Does Meijer Make Keys?-Know More Interesting Facts


Do you want to know if Meijer makes keys? We’ve got you covered! Many small and big stores render key-making services, including Meijer. Read on for more interesting facts about Meijer making keys!

Does Meijer Make Keys?

Does Meijer Make Keys?

Yes, key-making services are available at Meijer stores. It is often done by third-party providers including Minutekey through self-service kiosks. This service provides completely automated key-making kiosks for duplicating keys for homes, companies, and other padlock designs.

As a result, a few Meijer locations provide more services through the help of its employees. You’ll need to call your local Meijer to see what kind of key-making services they provide. However, customers will have to order fewer common keys at the shop and wait for quick delivery.

How Does The Shop Work?

Meijer is a supercenter business with sites across the Midwest, headquartered in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Groceries, personal care products, horticulture, and recreational products, computers, dolls, home furnishings, apparel, clothes, accessories, and other things are all available at the store.

As a result, some Meijer stores contain home maintenance and automotive areas, which may be where its key-making services can be found. Furthermore, most of the retail locations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The most popular kiosks are listed below:

  • Kiosks MinuteKEY: Keys can be made at minuteKEY kiosks. In under a minute, the kiosk can make keys for homes, offices, and lockers.
  • KeyMe kiosks are another unique type of shop you’ll see. You can get copies for your apartment, business, and cars for their outlets. Door lock keys and access cards are available. You ought to get your RFID copied to every design.

Kinds Of Keys You Can Get At Meijer

Meijer produces a large number of keys for its customers. You can also get factory keys, entrance keys, car keys, high-performance keys, and other things via their locations.

Their keys are a little unique, but if it’s an old key with no coding automated, you can successfully copy it at a MinuteKey kiosk.

Meanwhile, the shops are set up to reject similar keys and keys that are too complicated to recreate. So keys indicated for firms, prohibited centers, colleges, or limited estates are some of the many forms of keys that cannot be copied.

The Price

Every store has its key price tag. For Meijer, they use key-cutting machinery and the Key Kiosk to make keys in their branches. 

As long as they have the key design in stock, they can make a house, workplace, and some car keys. Meijer, on the other hand, charges $1.49 per key and $3 for a pair of keys.

How To Make A Key At Meijer?

The store’s robotic equipment can produce keys in as little as one minute after you start the process. They got user-friendly touch screens and step-by-step instructions for the making process.You can pick a design from a variety of options, such as nature designs, animal prints, cartoons, and sports team logos.

Once you’ve decided on your selections, the store will use laser imaging to capture the geometry of your key and create a precise one.

Is It Possible To Get Specialized Keys Made At Meijer?

It’s possible, but because of the sophisticated methods for recreating keys in safes and computerized locksets, it is advised to verify with the device’s producer or contact a Meijer colleague at the Construction company Service Center.

The United States Postal Service rigorously regulates mailbox keys, so Meijer is unable to replicate them. If you need an extra copy of a PO Box key, you must contact your local post office.

In addition to the store works, Meijer has many specialists accessible in several categories of house maintenance and building.

NOTE: Think about the pricing and the limitations that certain places have on the types of keys they can manufacture before deciding where you want your key(s) made.

Furthermore, not all locations will replicate car keys, and you may not be able to get a key made if you have a new model of automobile. Some modern automotive cars come with keys that can only be duplicated at the dealership where the car was purchased. If a store claims to copy car keys, double-check that this pertains to your car’s make or model.


In conclusion, Meijer is a prominent retailer in the United States that provides a variety of in-store services, including key making. Indeed, key-making solutions are accessible at the shop locations, whether it be through self-service retail locations or more traditional key-cutting procedures. Automobiles, doors, and other forms of keys fall within this category.

However, not all Meijer shops provide this service, so contact ahead to determine if your local store creates keys.


  • Does Meijer copy keys?

The answer is yes, Meijer copies keys for their clients. One of the benefits of shopping at Meijer is that you can get your locks copied while you shop. Metal, standard, custom design, and UltraLite keys can be produced for your house or workplace. Many shops offer minuteKEY kiosks.

  • Is it possible to acquire a new lock at Meijer and use the same room key?

Yes, you certainly can. If you have Schlage, Yale, Kwikset, or other major lock manufacturers in your home, Meijer will match your new lock purchase to your existing keys.

A small fee of roughly $5 is applied to the cost of your new lock when you buy it. If you want to make house keys for the lowest price, go to any retailer with a Minute Key kiosk, such as Meijer.

  • How long does it take Meijer to make keys?

It takes very little time to make keys. Getting a key created at Meijer takes a couple of minutes, depending on whether you use the Minute Key Kiosk or the traditional key cutting tools.

Also, contingent on how active the store is, it could take up to 20 minutes to finish keys for clients if there is a line.

Does Meijer Make Keys?-Know More Interesting Facts

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