Sprint Phone Return Policy

Before merging up with T-Mobile, U.S Sprint was a telecommunications organization. The company has its headquarters in Overland Park, Kansas, U.S. The founders of Sprint company are Jacob Brown and Cleyson Brown. According to a 2019 report, Sprint corporation was considered as the fourth-enormous operator of the mobile network, serving around 54.3 million customers. Yes, the returning policy is available at Sprint. For returning the phone, the customers must back up their data and pictures because once the phone is returned to the store, it cannot get returned. The exchange of items should be done within 14 days, and the same condition goes for the refund process as well. There are certain conditions that the company has fixed for the exchanging and refunding process. This article is about how to return the phone, refunding process, and many more.

Returning your phones

If you are not satisfied with your phone and want to return it, don’t worry, the process of returning your phone is quite simple. Firstly, before returning your phone or any of the devices like tabs, you need to backup all the data, pictures, and contacts stored in your phone. If you do not know how to back up the data, pictures, or contacts then you can visit www.sprint.com/senditback. The backing up of your data is an important process as once the company receives your phone which you want to return, they will not give it back to you for any reason. If someone wants to return the phone through the mail, then that method is acceptable too.

If you return the phone through the mail, then it’s obvious that you need to track it just to be on the safer side. So in the return label, note down the RMA, and when you want to track the order, you can visit the site www.UPS.com and enter the RMA, and you can track the delivery of returning your phone to the warehouse. 

Sprint Phone Return Policy

How to return the item and get a refund?

If you are not fully satisfied with your product, you can return it, exchange it and even ask for a refund. The company focuses on fulfilling the needs of their customers so they will happily take the returned product and provide you with a refund of that particular product. For returning the product, certain conditions have to be kept in mind. The conditions are:

  • The item which you want to return must be in its original packaging.
  • The item which you want to return must be kept safely and should not be damaged
  • The period till which the returning process is possible is within 14 days. If it gets late than 14 days, then the company will not accept the returned item and will fail to provide you with the refund
  • As you are returning the phone or tabs, then it should be in its proper working condition like it was when you purchased it.

What things will get covered by the company?

The things which will get covered by the company is:

  • Flex lease purchases – All the payments towards your device comprehending the surcharges and applicable taxes will get immediately refunded to you. The remaining unpaid lease payments will get relinquished.
  • SRP – All the payments towards your device comprehending fees and associate taxes will be refunded. 
  • Monthly installment purchases – All the payments towards your device comprehending surcharges and applicable taxes will be refunded. The remaining unpaid balance will get relinquished. 

Name the things not covered by the company?

The return policy is not applicable for the lease and monthly installment customers.  The items returned through Giveback or Buyback cannot be returned. If the items get returned with damages, the fees will get incurred. The following things are not covered by the company:

  • Charges on the damaged product
  • The charges of restocking of item
  • Taxes and surcharges
  • Out of plan usage charges
  • Monthly plan fees
  • Add-on services fees
  • Spending limit fees
  • Paper bill fees
  • Detail bill fees

How to exchange the item?

It happens not every time, but yes, sometimes. The products you buy are not what you wanted to buy, right? The size might be too small or too big, or the color is not how you expected it to be. If such a situation takes place, people often exchange their items. Sprint also provides the policy of exchanging the item but it should be done within 14 days of the purchase.


To sum up, everything that has been stated so far, Sprint company provides various policies such as returning and exchanging. If you want to return the item, you need to backup all your data.  After 14 days the company has the right to decline your request. Therefore,you need to fulfill these certain conditions for the returning or exchanging process as mentioned in the article.

Sprint Phone Return Policy

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