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Well, Baseball lives in the heart of every American and that’s a well-acknowledged fact. But the busy lifestyle doesn’t allow you to give much time to it. And it’s a shame if you can’t see what you live for. That’s where MLB TV steps in. They provide you with what you are living for and that’s Baseball. You don’t have to miss any of your matches just because of an extra assignment your boss just gave. You can catch up on all the details just by switching on to this channel. Plus, this channel has an app too. So you can watch whatever you want, from wherever you are. If you are a military veteran or are connected to the military by any means you are in for some really big surprises. So get buckled for Major League Baseball at the best price possible only for you. Let us discuss MLB TV Veteran and Military Discount.

MLB TV Veteran and Military Discount

How To Get Military Discounts on MLB TV?

Well, the army is the real backbone of the country. While we lay on a couch watching our favorite shows and gulping down snacks, they are on the forefront, fighting for the country. No doubt some discounts are only reserved for them. After all, they deserve all of it. Well, all the credit for this development goes to the partnership of USAA and the San Diego Padres. This service provided by MLB is great for those who can’t go and watch the game live. You will be able to watch all the MLB games except for the ones including your local team. Talking about your exclusive discounts, these companies offer a 35% military discount and this discount is valid for active-duty military people and veterans. Plus, there’s a tier that lets you select one out of the market team at $109.99/month. And there’s a monthly plan too at $24.99/month if you are not interested in the whole season. There’s surely a lot in store for you if you belong to the military.

MLB Plans and Subscriptions

As discussed there’s a monthly plan and a plan that covers the season. You can choose the plan you want according to your preferences. Plus, you can stream the MLB on OTT platforms like Amazon. The least you require is an active subscription of the same. Plus, you can watch the highlights of the game too with MLB extra innings which are available on Xfinity, Direct tv, and MLB TV at $32/month, $130/month, and $129.99/month. However, MLB TV has only two plans namely $129.99/month for all teams and $109.99/month for only one. If you are interested to watch only your favorite team on the field choose the latter, otherwise, you can go for the former.

What to watch with MLB?

The answer is quite simple: Baseball. MLB TV is a service that connects you to out-of-market baseball games. Plus, it doesn’t require you to have a subscription, all you need is MLB TV and you are good to go. One more thing, it gives you an option. You can either get a subscription for all teams or just one. The choice is yours. Adding on to it, you can even get it for just a month if you are not interested in the whole season at just $24.99/month. However, MLB innings have more to offer since it will get you MLB TV with exclusive access to all the games. That is what all baseball fans want. Streaming at their convenience. Freedom to watch anything at their convenience, plus, no annoying long-term contracts.


Baseball is the heart of the ones who love it. And an app with all the major leagues is bliss. However, the world can’t stop just for your love for baseball. But don’t worry MLB has got you all the games at your convenience. So that you can see what you want to see. Plus, if you are in the military there’s a lot in store for you. You can get an exclusive 35% off on your subscriptions. After all, the military is the reason we are safe in our homes. That is just its benefits.


Q. What are the plans offered by MLB TV?

Ans. There are only two plans offered by them. One is $129.99/month for all teams and the other is $109.99 for just one. There’s a monthly plan too at $24.99/month.

Q. Which is better: MLB Extra Innings or MLB TV?

Ans. MLB Extra Innings is better as it provides access to MLB TV plus, a way to all the leagues.

Q. Will the subscription continue offseason?

Ans. No, the subscription is for a season only and you cannot stream matches after the season is over.

MLB TV Veteran and Military Discount – know more

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