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Bloomin’ Brands Incorporation, founded in 1988, is a food and beverages company in Tampa, Florida. This public company belonging to the genre of casual dining serves its products across the world. The company focusing more on diverse strategies to maintain and increase the level of customers it has introduced the Dine Rewards program that allows the members to earn points on spending at the Bloomin’ Brands Incorporation restaurants.

Dine Rewards

Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill, Outback Steakhouse, Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar, and Outback and Carrabba’s Express and then redeeming the earned points to claim rewards. Now let us learn more about the Dine Rewards, its eligibility, enrollment, redemption, etc.

Eligible For Dine Rewards

There are certain criteria for a person to be eligible to be a member of the Dine Rewards. They are:

  • The person must be 18 years of age or more.
  • He/she must have a valid email ID and mobile phone number. The Rewards Account can be linked to only one email ID and Mobile phone number, i.e., it must be unique. No two accounts shall have the same email ID and phone number.
  • To earn rewards, the member or his/her immediate family member must be present.
  • If there is any violation of these requirements while creating the rewards, the Rewards Account created can be suspended until the Reward Account may be modified and brought to compliance with the conditions.

How To Enroll? 

  • The official website or mobile site, or app has the option to make the enrolment, and it has prescribed the instructions to be followed.
  • Once a person becomes a member, he/she has access to a personal Rewards Account page. By signing into this account or visiting the website, the member can access the Rewards Account.
  • The member has to update the personal information in the Rewards Account and give complete details that are asked for.
  • The password of the Reward Account shall be safeguarded by the member.
  • Once a person gets enrolled in the Program, he/she can earn rewards by various means.

How To Earn Rewards?

The reward a member can earn is dependent upon the dollar that he/she spends at any of the brand participating locations. The enrolled member can earn the rewards by the following means:

  • In spending the qualified dollar in a single visit, a member can earn five points for each dollar spent. At the same time, there has been a restriction imposed that a member can visit only twice in a calendar day with at least thirty minutes gap between the two qualified visits.
  • The maximum point a member can earn during a single visit is 15,000 points.
  • To gain points, a member has to inform and prove his membership before the server; only then will the points be credited to his/her account. This has to be made in the case of restaurant visits and ordering via telephone.
  • In the case of online orders or ordering via the app, the member has to enter the information about his/her Rewards Account wherever it is asked for.
  • Earning of points is limited to the restaurants before stated, and not any others are eligible for any points.
  • The expiry period of points is said to be six months or one-hundred-eighty-three (183) days after obtaining those points. 
  • In a period of the said 183 days, if a member has been able to earn three-hundred and fifty (350) points, these points will be converted to a $5 off reward. 

How To Redeem Rewards?

  • The rewards can be redeemed by:
  • If the member is ordering online from Outback Steakhouse, Bonefish Grill, or Carrabba’s Italian Grill, then to redeem the rewards, he/she has to log into his/her Rewards Account and checkout and apply it for ordering.
  • If the member is making a personal visit to the participating restaurants, then he/she must identify himself/herself as a member to the server and ask him to apply the Reward to his/her order.
  • While making payment at Outback Steakhouse through the Outback Steakhouse mobile app, the member can log into his/her Rewards Account and apply the reward.
  • When the member places a takeaway or delivery order over the phone, he/she has to share the Rewards phone number to avail of the reward.


  • Once a reward is issued, it will get expired in ninety (90) days, and the member has to redeem it before 90 days to make use of it.
  • Also, redemption is restricted to the point that only a single reward can be used at a time.
  • The rewards may not be applicable for the purchase of cards, gifts, alcohol, taxes, or tip.
  • If there is any coupon, offer, or discount available for the intended order of the member, it cannot be combined with the rewards. Only one can be used at a time.
  • No reward can be used to redeem orders from any third-party companies.
  • There is no question of partial or residual value to the rewards.
  • The declaration and alteration of the rewards is the sole discretion of the company, and they can send the updates of their rewards electronically to the members.
  • These rewards cannot be transferred or sold, and it has no cash value.


                 Dine Rewards program is an extremely peculiar system for encouraging the customers to use and spend more at the restaurant chains of Bloomin’ Brands Inc. the program for earning and redeeming points came to be widely accepted, and the number of members of the company is rising high day by day. As the company provides rewards for every kind of food order, like takeaway, online orders, etc., it is highly beneficial for the members as they get a variety of options in using the earned points. The company has made sure that the rewards are not being used at any other companies by making the rewards nontransferrable and non-applicable to any third-party companies. Thus the benefits are two ways and not just for the company or the customers. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will the rewards be credited to a member’s account?

        The rewards will be credited within 24-48 hours from the time they are earned by the member.

  • I want to access my Rewards Account, and I am not able to do it through the Program website. What can I do now?

          You call the toll-free number 877-546-7407 to access the Rewards Account.

  • I have an error with my Rewards Account. Within what time shall I be reporting this to the company?

          You have to report the error within 30 days from the date of appearance of such error.

  • I want to change my account details. Whom shall I contact for this purpose?

          You can either email dinerewards@bloominbrands.com or call 877-546-7407 to make any changes to the account details.

  • If I terminate my Rewards Account, can I avail of the rewards I already earned?

        No, if you terminate your Rewards Account, all the rewards that you obtained will be forfeited at that moment.

Dine Rewards – Know More

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