxury brand. Kiton being a luxury brand means that the clothes it sells are of the highest quality that aims to give elegance and grace to the ones adorning their bodies with it! This means that during the manufacturing process, Kiton makes use of rare materials and elite craftsmanship. Therefore, it is only fitting that the prices seem high. 

Seeing this reason, it is obvious that the brand does not cater to the wishes of everyone. The brand knows that expensive clothes can only be bought by wealthy people so it complies with their needs and wants and is willing to make use of only the best material. 

Training Provided to the Tailors:

It is not overnight that Kiton became popular for offering the best quality of material and enhanced craftsmanship. The founder of Kiton claims to have made a high-impact innovation in the tailoring world by founding a Kiton tailoring school, where those interested in the work are enrolled and taught more than just the basics of tailoring.

In this three-year course, the students are allowed to go with a specific phase of production in the last year, so that they can work in their area of expertise. The brand also claims that more than 80% of the people enrolled in this course are bound to find employment in either Kiton itself or any third-party company. 

Tailoring is an extremely precise talent; as a tailor, you have to make the cloth according to the body shape of the person, i.e, you have to make sure that the cloth fits the person perfectly, according to their preference, and not the other way round- you cannot make the person try to fit into the clothes. Thus, when it comes to the fact that Kiton employs people who are experts in the production of clothes, then it is obvious that the brand’s clothes will seem costly.

Clothes are Hand-made: 

In addition to the fact that Kiton employs experts and highly-talented tailors, Kiton is also known to manufacture hand-made clothes. Contrary to most brands that do not give great attention to detail, Kiton makes sure that the people involved in the production and manufacturing processes are quite talented and give great attention to detail.

It is said that ideally, a tailor at Kiton spends more than 24 hours on one piece of cloth. In addition to this, the brand does not let one person take all the burden, i.e, there are several people involved in the production process; if one person is given the work of making the collar, another is responsible for attaching sleeves. Moreover, another person is employed to do the embroidery work. 

Thus, it is only fitting that the clothes at Kiton are expensive since the brand is liable to pay a handsome amount to these workers who spend hours working on little details that make a piece seem elegant and costly! 

The Brand is Worldwide Famous:

In addition to being a luxury brand, catering to the whims and wishes of the rich, and to employing extremely talented tailors and other people involved in the production process, the brand has also acquired fame worldwide. This affects the way the brand prices its clothing; once a brand becomes famous and known to offer only the best of products, it is obvious that all its products will get costlier. 

Status and Exclusivity:

The brand claims to offer the consumers a high status and exclusivity which is prone to make the prices shoot up. The brand does not provide mass production of clothes which leads to the prices going down; instead, Kiton selectively produces exclusive clothes that help in increasing the demand, and once the demand rises while the supply is comparatively less, then the price of the product is bound to go higher. 

Quality of the Raw Materials: 

As mentioned above, since Kiton is a luxury brand, it offers only the best. Although the price of a particular product depends highly on a number of factors, the most basic reason is the quality of the raw materials used. If the raw material used is of the highest quality, there’s no doubt that the price of the final product will be high!


Now that you are aware of all the reasons why Kiton is so expensive, you must be excited to get your first piece from here! This is not to say that expensive stuff is always better; however, if you work in the corporate world, it becomes vital to show a certain class and status. Moreover, when offered the best quality of products over low or medium, it is obvious that people will lean toward the former. Thus, if you can fit some of Kiton’s products in your budget, then it is highly recommendable!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does Kiton offer professional training for tailors?

Yes, Kiton offers its own three-year course where all the professional things are taught.

  1. How much time does the production process take at Kiton?

Ideally, it takes more than 24 hours to finish a single piece of cloth at Kiton.

Why is Kiton So Expensive?

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