Why is Balenciaga so expensive?

When speaking about luxury brands and luxury clothing, accessories, or shoes, you best know that a lot of money will be needed from you. If you are planning on purchasing any luxury Balenciaga products, be prepared to spend some cash. Do you have deep pockets and a taste for Balenciaga? Or have you been planning on bagging yourself some Balenciaga items? Here we will know about it and will find answer to your question Why is Balenciaga so expensive?

Why is Balenciaga so expensive?

One downside to wanting luxury brands is that they are expensive. Balenciaga in particular is a well-known luxury brand that celebrities can’t seem to go without. It is expensive yet worth it. Balenciaga’s biggest customers are celebrities who influence other people to purchase their products around the world simply by purchasing and wearing them. Balenciaga is an expensive luxury brand because of its exclusivity, popularity, and its expensive style and quality. 

What is Balenciaga?

Many people love luxury brands, with everyone having their unique taste and style. Balenciaga is a Spanish luxury brand couture that caters to people who are looking for something bold and stylish. This fashion house is mostly known for its sneaker collection which has been trending. They have other luxury products available for purchase. Serving expensive class and style is Balenciaga’s way of ensuring that you stand out in the crowd. They will give you nothing but quality and value for your money. However, it does not come cheap so make sure that your budget is suitable.

The Balenciaga product range and collection

Explore a range of different products that Balenciaga offers to their valued customers. This luxury brand has different collections that are released in different seasons. Find your favorite items from the summer collection, winter, fall, or spring collection. They are guaranteed to provide you with only the best quality products. These are some of the best products they have available:

  • XX Medium Flap Bag Box- $1 850
  • Shrunk Tuxedo Jacket- $3 050
  • Triple S Sneaker- $995
  • B-Coin Earrings- $925
  • Destroyed Hoodie- $1 250
  • Car Phone Holder- $895
  • Safe Necklace- $950

These are some of the most rated products in the Balenciaga clothing range. 

Why is Balenciaga so expensive? – The full picture behind the high prices

After reading about some of Balenciaga’s most rated products, we are well aware of how expensive their products are. Not just anybody can wear Balenciaga, be in the right class and have the right style to rock these luxurious products. If you want luxury and quality, you have to pay the price. Keep reading to get insights on why Balenciaga is so expensive. 

High Status and Exclusivity 

Status and exclusivity go hand in hand. If you have expensive taste and style, then you will most definitely make that known through the way you dress and the types of luxury brands you invest your money into. Due to its high standards and luxury, Balenciaga has become to be known as an exclusive brand. Improve your social status by dressing up in only the best Balenciaga products. 


The fashion industry is a forever growing industry that many brands are taking advantage of. Balenciaga is one of the most famous and growing brands within the fashion industry. When their Triple S sneaker collection was released, their products became a craze for stylists and fashion fanatics. Even though some of their products are viewed as weird, their popularity is one of the many reasons why people invest in purchasing their items. Sometimes it’s not about how the product looks, but it’s about purchasing the name behind the product. Due to the brand’s popularity, it has used this to its advantage by raising its prices and has been ultimately known as an expensive luxury brand. 

Celebrity favorites

Celebrities love and wear Balenciaga which helps promote the brand and increase its popularity. Most celebrities wear Balenciaga products and they become influencers and brand ambassadors. If celebrities are wearing their products, then that speaks volumes about the brand and its costs. Balenciaga apparel, shoes, and accessories can be seen in a variety of shows, events, and functions which increases brand visibility and awareness. Because of the celebrities, some products are promoted leading to an increase in overall customers. This fashion house can charge high costs for their products because of celebrities and their publicity. 

High-quality products

Balenciaga takes its production process very highly. They use advanced raw materials to manufacture their products. They ensure to only make their products with the highest quality materials. heir product is uniquely designed to match their branding. Balenciaga’s unique and admirable crafting skills keep their customers satisfied. This is one of the other reasons why the products are expensive.

These are just a few reasons why you have to pay big dollars when purchasing from Balenciaga. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, and the likes of Dua Lipa, Kanye West, and Julia Fox are among other big Balenciaga customers. If you see a celebrity wearing something, the chances of you loving and wanting it for yourself are very high. 

Balenciaga’s Target Market

Every brand has its target market and well this fashion house has established its target market that helps generate more customers while making sure they still give off style and luxury. Balenciaga is not for everyone, remember that they are a luxury brand with its unique style, therefore, it will only take interest in the people of its like. Fashion lovers that are just interested in the forever-changing fashion styles are the perfect customers for this fashion house. People who are willing to keep up with their lifestyle and social image will be highly interested in Balenciaga as they would not mind taking out thousands of dollars to make themselves look stylish and bold. 


If you want to look stylish, bold, and chic then you should consider dressing in Balenciaga.  People who are lovers of Balenciaga the quality and status of the brand because it mirrors their elegant lifestyle. If you have been looking for high-end fashion that depicts your style, look no further because Balenciaga is your go-to luxury brand. To the kids and teenagers with big dreams of living lavish lives, do not forget to add Balenciaga to your list of favorite luxury brands. 

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. What are Balenciaga’s most expensive shoes?

One of their most expensive shoes is the 3D 110MM PUMP collection which goes at a cost of about $3 300 a pair. All Balenciaga shoes are typically expensive.

  1. Who is Balenciaga’s celebrity ambassador?

Kim Kardashian and Justin Bieber seem to be taking on the Balenciaga wave and keeping people interested in the style they have to give off.

  1. Does Balenciaga have any clothing for kids? 

They have products suitable for women, men, and children. Make yourself and your children look great with the Balenciaga drip.

Why is Balenciaga so expensive?

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