Does Saks Do Alterations?

Saks Fifth Avenue is one of the nation’s leading companies that offer you, the customer, a lot of great options in terms of luxury clothing. They usually deal with high-end clothing items, so these clothes must fit you perfectly. You may take your piece of clothing to a random tailor or an alteration service. To preserve the beauty and longevity of your clothes, you might want to know Does Saks Do Alterations?

Does Saks Do Alterations?

The answer is a resounding yes when Saks offers an alteration service! Most of their services are complimentary, including the basic hemming of jeans, jackets, and trousers. However, this free hemming service does not apply to items on sale, so you will have to pay a small fee when it comes to items you need to be hemmed while on sale.

Free Basic Saks Alterations

As mentioned above, Saks is more than willing to provide free adjustments to the total price of the sold clothing items, which includes the following items and clothing products: 

  1. The sleeves can be adjusted to add length or decrease the length. 
  2.  They can also easily add or remove central rear seams or side seams. 
  3. In addition, simple sleeves can be shortened, long, and can be precisely outside the coat costume, jacket, or blazer.
  4. Denim can be altered as well.
  5. Even simple buttonhole repairs can be carried out in which they can sew buttons on, or they can repair holes.

Price List for alteration in saks

As mentioned above, Saks is willing and accommodative when it comes to altering clothes. But the complimentary service will not apply to goods that are bought on sale or are bought from a store that is not Saks. all prices fall in the range of being $4 – $20 with specifications. Usually, Saks will be glad to tailor clothes bought at their outlet stores, but again, for a nominal fee, you can get them to tailor clothes that have not been bought at their company. 

The price list for all is as follows:

changes in the deleted knit slices, and can  be deleted. There are 16 dollars including costumes, jackets, and internal vertices such as shirts and blouses, and collar / back / shoulder adjustment is $ 10, and the shift of the seam is $ 14.

For outerwear, the alteration of sleeves, seams, and hems cost $22, $20, $10, on average. Knits are a particularly difficult piece to alter since their patterns of knitting are made by machine. But it does not mean that altering knit pieces is impossible – it will simply cost more. Hem shortening will cost $24, and sleeves and straps will cost $26.

The cheapest repair or alteration will fall into the category of having to reset or replace buttons or buttonholes, and it will cost you a mere $4. On the other hand, replacing snaps, hooks, and straps that are not basic will cost you $10 as well. 

Client Reviews

In the merchandise and retail game, it is essential that all the reviews one has, need to be stellar as well. If the client or the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the goods repaired then it has no point for us to recommend these services to you. 

Oftentimes, it has been observed, based on reports submitted to consumer review, that the sales mechanism are often shoddy at Saks since they are not clear about if the sale is final or not. If the sale is final, then even after the alterations, the customer cannot return the good if it fits wrong. This, in turn, drives up the price you will need to pay in case the clothes don’t fit you right. 

The bottom line is that most people are wary of their company since they do not give excellent alteration services and their customer service is also oftentimes very poor in nature. 


A pair of well-fitted slacks or a great jacket that molds to your body’s contours is one of the best and greatest ways in which one can easily ascertain their status over others. While Saks has been a stalwart in the clothing game for years together, it can be seen that the alteration services they offer are good, but the customers are not happy with it. You must get cautious regarding how you can give your clothes for alterations at Saks. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Much Does Saks Charge Me If The Price Is Not Listed On The Website?

Saks will charge an hourly rate if the prices are not mentioned on the website. 

  • How Much Will Saks Charge Me If The Clothes Are Owned By Me?

Saks will charge an hourly rate of $50 for items that are owned by you.

Does Saks Do Alterations?

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