Disney First Responder Discount

Disney resorts are more than well-known in this country. They provide hope and illusion to everyone who visits Disney World or Disneyland, including all of their comprised theme parks. They’re in charge of promoting the magic of Walt Disney Company too. Thus, standing as such extraordinary destinations, they must also provide a sort of aid to the visitors who are also compromised to improve the world, like first responders. Let’s have a look at ‘Disney First Responder Discount’.

Disney First Responder Discount

Disney World and Disneyland provide special discounts to different segments of guests, like the military and senior age. However, it doesn’t have a special discount for first responders. This being said, you shouldn’t resign to pay the whole price when visiting any of these parks or even avoid visiting at all: Keep reading to find your piece of hope as a first responder!

Disney Resorts

The Walt Disney Company has not only made people believe in magic and fairytales for decades; it has also given them the opportunity to feel that magical world in real life. First, the Disneyland Resort developed in 1955 in California, by no one other than Walt Disney, represented the creation of a new world of entertainment. This first complex contains two theme parks and a hotel, all of them inspired by Disney’s imaginary world.

After its great success, The Walt Disney World Resort was created in 1971 to supplement the first complex. This second park (also known as Disney World) is settled in Florida and comprises six different amusement parks: 

Theme Parks:

  • Epcot
  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Magic Kingdom
  • Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Water Parks: 

  • Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon
  • Disney’s Blizzard Beach

Disney World Resort also includes several themed resort hotels along with other entertainment venues to provide the best experience possible to guests. This incredibly broad offer provided by both Disney resorts in the United States attracts millions of families to visit every year. On the contrary, the opportunities to save a little when going to Disney are few. 

Does Disney offer a First Responder Discount?

As a first responder, you might be wondering if you can get a discount at any or both Disney resorts. Unfortunately, although Disney offers a stable military discount, it does not offer one for first responders. Instead, first responder discounts can come and go at Disney, so you should get help from a travel agent to be sure to catch the deal when it’s available. 

How to get Disney Discounts as a First Responder?

Don’t feel like you’ve lost the fight yet! There are still many ways to get an extra savings as a first responder. Scroll down to see some of your options: 

1. Saving with GovX

The company “Savings for those who serve” has partnered with many organizations, including Disney World and Disneyland, to provide exclusive deals to the military, police officers, EMTs, firefighters, and paramedics, as “thank you” for all their work. 

If you serve as one of the above, you can join GovX for free and see the amazing deals it has for you and your family. Besides discounts on Disney, you can get discounts at Universal Studios and SeaWorld too. 

2. Saving with Heroes Vacation Club

This organization offers all kinds of travel benefits to firefighters, EMTs, police officers, and medical professionals. In contrast to GovX, you must prove you’re eligible to get the membership. Once you do, however, you can enjoy discounts on resorts like Disney World and Disney Land, book hotels with great deals, rent cars for exclusive prices, and even search for more affordable flights. 

Saving at Disney Spring Hotels 

The Disney Spring Resort is an area comprised of 7 hotels in Orlando, Florida. It is part of the Disney World Resort and near some of the finest dining and shopping experiences. One of its advantages is that transportation to any of Walt Disney World theme parks is provided by the hotels (with reservation). The second and most interesting benefit for you is that Disney Springs Hotels offer special discounts to U.S. firefighters, police officers, medical professionals (doctors and nurses), 911 dispatchers, and EMTs. 

In 2021, this offer was available for booking and stays from May 1 to July 14, 2021. The organization hasn’t uploaded a renewal of this offer for 2022, but you should stay tuned to Disney’s Springs Hotels webpage, so you don’t lose the opportunity!


Disney may not offer a stable discount for first responders, but this doesn’t mean that they stand zero chances to find an amazing deal and visit Disney World or Disneyland without spending a fortune. There are organizations like GovX and the Heroes Vacation Club which focus on delivering exclusive discounts to first responders. The Disney Springs Hotels don’t forget your hard work either, so you shouldn’t wait to find a deal that applies to you and your family soon. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the discount offered to the military?

There’s a 50% stable discount offered to the military at Disney. 

Can I reserve entree tickets for a Disney theme park through one of Disney Spring Hotels?

No, you can’t. You must do it through the Disney Park Pass reservation system.

Are nurses considered first responders?

Not generally. However, some of the above-mentioned ways to save at Disney might include nurses as first-responders. 

Disney First Responder Discount

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