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Yelp, Inc. is an American firm that creates the portal and the Yelp smartphone apps, publishing reviews submitted by the public. It also has a dining reservation service called Yelp Reservations. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, this tech giant runs the game when breaking or making it big in the restaurant business. Yelp grew across Europe and Asia from 2009 to 2012.  In the years that followed, Yelp increased in popularity and raised many rounds of funding.

Does Amazon Own Yelp

Amazon does not own Yelp. Russel Simmons and Jeremy Stoppelman were folks who had worked in PayPal before establishing and finding Yelp in the year 2004. When it comes to Yelp, the company claims to link customers with outstanding local companies.

Challenges Yelp Faces 

Yelp has a devoted customer base, thanks mainly to its proactive approach to protecting users from shill or questionable content. To identify suspect information and limit consumer exposure, Yelp employs an automated review filter. The site also includes a variety of tools to assist consumers in finding new companies (listing, special offers, and gatherings) and communicating with one another.

Business executives can also create free profiles to promote special offers, submit images, and communicate with consumers. The company has also concentrated on mobile app development, and it was recently inducted into the iTunes Apps Hall of Fame. Apps across iOS and Android are also available for Yelp. The majority of Yelp’s revenue comes from local search advertising. 

‘Sponsored Results’ is clearly labeled on the search adverts, which are light orange in color. Advertisers who pay to have their reviews changed or re-ordered are not authorized to do so. The company creates, runs, and promotes the website and Yelp mobile app, which publishes user-generated reviews on companies in the entertainment, leisure, culinary, and other categories.

Relationship Between Yelp And Amazon 

Yelp initially relied on massive RAID arrays and a single local Hadoop installation to keep their logs. When Yelp switched to Amazon Elastic MapReduce (Amazon EMR), the RAIDs were replaced with Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), and it immediately migrated all Hadoop operations to Amazon Elastic MapReduce.

Yelp stores daily logs and images on Amazon S3, creating about 1.2TB of logs every day. The organization also uses Amazon EMR to power about 20 different batch scripts, the majority of which process logs. Amazon Elastic MapReduce powers the following features: 

  • ‘People who viewed this also viewed’ will later be transformed as well 
  • From reviews to ads, they can be reviewed as well 
  • Autocomplete and spelling suggestions, everything can be easily searched 
  • Popular searches will also be added to the same. 

Their jobs are all written in Python, whereas Yelp uses its own coding language, based on an open-source library. Amazon EMR runs on Hadoop to communicate with Amazon. For monitoring, Yelp employs s3cmd and the Ruby Elastic MapReduce tool. Yelp runs over 250 Amazon Elastic MapReduce tasks each day, processing 30TB of data, and is appreciative to AWS Support for assisting with the development of its Hadoop application.

Why Would Amazon Buy Yelp?

Amazon recently experimented with everything from original content (in the form of Amazon Prime television programs and in-house publishing) to food delivery services similar to Seamless and Grubhub. But, more importantly, the site announced the debut of Amazon Services, a direct Yelp and Angie’s List competitor that allows customers to employ in-person services — such as repair personnel — straight via Amazon.

Amazon Services currently integrates both Yelp and Amazon evaluations on business pages, but a Yelp acquisition would give Amazon access to the company’s valuable database of feedback and authenticated businesses — the Wall Street Journal noted last year that in order to build a stable customer base, it can take years as well.

Why wouldn’t Amazon’s CEO — whose own personal fortune is worth billions of dollars — do the same? Jeff Bezos’s personal wealth is $38.7 billion, or the equivalent of ten Yelps – are you willing to put up the cash to speed things up?


Yelp is surely a huge mega-conglomerate that will obviously help in the proliferation of reviews both online and in real life. Presently, Stoppelman is the company’s CEO, and Jed Nachman is the COO. With the launching of Amazon services and other related user items to Yelp, it is possible that both these companies might merge in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. When Was Amazon Found?

Amazon was founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos.

2. When Was Yelp Found?

Yelp was founded in 2004. In March 2012, Yelp went public through a public offering (IPO) and became successful for the first time.

3. Who Is The COO Of Yelp? 

Jed Nachman is the COO of Yelp.

4. With Whom Did Russel Simmons and Jeremy Stoppelman Worked Before Yelp?

Russel Simmons and Jeremy Stoppelman have worked with PayPal before and then they went on to establish Yelp in 2004.

Does Amazon Own Yelp?-Know More  

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