Does Ikea Do Cashback? – Read To Know More

The appeal of shopping at Ikea never gets old. You go to get one thing and end up with a few others in your cart. Next thing you know, credit card bill has skyrocketed in the aftermath of the Ikea shopping spree. Chances of reducing your urge to shop less are minimal, so the next best thing that can be done to brave yourself from a mounting credit card bill is to look for cards that will give you cashback offers while shopping at Ikea. Let us learn ‘Does Ikea Do Cashback?’.

Does Ikea Do Cashback?

About Ikea:

Headquartered in Dutch, Ikea is a global company that sells ready to assemble products amongst other goods and services. Ikea group; is owned by INGKA Holding B.V., which is based in the Netherlands.

Is cashback provided while shopping at Ikea?

Yes, Ikea does provide cashback. It is a global brand. So, to benefit from the spending of customers and to lure the customers into shopping more and again, cashback is provided. In addition to the major card brands that give you time to time offers for cashback for shopping at Ikea, Ikea itself provides a cashback feature for its customers.

What is cashback?

Some companies pay you back a certain amount of money that you have used to pay on the purchases. Some percentage of the spending above a certain mark is paid back to you in the form of cashback. It is used to increase the sale of the items and to convince customers to spend more. In some cases, it is also used as a reward for the money spent by the customers.

Where can it be spent?

Cashback works in the same way as your cash. It is collected in your card that you used and can be used to make payments thereafter.

Ways to get cashback by Ikea:

Ikea has introduced two types of credit cards for its customers, which provide cashback. They are known as Ikea visa credit cards and Ikea project credit cards. The cards are useful for frequent shoppers at Ikea. The Ikea visa credit card provides cashback to its customers for shopping at Ikea. These cards provide cashback to the customers while shopping at Ikea.


  1. 25-dollars off

Once your Ikea visa credit card is approved, you will get 25-dollars off on your first Ikea purchase of 25-dollars or more immediately no matter where you purchase, either in-store or online.

  1. 5% back

If you use the Ikea visa credit card for the purchases at Ikea, you will get 5% back in rewards on Ikea purchases also on installation and assembly services.

  1. 3% back

The Ikea visa credit card also offers cashback outside of Ikea stores. The Ikea visa credit card offers a 3% cash back in rewards on dining, utility, and grocery purchases.

  1. 1% back

The card issued by Ikea also provides you 1% back in rewards on all other purchases, other than the ones already mentioned above.

  1. Bonus dollars

You also get 25-dollars if you spend 500-dollars or more outside of Ikea purchases with the Ikea visa credit card within the first 90-days of the card being issued to you.

  1. No limit

There is no limit on bonus rewards that you can earn while using the Ikea visa credit card for various purchases. The more you spend, the more rewards you earn.

  1. Annual fees and Liability

This visa credit card also comes with a charge of no annual fees and zero liabilities. So, the extra charges are taken care of and won’t be a burden on you or your pocket.


  1. Shop limit

The reward points earned through the Ikea visa credit card can only be used at Ikea. So, the points are limited to be used for Ikea purchases.

  1. Time limit

The rewards have an expiry date before which they have to be used, or they will not be useful for anything. The reward points in the Ikea visa credit card expires after 45 days of being issued. So, you have a very limited time frame to use the reward points.

  1. Only beneficial for frequent shoppers

The Ikea visa credit card does not offer much for the customers who do not shop very frequently at Ikea. It is only beneficial for the people who frequent Ikea many times a month.

Method to get cashback at Ikea:

While making the payment for your purchase at the store or on the online store, just make sure to use the card provided by them to avail yourself of the cashback offers. It is also possible that other card companies would also be providing cashback offers on the purchase at Ikea, but, unlike other card companies, which may or may not provide cashback offers, the Ikea cardholders will get cashback round the year.


To conclude, Ikea does provide cashback. Along with the Ikea credit cards, many other debit or credit card companies also partner with Ikea sometimes to give cashback to their customers. More rewards are given while using the Ikea visa credit card than any other. But if you are not a frequent shopper at Ikea, this is probably not worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can we use this card outside Ikea stores for other transactions?

Answer: Yes, you can use this credit card as you would have used any other visa credit card.

  1. Is it the only card issued by Ikea?

Answer: No, Ikea issues two types of cards. The other card is useful if you want to make bigger purchases at Ikea.

  1. Can I get both the cards issued at Ikea?

Answer: Yes, you can get both cards issued at one time.

Does Ikea Do Cashback? – Read To Know More

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