Olive Garden Military and Veteran Discount

It is no secret that the US military force and veteran services have been serving the country with incomparable amenities. The least that corporate social responsibility can adhere to is, give them some dollars off their menu!  Olive Garden has truly understood the assignment. Let us know about ‘Olive Garden Military and Veteran Discount’.

Olive Garden Military and Veteran Discount

Olive Garden Military and Veteran Discount

Olive Garden offers a wide range of discount and services for the military force and veteran. Keep reading this article to know more! On the national military day, Armed forces day 2021, on the 18th of may, Olive Garden announced that they would offer a free entrée from their unique Veterans Day menu for all veterans and military individuals. Dinners incorporate newly heated garlic breadsticks and your decision of natively constructed soup or Olive Garden’s well-known house salad.

What’s on the Menu?

Olive Garden, as a rule, prints an extraordinary Veterans Day menu with a restricted scope of free choices for veterans and military individuals.

In the year 2021, the exceptional menu for Veterans Day generally has four entrée decisions. It is more restricted than the full café’s menu. However, it is illustrative of the eatery’s contributions, and it assists staff with ensuring they have sufficient food to serve any veteran or deployment-ready military party who needs a free dinner.

What are some of the options on the veteran special dinner menu? 

The Olive Garden Veterans Day menu incorporates the accompanying entrées:

  • cheddar ravioli;
  • spaghetti with meat sauce;
  • lasagna Classico; and
  • chicken parmigiana.

Every one of these dinners incorporates unlimited soup, salad, and breadsticks; however, not beverages or tips.

What to Bring to Prove You’re a Veteran or military individual? 

Before you can arrange your free feast, your neighborhood Olive Garden staff will need to see evidence that you’re a veteran or a current individual from the U.S. Armed Forces.

The absolute most common documents to demonstrate your status include:

  • Military ID Card
  • Veterans ID Card
  • DD 214
  • State-gave ID Card or Driver’s License with Veterans Stamp
  • Veterans Service Organization Membership Card

You may likewise have the option to bring a reference or recognition that has your name or a photo of yourself for uniform.

In the event that you are uncertain about whether your evidence of administration will work, it’s highly advisable to call ahead before showing up. 

Is it necessary to prove your status as a veteran or military force individual, to obtain a free meal at Olive Garden?

Yes. This gesture by Olive Garden was made purely to appreciate the efforts that the armed forces put into the safety of our country, the United States of America. In order to ensure that no one is misusing this courtesy in the name Of other military soldiers, it is impossible to produce an ID card before obtaining your free meal. It is for the best, after all. 

Of course, it requires a moment, yet it assists the eatery with ensuring it has sufficient food to serve neighborhood veterans by ensuring others don’t attempt to guarantee a free dinner.

What are the operational hours of Olive Garden? 

Most Olive Garden restaurants open at 11 am and shut down at 10 pm; however, it is conceivable your nearest eatery has different schedules. If it’s not too much trouble, make certain to call ahead or check online before showing up, particularly since Sunday hours are probably going to differ from one area to another.

Olive Garden’s website presently incorporates standby times in its areas. This component permits you to know before showing up with regards to how long you’d hold back to be situated.

If standby time impacts your choice with regards to where to eat on Veterans Day, really look at the site before showing up. With such countless arrangements and discounts accessible now, you can observe a spot that accommodates your time financial plan.

What is the history of Olive Garden?

Since its establishment in the mid-1980s, Olive Garden has developed into the backbone of the easygoing feasting industry.

Estimated by the number of areas and measure of income, Olive Garden is the greatest and best Italian-themed café in the United States. (Carraba’s is a far-off second.)

What are some of the benefits Olive Garden portrays on other occasions other than Veteran’s day? 

Alongside its yearly Veterans Day advancement, Olive Garden, claimed by the Darden Corp. of Orlando, Fla., tries to reward the local area through exceptional advancements for people on call on Labor Day.

The chain additionally urges workers to help each other by adding to a representative alleviation store which can be tapped after catastrophic events or health-related crises.

What are the family benefits on veteran’s day? 

In the event that you’re in the mood for a generous Italian dinner with your family on Veterans Day, check the standby time at your nearby Olive Garden, bring your verification of military help and your loved ones, and assemble around the table.

Your food will be free, and your non-military loved ones can get a 10 percent discount.

Olive Garden is the only café that offers military discounts. Notwithstanding eateries, a few organizations make their way for veterans with retail discounts on Veterans Day.

Assuming you wind up in the mindset to investigate galleries and different attractions or occasions this Veterans Day. Some of them are:

  • Starbucks
  • Target
  • Apple bee’s
  • Costco

How is Olive Garden different from most restaurants that offer the same veteran’s discount?

Most cafés offering free dinners to veterans military individuals on Veterans Day don’t stretch out unique proposals to relatives or companions of veterans.

That is reasonable. All things considered, not many eateries would have the option to offer whole tables of food day in and day out. Olive Garden, nonetheless, doesn’t avoid relatives altogether from its Veterans Day advancement.

In earlier years, the Olive Garden Veterans Day advancement remembered a 10% discount for the check for the people who were eating with the military party or veteran. Again, it is extremely important to make certain to ask your server team.

Does the free veteran discount cover all your costs? 

The free Veterans Day bargain does exclude beverages or tips, so if it’s not too much trouble, make certain to prepare and carry some cash to tip your waiter and to purchase your drink. It’s dependably smart to tip in light of the full expense of the supper – recall, your team of waiters, are buckling down for you!

Olive Garden likewise confines its Veterans Day advancement to eat in clients. You won’t have the option to arrange your free dinner as takeout.


In conclusion, Olive garden offers a whole four-course meal for veterans and military individuals. It is always best to check in with your local Olive Garden to see how they function! Overall, a great way to celebrate the commencement of your nation! 

Olive Garden Military and Veteran Discount

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