Disney Competitive Advantages

Many brands in the world were created many years ago and are still surviving as well as thriving. One such name is Disney. Yes, it is the same Disney that is famous for the creation of mickey mouse. There must be some distinct factor behind the uprising of this brand. What is it that made it popular amongst the different generations of people? What made the customers go to its gates time and time again? also this article explains ‘Disney Competitive Advantages’.

Disney Competitive Advantages

What is Disney?

The multinational company formally named; Walt Disney Company, commonly known as Disney, is an entertainment and media group. It is a multibillion-dollar worth company. It is headquartered in California, United States of America.

Competitive advantage and Disney:

Competitive advantage, in simple terms, means the position of a company where it is superior to its competitors in the market. It means that the company is favored by the customers to the other available companies present and competing in the market. Disney’s competitive advantage is mainly because of the strong household name brands that it owns and a very fiercely loyal base of its customers.

Disney Competitive Advantages

In today’s world, the name and brand Disney has almost become synonyms for animation movies and theme parks around the world. Let’s understand the competitive advantages that the company Walt Disney possesses:


Walt Disney Company has been in the market for around a hundred years. It takes great strategy and execution to achieve such a milestone. They have tried almost every strategy and marketing technique that came up during that time; to come up with something that works best for them and gives them an edge.

Presence in the market:

Today, Walt Disney Company has a global presence in the market. It has an unparallel share in the animation and cartoon movies market. Also, it has divisions dealing in channels that are household names, such as ESPN and ABC. They are also profiteering a great deal from the Disneyland theme park franchises around the world.

Brand Value:

The name Disney speaks for itself in the market. It is recognized almost everywhere in the world. The company has many times been listed in the top 10 companies list that is prepared by Fortune. The logo of the company is instantly recognized by people, and the mergers over the period have only increased the value and image of the company.

Money and finances:

The steady and increasing inflow of revenue in the company has made them a multibillion-dollar company in today’s market. The diversified sources of income have helped the company to achieve its current financial position. The expansion in the streaming services sector with the launch of Disney plus has kept the steady flow of income coming even during the pandemic.


A company is the result of people who work in it; for it. This strategy has been cracked by the Walt Disney Company firmly. They invest a lot of money in the training of their employees. It helps in making the employees more talented as well as dedicated towards their work. The loyalty of the employees keeps them with the company in the long run. Today, Disney has some of the most talented writers and creative people in their teams.


The company focuses on the uniqueness of its products. A large section of people relates to the characters or movies that they watch. Disney does very well to exploit this section. They do not introduce a large number of characters; they just keep on marketing on their already beloved characters.

Customer’s loyalty:

Walt Disney Company has a very large and fiercely loyal base around the world. The people are attached to the characters of Disney that they grew up watching, which keeps them loyal to the company. The unique experience of the Disneyland theme parks keeps them coming for more time and time again.


To conclude, Disney enjoys a competitive advantage mainly due to the many household brands that it owns, coupled with the very profitable venture of global chains of Disneylands, and last but not least, their huge and loyal customer base that is panned globally. Its strategy of producing movies linked with the older ones helps them save the extra cost of marketing in the market. The presence of some of the best minds of the industry in various sectors also gives them an edge in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Are Disney and Walt Disney the same or different entities?

Yes. Disney and Walt Disney are the same entities. The company Walt Disney is commonly referred to as Disney by people around the world.

2. What gives the Disney company a major edge in the market?

The already present globally loyal customers give the company a major edge over other companies in the market.

Disney Competitive Advantages

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