Why is Minecraft so Expensive?

Buying games can seem to empty your wallet quite quickly. So, the next time you are in the store, wondering which game to buy from the plethora of options available, you may be wondering why most of the games on display are very expensive. However, certain factors make a product or a game seem highly priced. When it comes to games like Minecraft, let us look at the factors that aim to make this game quite expensive and out of reach from the lot. 

Why is Minecraft so Expensive?

What Makes Minecraft so Expensive?

When searching for the answer to such questions, it is necessary that you consider all factors instead of simply blaming capitalism. There is no doubt that capitalism has a role to play in the sky-high prices, but this alone cannot be pointed out. Various other factors make a product seem highly-priced. 

These are:

1. No Light at the End of the Tunnel:

Needless to say, game-makers are quite witty since they not only have to extract money from people but also keep them enticed simultaneously. This could be one of the reasons why the game, Minecraft, has no end! Yes, you read that right! 

While most games have a limited number of levels, Minecraft simply does not end. Like other games, you cannot get this game over with and start over again. With Minecraft, you can explore and expand your hold in the game for years, if not months! Now, if you compare this situation with the one you end up with after you reach the end of your favorite series, then the game reigns supreme, does it not? Therefore, considering this factor the one-time payment may not seem as expensive as it did before since there is no light at the end of the tunnel!

2. Immense Popularity: 

If you are aware of the market shenanigans, you must be aware of how a product’s popularity directly affects its price. Thus, if a product is not in demand, the price is prone to be reduced to a level that people might find suitable. But, if a product is in high demand, then the price is bound to soar to the skies! In the case of Minecraft, you should know that the game is loved by parents and children alike since the game is supposed to test your mind and engage you in critical thinking. 

Thus, this popularity factor helps to increase the price. You can compare this price with the one that Minecraft had when it was introduced: it was free back then! The game-makers, to form a large user-base, had to sell it for free initially, but as the user-base gradually expanded so did the price of the game rise! Moreover, the popularity results in the making and selling of merchandise.

3. Complexity of the Game:

Initially when the game was released, all it was was merely a simple application. However, over time, the game was developed and enhanced immensely! Since it was free in the beginning, its popularity made the creators ask for money. Nevertheless, you can say that it was not just to fill their own pockets. Anyone who has recently bought the game will let you know that you can build your world in the game, play in survival mode, make cool weapons yourself, and defend yourself! In addition to all this, Minecraft offers various add-ons that you can get by paying a few extra bucks.

But what’s more interesting is that you can get a free trial of these add-ons so that you know that you’re not wasting your hard-earned money on something that you may consider extremely useless. Besides, you are offered realms in the game which means that you can invite up to 10 friends to play with and alongside you! Although to get this realm, you have to pay some extra money, you can have a free trial to see if this is something that you like! 

4. Multiplayer Subscription:

The game may seem a bit on the higher side to you if you are getting a multiplayer subscription. The only demerit is that it is necessary to get this multiplayer subscription because, without it, you wouldn’t be able to play at all! However, this subscription can be helpful if you intend to play any game and not just Minecraft. Nevertheless, before buying a game, it is imperative to know all about the add-ons and how much these will cost. For instance, you might think that you are buying a $30 game but in reality, you might have to pay $10 a month for add-ons or subscriptions. 

This might disrupt your budget and you might end up with an empty bank account by the end of the month. Thus, the reason you find Minecraft expensive is because the add-ons are highly-priced. Moreover, if you are content with the base version of the game, without any add-ons, then the cost of the game is not that much.

Comparison with Other Games: 

Before you decide that Minecraft is expensive, you must be aware that there are a plethora of popular games that are either equally or more expensive. You cannot deny the fact that video games are quite costly, no matter what. And this is because people are willing to pay for them since they are quite engaging and mind-boggling. Moreover, the video game market has seen a rise in sales since the pandemic because kids are stuck at home. 

Therefore, such games provide good relief from the monotonous life that people live nowadays; they are a beautiful escape from the harsh reality that people are forced to become accustomed to. Although these games can be quite harmful, when played in moderation, they can help in improving your bad office mood. 


Now that you have looked at all the factors that make it seem like Minecraft is expensive, you must know that these are quite genuine. There is no doubt that a lot of money is put into certain aspects of any game, such as the vivid-seeming graphics. Therefore, it is only natural that video games are costly.

Moreover, video games often come with certain add-ons that add to the high price. Initially, Minecraft isn’t expensive, but considering the cost of the add-ons and certain other features, it might seem highly priced. In addition, when a game acquires popularity, it is obvious that the prices are going to burgeon. Nevertheless, when compared to other such video games that are out in the market, Minecraft may not be that expensive.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Does Minecraft provide add-ons?

While initially, it didn’t, now it does!

  1. Will I have to get a multiplayer subscription to play Minecraft?

Yes, it is necessary.

  1. What is the last level of Minecraft?

Minecraft has no last level; the game does not end!

Why is Minecraft so Expensive?

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