Why Is Amanpulo So Expensive?-Read To Know 

Amanpulo is one of the most exclusive island resorts in the world and probably the best in the Philippines. Its name was derived from the South Asian language, Sanskrit, and the Austronesian language, Tagalog. Aman is Sanskrit for peace and pulo is Tagalog for island; put together is Amanpulo which stands for peace island. The resort which is owned by Seven Seas Resorts and Leisure, Inc., and Aman Resorts is best known for its exclusive beaches and serene environment. It is one of the best luxurious vacation spots and has not failed, yet in living up to its name. Amanpulo is an exclusive private island resort and is no doubt expensive.

Why Is Amanpulo So Expensive?
Why Is Amanpulo So Expensive?

This is because it only entails so much to enjoy your stay or vacation at an exclusive private island resort. To begin with, getting to Amanpulo requires a chartered flight from Manila to the island; this is provided by the resort but at a cost. The luxurious rooms and all the amenities provided, in them should not be expected to come at a cheap rate. It also provides other side attractions and services that its guests and, or tourists have the best vacation experience there is. Amanpulo also ensures that its food is served fresh and at its best. 

How to Get to Amanpulo?

The resort is located in Palawan, Philippines on Pamalican island. To get to the resort, visitors will have to take a private charter from Manila through Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The flights land on the resort’s private airstrip. The guests are then taken to the Amanpulo lounge hangar at the Manila airport. A private flight, which can accommodate up to 14 guests, will then be scheduled for the guests from the Amanpulo lounge to the resort. The flight takes about 70 minutes from the lounge to the resort island. Note that guests are responsible for transporting themselves to and from Manila. Guests who wish to travel through a different airport or would like a private charter all to themselves should contact Amanpulo Reservations for inquiries and more information. It is one of the best luxurious vacation spots and has not failed, yet in living up to its name. Amanpulo is an exclusive private island resort and is no doubt expensive.  

The Rooms and Basic Amenities 

The rooms at Amanpulo are grouped into casitas and villas. Each group has its exclusive features and was designed for luxury and satisfaction. 

The casitas provide you with direct access to the beach, a personal minibar, a private wooden deck, and a great view of the sea. The casitas have a variety to choose from; the Beach Casita, Hillside Casita, Deluxe Hillside Casita, Treetop Casita, and the Treetop Pool Casita. 

The villas are a little more expensive and of a higher class than the casitas. Some of their side attractions include a personal minibar, a private swimming pool, outdoor lounging and dining areas, club cars, a personal staff for guests, a private chef, and a butler. The villas also have a variety to choose from; the One-bedroom Villa, Two-bedroom Villa, Three-bedroom Villa, and Four-bedroom Villas. For the Four-bedroom Villas, you have 7 Lagoon Villas and 5 Palawan Villas to choose from. 

Other room amenities include air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, a fireplace, and bathrobes.

Other Side Attractions and Property Amenities 

Side attractions and property amenities provided by the private island resort include free high-speed internet (Wi-Fi), free breakfast, fitness center, gym, a kids club, hot tub, bar and lounge, tennis court, pool, and poolside bar, babysitting service, beach, restaurant, spa, massage, meeting rooms, business center with internet access, laundry service, dry cleaning, a concierge, butler service, car hire, sun umbrellas, beach towels, beach chairs. The resort allows pet and is pet friendly. 

How Much Do the Rooms Cost? 

There is a price variance between the casitas and villas, how much you pay for a room depends on your room choice and how long you stay. The casitas cost about $1200-$1900 per night, depending on which of the casitas you decide to go for. The villas cost about $3200-$7900 per night, depending on your choice of room. 

How Much is the Airfare to and From Amanpulo? 

Airfare charges apply to both adults and children; $520 net per adult and $310 net per child aged 2-11 years. Flights are complimentary for children below 2 years of age. The resort does not cover transportation from your location of choice to Manila or from Manila back to your preferred location.

Amanpulo is by far one of the best vacation spots in the world. The luxury and comfort it provides do not come at a cheap cost. From its rooms to its amenities and other side attractions – everything was designed to give you a vacation experience at its best. The private flight charter makes it easier to get to the private island resort, although it may be a tad expensive. The services and other activities provided by the resort may be worth the cost. It is one of the best luxurious vacation spots and has not failed, yet in living up to its name. Amanpulo is an exclusive private island resort and is no doubt expensive.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can I host an event in Amanpulo? 

Yes, you can. Events and celebrations are highly welcomed in Amanpulo. You can host weddings, birthdays, bridal showers, baby showers, business retreats and meetings, but to mention a few. The cost for events may vary based on the type of event, your preferred venue, the services you wish to employ, the number of guests involved, and how long the event is going to last. The private island resort can take up to 200 guests for weddings. The venues available for events include the Picnic Grove, beachfront, West Villa Clubhouse, and the Garden Sala. For more information about event hosting, venues, and available services for events visit the official Amanpulo website. 

2. Does Amanpulo offer discounts? 

The resort does have exclusive offers for visitors and local residents of the Philippines. These offers run for a limited period. You can contact Amanpulo Reservations for information on its discount offers and more information about its exclusive offers. 

3. What activities can you do in Amanpulo? 

Amanpulo provides its guests with a couple of fun activities which include fishing, snorkeling, diving, kite surfing, kayaking, tennis, sunset cruises, and beach walks.

Why Is Amanpulo So Expensive?-Read To Know 

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