Why is Voss Water so Expensive?

With the current economy, where inflation is prevalent, it is quite obvious that every single commodity seems too costly to buy. This can be done when you are out shopping for clothes. But, what about water? You cannot keep your thirst or hunger in control! Thus, when people come to know that now even bottled water is getting expensive, it comes to them as a shock. A basic necessity such as water and food getting expensive does seem to shake the very ground that you stand on, does it not? However, when you ask for a glass of water at your favorite restaurant or a hotel, it is going to be free. But, if you go for bottled water, and that too Voss bottled water, the price will compel you to open your eyes wide. Nevertheless, you should know that there are certain reasons why Voss sells bottled water are so expensive. 

Why is Voss Water so Expensive?

Voss Bottled Water: Why is it so Costly?

Although it is always advisable to carry your water bottle wherever you end up going, however, some people might not find it comfortable to do so. And thus, they end up buying water from outside. Now, while most bottled water does not seem to be as highly-priced as Voss, there are certain qualities and features that Voss offers that make buying water expensive! Let us have a look at them below:

How They Acquire Water?

One of the many reasons why Voss water is so expensive is attributed to the fact that Voss takes much pain to acquire water. For instance, the people at Voss drill up to 1.7 miles to obtain water. Moreover, they pump up this water with the help of their wells. Thus, the process itself is, by no means, cheap. Now that we know the pains that they take to obtain water, the cost of this process can amount to more than $1.5 million! Besides this, let us not forget the various methods that ensue once they acquire water. To make this water healthy and drinkable, it is obvious that Voss takes this water through several processes to ensure that no harmful chemical is present.

The Cost of the Water Bottle

Besides the above-mentioned reason, another obvious reason is the cost of the water bottles that they sell the water in. Voss uses only the best material to make these water bottles. For instance, the water bottle is structured in such a way that there’s double glass and an air gap between these two glasses so that the impurities remain away from the processed water. And not only this, Voss creates the cap of the bottle in such a way that contaminants have a very tough time getting in! The cap of the water bottle contains a 17-micron diamond-like carbon coating that helps prevent the entry of impurities into the water bottle.


While most restaurants, hotels, and companies that sell bottled water use filtered water, Voss claims that the water they obtain goes through a special microfiltration process. During this process, the water passes through several filters that have very small pores (less than 2 microns) so that every impurity and contaminant is removed. This helps Voss to claim that their bottled water is free from all impurities and is the best when compared to others! 

Voss Emphasizes the Highest Quality 

Once the microfiltration process is completed, the water is further stored in their underground man-made lake. Voss claims that in this storage, they use volcanic rock formation. This volcanic rock further makes sure that once the water has been clean from all the impurities, it stays that way throughout the whole process! Moreover, unlike other companies that sell bottled water by heating it to remove all impurities, Voss does not heat water to more than 39 degrees Celsius. Instead, Voss uses microfiltration to remove all the unwanted elements from this water. 

Thus, Voss claims to stick to the old-fashioned methods of making drinkable water. In addition to all this, the water at Voss also goes through the process of triple-distillation! Most water goes through distillation only once or twice; this distillation is done by passing steam to the water to make it cleaner for consumption. 

However, Voss passes steam through activated carbon! Moreover, while most companies use carbon dioxide to further enhance the flavor of water, Voss makes use of nitrogen gas to do so, which also helps in keeping the impurities at bay! Therefore, since their process of removing impurities from water takes more time and effort than others, it is obvious that the cost will be high.

The Sources

Besides all of the above reasons, there exists one of the most important reasons for the cost of Voss bottled water being sky high! The places from where Voss obtains water play a major role in the total cost of bottled water. The water that Voss uses comes from three different sources that are all located in Norway. These three different sources aid the company in creating specific types of bottled water that cater to the needs and wants of different types of people! Thus, this reason also contributes to the extra cost of Voss bottled water.

Can I Save Money While Buying Voss Water?

After reading the above-mentioned reasons, it is obvious that you must be reeled into buying Voss bottled water the next time you are out shopping. However, your budget might not allow you to do so. Thus, there are ways that you can save while buying Voss water!

  1. Buying in Bulk: the demand for Voss water has been on a steady increase for a long time. Now, certain shops have started selling Voss bottled water in bulk. This helps in reducing the cost of the water bottles!
  2. Special Deals and Combo Kits: Many stores offer special deals and combo kits when selling Voss bottled water. 
  3. Loyalty Programs: Once you get your favorite store’s loyalty program, it is obvious that you can buy certain products at a discounted rate!

After going through the above-mentioned points, you must now be aware of why Voss bottled water is expensive. Ranging from unique sources to time-consuming efforts and extra hard work required to provide consumable water- Voss offers it all! Moreover, if Voss is not in your budget, you can adopt different ways to at least try what the fuss is all about and see for yourself! 

Frequently Asked Questions:
  1. Where can I buy Voss bottled water?

You can buy Voss bottled water from any local store.

  1. Does Voss use carbon dioxide for its crisp taste?

No, it uses nitrogen gas instead.

  1. How many times does Voss distill water?

Three times.

Why is Voss Water so Expensive?

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