Ikon Pass Military And Veteran Discount

Have you got an adventure bug? Do you like to plan monthly adventure trips or perhaps something mind-blowing? Well, adventure trips are something that challenges your normal, something that sets you apart, a way of relaxing but as Mr. Money likes to put his nose in all businesses, his scathing hands do manage to scrape your bubbling excitement of an adventure trip. But no worries now! Ikon Pass is offering some hefty discounts to military officials to ease out these scraps of money problems. Ikon Pass is an easy, peasy, and effective way of saving your wallets and enjoying that super exciting mountaineering or skiing or scuba diving. Now you needn’t worry about your wallet, just go ahead and have a blast on that trip. Read further to know about ‘Ikon Pass Military And Veteran Discount’.

Ikon Pass Military And Veteran Discount

From front-line workers to those who serve our country in the armed forces, ikon Pass is reputed to offer amazing packages at an affordable price. You can go skiing, mountaineering or hiking. All of your trips become easy if you have an Ikon Pass. Wanna dig deeper? Read ahead!

What is Ikon Pass?

Ikon Pass is the one-stop destination for all your travel plans. From choosing the best destination to buying a package, Ikon Pass provides professional assistance to all your travel initiatives. It provides the skiers and riders the opportunity to access nearly 50,000 skiable acres of unique terrains with pass privileges that range from full unlimited access to a set. It is a humble collaboration of seven industry leaders- Alterra Mountain Company, Aspen Skiing Company, Alta Ski Resorts, Boyne Ski Resorts, Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, POWDR, and Snowbird. They have curated a company of iconic destinations. They unlock access to several ski destinations across North America. They put together the integrity and independence of adventure trips on one platform. With their astonishing discounts, you can rest assured that your trips are going to be smooth and affordable.

What are some of the discounts offered by Ikon Pass?

If you visit their website, you can find a number of promo codes and discount options that you can easily avail of. There is an option of subscription that you can for, and it would provide you with unlimited access. Some of these passes are mentioned below:$1,149 passes Unlimited access to 15 mountain resorts along with unlimited 7-day access at 29 mountain resorts across the globe.

  1. $1029 Ikon Base Pass Plus: This one provides unlimited access to 14 mountain resorts 5-day access at 29 mountain resorts without a blackout date.
  2. $879 Base Pass: Unlimited access to 13 Mountain resorts and 5-day access at 27 mountain resorts across the globe.
  3. $499 Ikon Session Pass: 4-day access to 38 destinations with blackout dates.
  4. Ikon Pass First Tracks: These are available from Jan till March at each participating destination. They can be applied on all the different Ikon passes per se.

And here is more! Full ikon pass holders can bag up to 15% discount on food, beverages, and their shopping sprees during this staycation.

Plus, on buying an adult Ikon Pass or the Base Pass, you can save a jolly amount of $200 on the purchase of two child passes. Now, these are definitely the go-for! Aren’t they?

How do avail of Ikon Pass Military And Veteran Discount?

In recognition of the honorary services provided by the military officials, hefty discounts are provided to them, their families, and two guests. You can easily access them during the checkout or use your Sheer Id for a safer and more effective way. Read the below steps to know more:

  1. Create your Ikon Pass Account and verify your email address.
  2. Now visit verify.sheerid.com via Ikon Pass or directly.
  3. Give the correct information.
  4. Remember, use the same email address that is associated with your Ikon Pass account.
  5. Verify the credentials.
  6. You will receive a confirmation mail when done.

Once you have verified yourself, just go ahead and make your purchase.

What is Sheer Id?

Sheer Id verifies the status of current military officials, including nurses and students as well. One can use this Id to purchase from Ikon Pass and get benefits of their categories. While making a purchase remember to use the gateway only once; otherwise, too many attempts might lock the site.

How much is the Ikon Pass Military And Veteran Discount?

The military discount offered by Ikon pass offers access to 41 destinations worldwide with certain restrictions. For the current season, a single Ikon pass is $719 with a military discount, and the Ikon military base is $539. Military members having proof of service will receive the benefit of 30% off, and they will be able to bring along four guests.

Travel destinations by Ikon Pass?

The Ikon pass gives you access to a number of mountains, river rafting spots, and ski resorts from all over the world. The summits that it includes are Snoqualmie, Crystal Mountain, and Cypress mountain. The all-so-welcoming resorts that it includes are Aspen Snowmass, Alta ski area, Snowbird, Boyne Resort, Jackson Hole mountain resort, Big Sky Resort, Sunday River, and Big bear restaurant. 

Are the discounts offered by Ikon Pass genuine?

The company is a reputed and most preferred one. They keep on filtering their promo codes to serve you the best one. You can easily copy & paste their promo codes or use their codes and be assured of getting the needed response. They have had positive google reviews and customer responses till now. You can visit their website or any other blogpost to read the reviews. Remember, browsing is the key, so search and be assured.


Ikon pass is an organization of seven reputed industry leaders who believe in the formula of to the people, for the people, and from the people., They keep on refreshing their discounts section and never fail to provide a wave of freshness. With access to 41 destinations and a hefty 20-30% discount for military personnel plus their families, they are honored to have access to Sheer Id. Their promo codes are a genuinely painted palate. So, the next time you are going to plan your adventure trip, do browse a bit about their discount offers and get benefited. In the meantime, Have an amazing and safe trip!!

Ikon Pass Military And Veteran Discount

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