Lull Mattress Return Policy- General Return Policy 


Memory foam and gel-infused material are among the materials that make up Lull’s mattresses. The mattresses may differ from the size and weight listed on the Website due to the nature of these premium materials. Nonetheless, Lull’s Return Policy provides an alternative remedy for such fluctuations, which is the return of the mattress. Let’s know about Lull Mattress Return Policy.

Lull Mattress Return Policy

Answer Paragraph 

Lull mattresses have a 365-day return policy, which allows customers to exchange or return their mattresses within three hundred and sixty days of purchase. 

Lull Mattress – Return Policy 

Lull Mattresses can be refunded or exchanged within three hundred and sixty-five (365) days of their delivery. The company will refund you the full amount of what you have spent on the mattress that you are returning within 365 days. Further, if you decide to return the mattress, the company will provide free pick up and removal. 


Returns are limited to two mattresses per shipping address or household. All mattresses that have been gifted or resold outside of the United States are ineligible for return. If the discount received at the time of purchase was less than the discount seen during a promotion, Lull mattresses can be returned for a partial refund within 14 days of purchase. Lull mattresses only qualify for this refund policy. 

General Return Policy 

Bed Frames and Foundation: 

Lull Bed Frames and Mattress Foundations may be refunded within one hundred days after delivery. You will receive a full refund for your Bed Frame or Foundation if you return it within the 100-night period. As a bonus, if you decide to return your Bed Frame or Foundation, the company will arrange for the pickup and removal at no charge. 

Lull bedding products

Lull bedding products include mattress protectors, duvets, duvet covers, sheets, and pillows. If you are not satisfied with your Lull bedding product after delivery, you have 100 days to return it to Lull. The amount you spent specifically on the Lull bedding that you are returning will be fully refunded to you when you return within the 100-night return window. Once your return has been processed, you will receive a free return shipping label that you can drop off at a nearby parcel service location. 

Terms and Conditions Applied to Return Policy 

Lull allows returns on products purchased from that are authentic. Please keep the product in your possession during the return process. Third-party retailers, including, are not covered by the Lull Return Policy. 


Thus refunds or exchanges for Lull Mattresses are possible within three hundred and sixty-five (365) days. Upon receiving the mattress that is being returned within 365 days, the company will refund you the full amount of what you have spent on it. Furthermore, the company will pick up and remove the mattress for free if you decide to return it. 

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can lull mattresses be trusted?

 With its streamlined design, the Lull is a very reasonable value for all-foam mattresses. Lull is a firmer-than-average bed, making it an excellent choice for stomach and back sleepers. 

  • What is the compatibility of my Lull mattress with an adjustable bed frame? 

You can use the most adjustable bed frames with all Lull mattresses. 

  • Upon receiving my Lull mattress, can I immediately sleep on it? 

    While it is possible to sleep on the mattress right away, the mattress needs to fully expand between 24-48 hours. The process of expansion will not be hindered by sleeping on it before the 48 hours are up. 
  • Once the mattress is taken out of the box, how long will it take for it to reach its proper size?

    Mattresses are compressed and packed into boxes to make shipping easier. Lulls begin to expand within 2-5 hours of being opened, before fully expanding within 24-48 hours. Make sure the cover does not shift during transport. Wrinkles should disappear within a few days. 
  • When I order through Amazon, does the return process differ from when I order directly from the company? 

A 100-Night Trial is available on mattresses purchased through Amazon. If you order directly from instead of Amazon, you will have to follow different return policies. All aspects of your order will be handled by if you purchased directly from the company. Getting assistance with returning your Lull is easy in three ways: phone, email, or chat. 

  • What happened to the purchase I returned? 

Lulu’s returned items are never resold. They recycle or donate the mattress depending upon the city’s regulations, the product quality, and many other factors. 

  • If I don’t like the mattress, can I get my money back? 

Yes, Lull will refund the full purchase price if you are not satisfied with your mattress during the trial period. A courier will come to pick up the mattress at your convenience. 

Lull Mattress Return Policy- General Return Policy 

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