Is Uncommon James Jewelry Gold Real?

Do those intricately woven, lustrous gold-plated jewelry look tempting to you? And that glow you have after pairing it up with your dresses, it’s glamorous, right? But there’s always that problem of what if this is not real? What if it’s harmful? Your concern is totally justified. After all, you are the one on the buying end, and you have all that right to be concerned. So here I have given a brief description of the products of Uncommon James, one of the most-valued products out there. Let us know ‘Is Uncommon James Jewelry Gold Real?’.

Is Uncommon James Jewelry Gold Real?

What kind of store is uncommon James?

Located in the heart of Nashville, in one of the famous neighbourhood-The Gulch, the famous jewelry line of Uncommon James was started by Kristen Cavallari. Wait! Does she need an introduction? The famous actress of the reality TV show Laguna Beach and then The Hills has managed to make a big name. Uncommon James is a result of her love for fashion. It has become a hotspot and must-see for those who visit Music City. It started as a jewelry line for women-on-the-go, and soon it became a 90 employee packed franchise. 

Is Uncommon James Jewelry Gold Real?

Gold jewelry of Uncommon Gold is primarily created with brass that is mixed with 14k gold, rhodium platinum, or 14k rose gold. It might be mixed with resin or acetate, depending on the kind of product you buy. Gold is precious, and definitely, you like to have it as a big part of your treasure. But using gold products daily is not a good idea. Right? Uncommon James designs fancy and fashionable products for the boss ladies, the fashionistas, the glam-ups, and the just-a-party. Here you get simple and elegant jewelry for all kinds of occasions.

Why Uncommon James don’t use real gold jewelry?

Kristen Cavallary uses platinum in her products which is harder than silver and gold. The brass in it makes the jewelry affordable and durable. Buying gold for everyday use is a risky choice and something that not everyone out there can afford. So Kristen used a traditional method and created jewelry that was budget-friendly. One of the added benefits is that platinum never causes allergy.  

Would these brass-plated jewelry last long?

See, gold is something that lasts long and never really tarnishes. But when it comes to brass, since it’s an alloy, it will slowly start oxidizing and go green. But that is the thing. Right? These brass-plated products are not very expensive and would last up to 3-4 years. Honestly, it depends on the kind of environment as well. If the kind of place you are living in is very humid, then it might get rusty a bit soon.  So, they would easily go along with your bossy suit for five years maximum.

How much does it cost?

The prices offered by Uncommon James are affordable to all and of a very wide range. They take into consideration the fact that the definition of cheap and expensive varies for all. The starting price for most of the jewelry is $38-$78, which might go up to $80. They keep on renewing their offers, and you can use the promo codes as well. The jewelry is of varied prices with a wide range of products, so you can rest assured about the options you are getting. Recently they have started putting more items into the sales section. Just go and keep browsing through their website. You will definitely get hooked to it.

The pros of Uncommon James

When Kristen started the business from her home, she didn’t know that people would give her so much love. She might have some ups and downs, but that didn’t stop her. Here I have mentioned some of the pros of Uncommon James-

  1. Design. All the pieces of Uncommon jewelry are intricate, beautiful, and one-in-all. They are unique.
  2. All the pieces are timeless. The design never gets old.
  3. They are affordable. Uncommon James takes care of their customers’ wallets.
  4. Each piece is typically available in gold, rose gold, and silver. You don’t have to worry about your kind of color.
  5. The jewelry can match into any type of style, including minimalist, girly, punk-rock, alternative, casual or flirty.

Here is a tip! Make sure you double-check the dimension before making your purchase.

Where does Uncommon James get their products?

Now, a lot of their products are being manufactured in Tennesse and Arizona. Whthatile they get a big part of the shipments from China as well. Originally Kristen started out by creating homemade designs and products, but now she works with several jewelry manufacturers to create her products. 


Uncommon James is a famous jewelry brand started by Kristen Cavallary. They use platinum and brass-mixed gold products to create affordable products. The franchise was originally located in Nashville and started out from her home itself. They have a wide range of jewelry products that you can mix and match. This jewelry line has grown largely in the two years of its opening. They sell the trendiest jewelry. 

Is Uncommon James Jewelry Gold Real?

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