Does Verizon Do trade-ins?

As a Verizon customer, you may be able to trade in your device for some cash. However, the amount of cash you receive will depend upon several factors, such as the age and condition of your old device. You can either get credit for your trade-in through Verizon’s store credit or account credit, or you can use PayPal to get your Trade-In value.

You might be wondering what the criteria are to be able to trade in your older phone for credit with Verizon? Are you interested in learning more about Verizon’s trade-in policy? Check out this article to find out everything you need to know!

Does Verizon do trade-ins?

About Verizon

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What is the time frame for trading in a Verizon phone?

Verizon offers a trade-in plan to customers who have purchased a phone from them and want to trade in their old device for credit. The customer has 30 days from the date they purchase the new phone to exchange the old one.

Is it necessary to pay off my phone before I trade it into Verizon?

If the value of the trade-in is less than the balance owed on the payment agreement, you must pay off the old device before you can get the new one. You are free to trade the device in immediately if the trade-in value exceeds what you still owe, and you can upgrade to a new phone as soon as your trade-in value is higher.

How do Verizon trade-in phones work?

When you trade-in your phone to Verizon, the company tries to reuse and renew these devices so that others can purchase them in the future. If a device is no longer functional or is not an item customers are likely to purchase, Verizon will recycle it instead as it wishes to prevent electronic waste from going to landfills.

Is Verizon a good place to trade in your iPhone?

Verizon does provide trade-in credit on iPhones, although Verizon may not want to accept an old iPhone, and you will probably be able to get greater credit for more recent iPhone models.

What is Verizon’s trade-in policy for Apple Watches?

Verizon currently accepts Apple Watches as part of the company’s trade-in program, since the company accepts any smartwatch from customers that want to trade it in.

Do Verizon Stores accept trade-ins?

If you are interested in doing a trade-in with Verizon, you can locate your nearest Verizon store through its store locator function to see which stores offer trade-ins and how to get started.

Trade-ins on iPads are accepted by Verizon?

As a trade-in for tablets, Verizon will accept an iPad. You’ll also get a better price for your old iPad if you trade it in when you upgrade to a new model.

Trade-ins with Verizon — how do they work?

The Verizon store will be able to give you the option to trade in your old device through the app on the Verizon website, or if you visit the Verizon store in person. Further, Verizon trade-ins begin with a review of your device, which can be done yourself on the app, website, or in a Verizon store. You can do the review yourself, but it is also possible that the Verizon store staff can do it for you.

Depending on the type of appraisal, you may receive account credits, Verizon gift cards, or PayPal credits. With a Verizon gift card, you may be able to pay for your monthly bill, purchase a new phone or use the card for future accessory purchases. Your old device can be mailed back to the company, and the company will cover the shipping costs. You will be sent packaging and shipping costs if you complete the trade-in process online. 

Is Verizon’s trade-in program worth it?

Generally, trading your cell phone in with Verizon is not worth it, since you will receive substantially less money with Verizon than you would with an online buyback store. If you trade in a device such as an iPhone, you will receive noticeably less money if you do so through Verizon rather than selling it yourself. Similar to pawnshops, you can get ripped off if you take your items there rather than selling them yourself. However, some Samsung devices are only available for as little as $80 off.

At Verizon, can a scratched phone be traded in?

Verizon does not accept trade-ins of phones with scratches or structural damage, such as water damage or a cracked screen. A damaged battery can’t be traded in, and you can’t lie about the condition of the phone online, so you can’t get a trade-in if you lie about the condition of the device online. In addition, the phone must still be in good operating condition to qualify for trade-in. Verizon will ask questions about the condition of the phone before accepting it for exchange.


Trade-ins are available from Verizon for many devices, including smartwatches, tablets, smartphones, and other electronic devices such as netbooks.

To qualify, the device must be in good working condition and must be unlocked.

As an alternative, you may choose to use the money you receive for the trade-in towards another device, towards your phone bill, or towards a Verizon gift card.

Frequently asked questions

What does Verizon do with trade-in phones?

What is the device trade-in process? With Verizon, you can appraise cell phones, smartwatches, and tablets for a credit (or virtual gift card) that can be used toward a new device or for other Verizon services.

Does Verizon Do trade-ins?

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