Does Endy Remove Old Mattress?

Does Endy Remove Old Mattress? Let’s see that in this article.

Does Endy Remove Old Mattress?

What benefits a healthy sleep provides to a person can not be compared with the advantages that a materialistic thing has. 

A healthy sleep not only relaxes your mind after a long tiring hour but also Improves your memory, sharpens your attention, Lower instances of stress, and let you clear of depression. It also allows you to maintain a healthy body weight and sharpen your memory, give fuel to your creativity, provide energy to work perfectly, and enhance the quality of your skills along with decreasing the process of aging and making you live longer. That’s how it is no longer to say that you can cut your sleep for work. Not only exist to cure your mind’s tiring part, but to care for your heart, lungs, kidneys, and all other organs of your body. At least one healthy sleep cycle is necessary per person a day.

Now you must be wondering

what a healthy sleep means? 

In order to get healthy sleep, some steps need to be followed, such as-

  1. Duration of your sleep time – The time you give to your sleep is crucial in deciding whether your sleep is healthy or not. For a baby, 17 hours of sleep, for a teen, 8-10 hours of sleep, and for an adult, 7-9 hours of sleep, while for an old-aged person, 7-8 hours of sleep is sufficient. Now an important thing, if due to some emergency or some task you are not able to get enough sleep. Then, try to have a sound sleep for at least one sleep cycle, 3-3.5 hours of sleep.
  1. Continuity of sleep – Discontinuity or disturbances in your sleep can create hindrances in your healthy sleep. Disturbed sleep makes a person frustrated and a sufferer of sleep deprivation. Research studies show that having a continuous and sound sleep makes a person good at the cognitive level.

Now, what are the indications that you had a healthy sleep last night?

  1. Having a refreshing feeling in the morning
  2. Having a good mood
  3. Clear-headed mind
  4. Feeling energetic the whole day

Now decide what type of sleep you want to have, healthy or unhealthy?

It is obvious everyone would definitely choose healthy sleep. Hence, you must check on what factors are hindering you from your healthy sleep? Most of the time, the non-medical problem is due to choosing the wrong mattress. Choosing a good mattress elevates a huge percentage of your sleep problems.

The mattress is an important aspect people generally forget while thinking of healthy sleep. A good mattress helps you in avoiding pain in your spine and gives you a comfort zone and a perfect posture for quality sleep. This way, a good mattress is important in life to have enormous energy every day and a sound sleep every night. 

Where to get a good mattress?

So while selecting your sleep products, mattress, pillows, and mattress protector, switching to Endy is only one of the good options to choose from.

What is Endy Sleep?

Endy Sleep is a Canadian-based e-commerce company that sells sleep products nearly all over the world. It is one of the world’s best sleep product-selling companies. It provides a world-class sleeping mattress and you can be assured of its quality.

Who started Endy Sleep?

Endy sleep was started by its CEO Mike Gettis and Chairman Rajen Ruparell in the year 2015.

Does Endy sleep provide a trial period for its products like its competitors do?

Endy Sleep, as its name suggests, provides its customers good incentives to maintain a healthy sleep. That’s why Endy Sleep allows its customers to get used to the sleep product they purchased from before buying that product. This period is known as the trial period, which is usually 2-3 weeks depending on the type of sleep product you have chosen for yourself.

What is the warranty period of products purchased from Endy Sleep?

Endy Sleep is a very customer-friendly company. Hence it provides a 10-year warranty period to its customers for the products they purchased from 

Does Endy have a policy of removing old mattresses from its customers?

No. Uptill now, Endy doesn’t have a policy of returning the old mattresses. The shipping partners of Endy sleep work as quickly as possible to deliver services to your place in any Canadian province, but they cannot remove your used items when they come with a new Endy mattress.

However, if you want assistance from Endy to remove your old mattress, you can get help by contacting Endy’s customer care or by mailing Endy through The Endy Sleep will refer this thing to a local mattress pickup service depending on your location.


Endy sleep company is one of the best providers of comfortable sleep products. It not only lets its customers purchase a product from them but it also allows them to get used to that product and find if they are comfortable with that or not for 2-3 weeks. Even the warranty period that Endy Sleep benefits its customers with is 10 years. However, Endy sleep does not have a policy of returning the old mattress. But they can assist you in doing that. So, you can call them while buying products or for assistance in removing your old mattress. 

Some Frequently asked questions are –

  • Who owns Endy Sleep?

Sleep Country Canada Holdings Inc. owned Endy sleep in an $89 million deal in the year 2018.

  • Does Endy Sleep provide any discount to people?

Yes. As stated above Endy is a customer-friendly company. It provides a discount to people who are purchasing from Endy Sleep for the very first time of $200 by using the discount coupon code ENDY150.

  • What are the customer reviews of Endy Sleep?
  1. Some customers reviewed that the mattresses of Endy Sleep are very comfortable and super soft.
  2. Customers are satisfied with the shipping service of endy Sleep.
  • Where is the headquarters of Endy Sleep located?

The headquarters of Endy Sleep is located in Toronto, the capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario.

Does Endy Remove Old Mattress?

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