Why Is Shutterfly Shipping So Expensive?

There are many precious moments in your life that you want to remember forever; thus, you take pictures to remember those moments. Many photo studios convert digital photos into real-world images that we can keep forever. Shutterfly is one of the most well-known photography companies in the United States, offering high-quality photos, photo books, cards, and other products. However, some people are curious as to why Shutterfly shipping is so expensive. 

Why Is Shutterfly Shipping So Expensive?

What is Shutterfly?

Shutterfly is a customer-created online photo repository that also offers printing services and website hosting to everyone. It was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Redwood City, California. Users can upload their photos and create a web page to show their friends and family, or they can instantly turn their photos into different gifts and unique products.

Lots of users store, enjoy and share huge amounts of photos on Shutterfly. This company can help you transform your favorite photos into award-winning photo albums, and significant cards, create photo gifts, decorative items, personal blogs, and many more.

All about Shutterfly

The Shutterfly brand is the world’s renowned online retail and production forum for photography and personalized products. Shutterfly is divided into three functional departments: Consumer, Lifetouch, and Shutterfly Business Solutions. Shutterfly’s customer division assists people in making and creating meaningful products such as cards, stationeries, photo albums, gifts, and decorative items. Premium options include the Tiny Prints store that offers and Snapfish store, which sells photo gifts, postcards, stationery, and other items, as well as the Spoonflower worldwide market for tailored home decor.

Why is Shutterfly Shipping so Expensive?

Shutterfly is the most popular online photo retailer. It is a digital print agency that provides services ranging from specially made merchandise to scrapbooking. While Shutterfly’s products are reasonably priced, some customers are taken aback by the shipping costs. They are perplexed as to why Shutterfly shipping is so expensive given that it is only photos. Let’s examine some of the factors behind Shutterfly’s high shipping costs.

1.  Shipping Distance:

The cost is determined by how far the item must travel. It is a physical object and the greater the distance it must travel, the more costly it is to send it.

Because the main Shutterfly distribution center is in California, anyone who lives a long distance away will have to pay higher shipping charges to receive their items. If individuals don’t live close to Shutterfly’s distribution center, they may have to pay more until a small, local supply center is available. Shipping becomes eventually more expensive as the distance increases because it takes longer and consumes more fuel. 

2. Packaging Expenses:

Once you ship a package with a delivery service, you frequently pay for the packaging expenses as well as the time it takes to package it yourself. This is generally a hidden cost since you probably already have the substances and it doesn’t take long.

For a business, it is an expenditure that must be factored into its costing method. The Shutterfly packaging is unique and attractive, which is an excellent way for them to commercialize their brand, but it is not inexpensive. The packaging is also excellent, safeguarding the items and making sure that they arrive securely. This, once again, comes at a cost.

Since Shutterfly incurs both a time and a content cost in packaging the mail, and they use good-quality, one-of-a-kind packaging, they must add to their mailing expenses. They are unable to provide these services for free due to the associated labor and material costs.  

3. Fuel Expenses:

One of the most expensive aspects of receiving mail from one point to the other is the fuel used. The package will be loaded onto various shipping vehicles delivered to various locations, and then loaded back onto vehicles.

All of these vehicles incur fuel costs when traveling to and from depots, and the company must bear these expenses. The expenses will be even greater if the package is transported through the air at some point, which is often the only method to achieve quick shipping times over vast distances.  As a result, you are charged for the fuel, which frequently adds to the expense when the parcel travels great distances to its receiver.

4.  Dimensions of the Product:

Once packages are filled into a truck, it stands to reason that only a certain amount of packages will fit, no matter how they are packed. Even though truck drivers become adept at playing Tetris with the parcels they transport, the size of the packet still influences how many will fit into the truck.

Bigger packages require more trucks or longer journeys because fewer can fit in a single truck. But whichever option has an increased cost, so the larger your parcel, the higher the cost.

5. Parcel Weight:

When calculating how much it costs the business to transfer a package, another thing to consider is its weight. This may appear to be less important than parcel size, but it makes a significant variance.

The heavier the material of a truck, the more fuel it will consume. The same is true for any airplane; if it is transferring a large weight, it will require significantly more fuel to take off than if it is transferring light bundles.

These are the main reasons for Shutterfly’s expensive shipping, there are other factors as well such as Driver’s wages, Holiday shipping, Speed of shipping, etc.


Shutterfly assists you in making the most of life’s most precious memories. It enables us to create enduring memories; photo books, as well as distinctive interior, decorating, and photo gifts, as a pioneer in personalized photos and services. However, when it comes to Shutterfly shipping costs, they appear to be expensive, and several factors contribute to this, such as transportation charges, fuel, distance, and so on. Shutterfly strives to meet the needs of its customers, even though the charges for such services are somewhat high due to the various expenses that the company must bear.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What exactly is Shutterfly and how does it operate?

Ans: Shutterfly is a consumer online photo storage service that also provides printing solutions and website hosting to everyone.

2. What is Shutterfly’s objective?

Ans: Shutterfly is a photo-sharing website.  Shutterfly’s main objective is to create a place where the photographs can come to life, where one can end up making them more imaginative, personal, and enjoyable.

3. What happens to your photos when you upload them to Shutterfly?

Ans: Shutterfly will never delete your photos by default except if you tell them to do so. As a Shutterfly user, you have control over what is kept in your account and how long it will stay.

4.  Is it safe to store my photos on Shutterfly?

Ans: With Shutterfly’s free photo storage platform, you can be confident that your photos are safe and accessible whenever required.

Why Is Shutterfly Shipping So Expensive?

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