Do Busch Gardens have Wheelchairs or Handicap Carts?

You surely must have heard of Busch Gardens if you live in Florida, Williamsburg, or anywhere else in the United States. SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment owns and operates Busch Gardens. The first is located in Tampa, Florida, and the second is located in Williamsburg, Virginia. Busch Gardens parks were once located in Van Nuys, California, and Houston, Texas. Busch Gardens was inspired by Adolphus Busch’s public gardens in Pasadena, California. Let’s know ‘Do Busch Gardens have Wheelchairs or Handicap Carts?’

Do Busch Gardens have Wheelchairs or Handicap Carts?

The majority of the people will enjoy thoroughly at the Busch gardens but what about the people who cannot walk or have any other disability? 

Do Busch Gardens have Wheelchairs or Handicap Carts?

Yes. Busch gardens have wheelchairs and handicap carts for people in need. Two initiatives began in place at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay to help guests with impairments. Their Ride Accessibility Program (RAP) fits each ride’s needs to the specific capacities of our customers. Customers with any disability who will enroll in the Ride Accessibility Program will have access to the Special Access Program.

The Ride Accessibility Program (RAP) is meant to allow consumers to fully interact and enjoy themselves while maintaining ride and attraction safety. Special permission is required to allow customers to enjoy without having to wait in lines if they are unable to do so due to a disability. The Guests are placed in a Virtual Queue with a wait time that is equal to the expected wait time at that particular location. Guests can use this time to visit other attractions across the park before returning to the designated attraction at the scheduled time.

Renting a wheelchair

You can rent a wheelchair from the Stroller Rental, located just inside the Main Entrance on the right, which rents wheelchairs and electric convenience vehicles (ECVs). Wheelchairs and ECVs are available for rent on a first-come, first-serve basis. Wheelchair reservations are available and must be arranged at least 3 days before the planned visit. You can also rent a wheelchair or any EVC online through their official website or by calling their number to book. Guests are also welcome to bring their wheelchairs or ECVs. Guests in wheelchairs may enter the park through any entry queue.


In the United States, Busch Gardens is a well-known entertainment park. Busch Gardens currently has two locations, one in Tampa and the other in Williamsburg. Both of them cover 400 acres and are a great place to spend the day. You can get a wheelchair or any electric convenience vehicle to carry your loved ones in a wheelchair and show them around. You can easily rent a wheelchair or an ECV through their website or by calling them. You must enroll in the Ride Accessibility Program to enjoy safely around the park with your friends and family.

Frequently asked questions

Q1 does Busch gardens offer a veteran and military discount? If yes, then how do I get the discount?

Yes! Busch Gardens Theme Parks offers veteran and military discounts through their Waves of Honor program. Military and veteran discounts and special offers are available at both Busch Gardens and SeaWorld. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay’s Waves of Honor program provides one complimentary admission per year to active-duty military soldiers and their three direct dependents. Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Virginia also has a Waves of Honor program for active-duty military and veterans, as well as discounted tickets.

Simply display your military credentials at the ticket office to receive a discount at any of the Busch Garde If you’re buying tickets online, you can use your military ID to verify your eligibility. To obtain a discount at Busch Gardens, all you need is your military ID.

 Q2 How much does parking at Busch Gardens cost?

The most basic and least priced option is General Parking. For visitors, it is also the most popular parking option. Every day of the year, regular parking will cost $25 for one car, motorcycle, or RV/Camper. The preferred parking rates range from $30 to $35. Annual Pass Members must present their Annual Pass and a valid photo I.D. to receive free or discounted parking. Tour buses and school buses are welcome to park for free. Guests who do not require parking can drop off and pick up at a designated site near the park entrance.

Q3 Where can I have my tickets redeemed in the park?

  • When you arrive at the park, check the instructions on the downloaded ticket if you purchased your ticket ahead of time.
  • Ticketing by Self-Service: Annual Passes purchased online can be used at any of the self-service ticketing kiosks. Credit card purchases of ticket passes and select add-ons are also accessible at kiosks. At kiosks, coupons and discounts are not accepted.
  • Turnstile-ready tickets (save for groups of 15 or more) and vacation packages can be taken directly to the park’s entrance.
Do Busch Gardens have Wheelchairs or Handicap Carts?

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