Why Is Fiji Water So Expensive?

One of the most important things we need in our daily lives is water. It is very common, but over the last few decades, it’s turned into a lucrative business. Fiji water is a drinking water that is now among the world’s best. However, most people at this point are asking why Fiji water is so expensive. In this article, you will get more interesting facts about the water!

Why Is Fiji Water So Expensive?

Why Is Fiji Water So Expensive?

The following are the reasons Fiji water is pricey.

1. The perplexing production

One of the reasons Fiji water is so expensive is because of this. That is, it has a distinct life cycle. The production does not only stop once the water has entered the container.

Thus, after it’s been packaged at the origin, which is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, the water travels a wider area. The price of a jar of Fiji water is readily driven up by the distance it travels.

2. Bottle

More than its taste, Fiji water is renowned for its unusually shaped bottle. The bottles are made of Polyethylene Terephthalate, a type of plastic resin (PET). Another benefit is that PET plastics are long-lasting and can not be reproduced practically anywhere.

The bottle is effective marketing and advertising means that help increases the company’s total cost.

3. The Bottling Method

The brand passes through many stages. Fiji is proud of its man-made-free way of canning. Its unique method for the company is both complicated and costly.

A complex system makes up the system. As a result, the good, full method of bottling it is easy and all these are reflected in the price.

4. The Water’s Composition

Fiji Water is completely unpolluted, which implies you’re taking the best drinkable water.

While it is not the only source-bottled water, it is one of a kind. It also has a delicate, silky flavor that you will not see in other plastic bottles products.

5. Marketing Techniques

For a company that was still in its infancy in the 2000s, the Fiji brand has reached unimaginable heights. The bottled water industry is notoriously difficult to break into. As a result, the corporation has developed the blueprint in such a way that it is usually found in high-end establishments such as hotels, restaurants, and resorts.

They also accelerated their marketing campaign by recruiting celebrities to appear in product advertising. It was the only water available at the time, and it immediately became linked with wealth.

6. Demand and Supply

As a result, Fiji water is expensive. The cost of bottled water rises in direct proportion to the demand. When it comes to cost, the balance between supply and demand is a constant focus.

Hence, the producing company can demand a higher price for the item.

7. Marketing Expenses

The manufacture of Fiji Water involves a significant amount of advertising. It works hard to persuade customers to buy its commodity and to convince you that it is superior to all other bottled water on the market.

The corporation, on the other hand, spends a lot of money encouraging customers to buy.

8. Distribution control

In addition to the presence of Fiji water in large establishments, its lack in other locations has an effect. Because profitably cornering the bottled water industry is tough, the company’s restricted distribution strategy may appear paradoxical.

It was difficult to keep on shelves from the start to the point that people had to look for it. This created a procurement situation, as well as a perception of the brand.

9. Employees’ Salaries

Part of the cost of Fiji Water is what they pay their employees. They pay their employees slightly above-average wages, which is great for the employees.

However, the employee salary cost is added to the price of the water. They offer benefits to their employees as well, which also goes into the overhead costs.

How You Can Save Cash On The Water?

Here are two methods to get Fiji water for less.

  • When purchasing Fiji water, you can locate discount codes to use.
  • You can stay updated on the advertisements and purchase when anything is cheap. It is more cost-effective to pay full price at the shop or to buy it just while it is on special offer.


In the United States, Fiji water is the most widely consumed drinking water company. It’s used in the majority of high-end resorts and clubs, which increases the cost. And to see the product in locations like that convinces people it is a quality brand and encourages them to get to use it.

Therefore, demand rises, and costs rise as well. Regardless, the company provides vouchers or a special offer to allow clients to fill up to purchase as many as they can easily obtain.


What makes Fiji water so unique?

The source of Fiji water is a protected artesian aquifer on the isolated Fiji Islands, which sets it apart from other bottled waters. It also has a distinct mineral composition, which contributes to the water’s silky smoothness. For your first water purchase, the company gives a discount online.

Is the cost of Fiji water justified?

Fiji water is a wide, high-quality brand; although the price may seem costly when compared to other companies, the design and substance are well worth the price tag.

In addition, Fiji water is one of the international drinking water in the United States.  It’s accessible in over 60 countries, making it a top resource of worldwide fame and credibility in the business.

Is it okay to drink Fiji water every day?

Fiji water is the ideal method to pamper yourself while also making it simple to keep your body hydrated.

Does Fiji water have an expiration date?

For the first two years, Fiji water utilizes the normal ‘best by’ mark for any water marketed in the United States. Every container’s date may be seen below the label on the back of the bottle.

Why Is Fiji Water So Expensive?

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