Benchmade First Responder Discount


The Bench Made Corporation is a manufacturing industry based in America. The company was founded in 1979 in California in the United States. At present, the headquarters of Bench Made Corporation is in Oregon City, Oregon, United States. Since its establishment, the Bench Made Corporation is the most widely trusted knife manufacturer and supplier. The knives sold by the company are worth every penny spend on them. These are the best types of knives present on the market. Let’s know about Benchmade First Responder Discount.

Benchmade First Responder Discount

The best features of Bench Made knives are sharp, made from premium material, scratch-resistant, rust-free, made from durable elements, long-lasting, and affordable. The high-quality knives manufactured by the company are sold to many hotels and American restaurants. Moreover, it is one of the fastest-selling products on all online platforms and crockery selling websites.

Benchmade First Responder Discount

The first responders are the people who belong to some specific services, and these people are the first ones to act and offer service during the time of an emergency like natural hazards, accidents, wildfires, floods, etc.

The Bench Made Corporation offers many discounts to some designated and certified people belonging to some specific professions. The company offers a 15-30% discount to the first responders on all their purchase orders from the company. Moreover, the discount given to the first responders also increases by 5-7% during festivals, seasonal sales, and other offers. The professions and services which are liable to take the benefits of first responders discount include the following-

  1. The police officers and police guards working in the American Police Services get a discount on their orders from Bench Made Corporation.
  1. The firefighters get the benefits of the first responders discount. They get a 25% discount on the company’s products.
  1. The paramedics and medical services providers, nurses, ambulance personnel, and immediate medical services providers are also liable to take the offers and discounts. These people get a 30% discount on all their purchase orders.
  1. The security guards can also get a 15% discount based on some conditions.
  1. The law enforcement officers are also called the first responders during an emergency or an accident. Therefore they are also liable to get a 20% discount on the company’s knives.

How to get a First Responders Discount on Benchmade Corporation?

The customers who fall under the category of first responders include professionals like firefighters, police officers, ambulance personnel, law enforcement officers, security guards, medical devices providers, and more. These people and their family members can take the benefits mentioned in the Discount Policy of the Bench Made Corporation. Moreover, only the customers who buy items directly from the company’s website by creating an account get the discounts.

The customers or buyers who are willing to take benefit of the company’s first responders to discount online mode must follow the below-given steps-

STEP 1- The customers must log in to the commercial website of the Bench Made Corporation. They must also fill in all the required details like name, residential address, and other information to create an account.

STEP 2- After the formation of the account, they can choose the items or products that they want to purchase and add them to their cart.

STEP 3- On the section of, My Account, the customers can choose their profession. After choosing the profession, the company’s site will show the user various benefits, offers, and discounts available for the mentioned services of that person.

STEP 4- After the verification of the customer’s services, he is likely to get the required discount on the purchase orders from the Bench Made Corporation.

Benefits of First Responder Discount

  1. Many companies and corporations offer these types of discounts to the customers of some special and specific services to show their courtesy towards the people and their professional lives. It shows that the company values the people to tirelessly work for all people’s security and safety.
  1. These types of discounts help in attracting a large number of customers. This helps in increasing the sales of the company’s products and items.
  1. More customers are attracted to such policies and schemes so that they can save some amount of money from the discounts.


The Bench made Corporation is a knife manufacturer based in the United States. The company is the most trusted crockery supplier. It has also collaborated with many American hotels and restaurants to act as their crockery and knife supplier. It has also grown in the past years because of its high-quality products, efficiency, and durability of the knives, elements used in making the products, and affordable prices. Moreover, the company is known for its offers and discounts. It offers military and veteran discounts, old-age offers and discounts, first responders discounts, student benefit programs, festival offers, and many more. The first responders must provide their job ID cards for verification of their services of first responders.

Benchmade First Responder Discount

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