Is ESPN On Hulu?-Know More

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Since the pandemic, the scope for live shows has reduced, and the available tickets today have been costly. Here is where ESPN comes in. ESPN is a live streaming sports channel wherein sports lovers can find streams for any sport their heart desires. For a decade, Hulu has been one of the stalwarts in the game related to streaming services, and due to its live feature, it drives us to ask the question – does Hulu have ESPN as well?

Is ESPN On Hulu

Do not worry, sports fans: ESPN is accessible on Hulu! ESPN on Hulu has it all, from live entertainment, including the NFL to the FA Cup. You will also receive on-demand access to your favorite sports games, including lacrosse, football, and soccer.

Access To ESPN On Hulu

If you subscribe to ESPN+, you’ll have unlimited access to ESPN’s original content on Hulu. By signing up for Hulu and then choosing ESPN as an add-on, you can watch ESPN and ESPN+. In addition, Hulu and ESPN+ have teamed up to make live sporting events and events available on the Hulu app. Thousands of live broadcasts from ESPN+ and your favorite Hulu shows and movies are available to search for, discover, and watch on the Hulu app.

Hulu’s Pricing

Hulu offers many TV series to choose from. For $6.99 a month, you may watch Hulu with advertisements. Of course, there are some additions to think about. With the exception of Premier Access films, such as Raya and the Last Dragon and the upcoming Black Widow, which are released on Disney Plus the same day as they are released in theaters, a Disney Plus subscription grants you access to everything.

You must pay $12.99 a month if you want to watch it without the annoying TV ads. Premier Access movies are designed to allow people who would rather stay at home access to the best films Disney has to offer, and they’re priced accordingly at $30 each. 

ESPN has a similar deal with the UFC, which allows ESPN Plus subscribers to watch live fights. These are available as pay-per-view for $69.99 each. Baseball.TV and NHL.TV is also available as add-on subscriptions for $24.99 a month each. 

Finally, Hulu has add-ons available. Other networks, such as HBO Max, Showtime, Cinemax, and Starz, cost between $8.99 and $14.99 a month, respectively. 

How To Activate ESPN And ESPN+ On Hulu? 

Okay, so you have already signed up for the ESPN bundle. Before you can enjoy streaming sports to your heart’s content, you need to activate your account’s streaming plan and service. Here is a quick guide as to how to activate your account.

If you bought The Disney Bundle or Disney+ Add-on through Hulu or subscribed to Hulu + Live TV today with Disney+ and ESPN+, you will need to activate your Disney+ and ESPN+ to access content and begin streaming. You will be issued an activation link through email when you join up, but you may also do it from your Hulu account page.

Look for the Activations area on your Account page after logging in. 

Next to Disney+ and ESPN+, select Activate. 

Start streaming with your new Disney+ and ESPN+ accounts! 

Hulu Should Be Turned On

If you’re new to Hulu and bought The Disney Bundle from, you’ll need to activate your account before you can finish the enrollment procedure. During the registration process, you will be given a link to activate your account. You can also take action from your Disney+ account page, which will be delivered to you through email.

Select Billing Details from your Disney+ account page after logging in. 

Next to Hulu, select Watch Now. Create a new Hulu account and begin streaming right away!

Client Reviews For ESPN On Hulu 

All this is well and done, but if ESPN and Hulu do not have any good reviews, then is it really worth it? According to the reviews given on Trustpilot, ESPN on Hulu averages a meager and minor score of 1.1 stars. According to some users, ESPN+ simply cannot be accessed on their laptops. Everything else can be streamed online and on TV, except for ESPN on Hulu.

They also critique Hulu’s customer service, since they had a hard time contacting Hulu’s customer service as well, and the fact that they have to wait for the next 10 business days for further action to be taken as well. On the flip side, some users say that ESPN on Hulu works great, giving it a five-star rating.  


Live sports can bring people closer together. Hulu + Live TV, being one of the most well-known live TV streaming services, is undoubtedly a service that most people can get behind. Hulu + Live TV is now packaged with Disney+ and ESPN+, making it ideal for the whole family.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Is All Added In The Espn+ Add-On?

Everything from college football to tennis is available with this add-on. 

2. How Many People Can Watch Hulu At Once?

There has been a cap on two people that can watch Hulu at once.

3. How Many Devices Can You Connect To Hulu At Once?

Only one device can be connected to Hulu at a single time 

Is ESPN On Hulu?-Know More

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