Does Amazon Prime include Hulu?- Know More

Movies allow us to enter a whole new world. And in this era, there is cutthroat competition between them. But you are all set to enjoy this aftermath of movies as this aftermath of movies just gives you an improved quality of the movies. In recent cinema has undergone drastic changes be it in terms of graphics or the storyline, cinema is not like it was before. Let’s know ‘Does Amazon Prime include Hulu?’

Does Amazon Prime include Hulu?

All the credit for this tremendous change goes to the incoming of special platforms that target a specific genre of movies. Those special platforms can be called the OTT platforms. From new to old there’s no movie that you can’t find here. Plus, OTT platforms like Hulu and Prime never miss a chance to add to their watch list. 

Netflix too puts in a great amount of effort when it comes to its content. But isn’t it amazing to club two of your favorite platforms? As you must be aware, these platforms have exclusive content which is available to only the ones who paid for the subscription. 

Amazon Prime

Prime Video stands for many services provided by Amazon, just like Amazon video on demand and streaming and rental services, all clubbed into one that is Amazon Prime Video. Launched on 7 September 2006, Amazon has taken over the world with its exclusive content. Starting as Amazon Unbox, Prime Video grew to expand its content and added on the subscription facility. Later on, it grew popular by the name Amazon Instant Video on Demand.

Amazon with its production house produced its first film Transparent in the year 2015. That was the start of Prime original and now it is what distinguishes its content from others. Amazon Prime also got its hands on the popular movie series Lord of the Rings. Not only this Rings of Power is currently blowing people’s minds off with its stunning visuals and we can’t wait for it.


Just like Amazon Prime Video Hulu is an American subscription streaming platform. This venture is owned majorly by the Walt Disney Company with a small number of stakes with NBC Universal focusing on all genres along with some original content held solely with Hulu. 

Hulu comes off in three plans, ads, no ads, and Hulu with Live TV. Hulu is quite popular in America with over 45.3 million subscribers and over 4.3 million with Hulu Live TV. Plus, Hulu can be clubbed with other subscriptions too just like Disney+ and ESPN+. Adding on to all these benefits is Hulu on Demand where you can extend your watching list even more. And with Hulu Live TV you don’t have to miss what’s going on on TV channels. A feature that distinguishes this OTT platform from others.

Does Amazon Prime include Hulu?

Since both of these provide you access to some exclusive content, it’s better to have both of these OTT platforms with you. And it is even better if you could club these two. After all, why pay for them separately? But unfortunately, they both come separately and there’s no way you can club both of these subscriptions. However, Hulu can be clubbed with Disney+ and ESPN+ subscriptions but not with Amazon Prime. 

The same goes for Amazon Prime. Pluto TV comes along with Amazon Prime but it can’t be clubbed with Hulu, simply because they have no connection and are strong competitors. However, with Amazon Prime you can get access to original shows like The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Man in High Castle, The Boys, Jack Ryan, Homecoming, and many others. Now Hulu doesn’t lag in original content in any way and with Hulu, you can binge The Handmaid’s Tale, Normal People, Ramy, Castlerock, and many others.


There is so much variety in content these days that we can never be sure of what to watch. Or which OTT platform to choose. So one wishes that there was a way to merge both of the OTT platforms. However, one bad thing about competition is that it doesn’t allow reconciliation. And so your favorite OTT platforms can be clubbed and you would always have to choose between which OTT platform to choose. However, OTT platforms do provide you additional services in return.


Q. Does Amazon Prime include Hulu?

Ans. No, Hulu and Amazon Prime are two separate OTT platforms and there is no way they can be clubbed or purchased together. They both will be billed separately.

Q. What are some of the Amazon Prime Originals?

Ans. Some original shows that are only available on Amazon Prime to binge are The Marvelous Mrs. Maisael, Homecoming, The Expanse, The Wheel of Time, The Boys, and many more.

Q. What are the plans provided by Hulu?

Ans. Hulu plans start at $5.99/ month with ads, $11.99/month with no ads, and $64.99/month with Live TV. 

Does Amazon Prime include Hulu?- Know More

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