Raymour and Flanigan Mattress Return Policy

The quality of a mattress can make or break the quality of a good night’s sleep. Therefore, it is essential to invest in the high quality a mattress. There are a handful of good mattress retailers in the United States, and one of the most prominent ones is Raymour and Flanigan. Their stores are dotted all over the northeastern United States, so it makes it very easy to buy a mattress from them. However, it begs the question, in case of any given reason, do they take returns? Let’s know about Raymour and Flanigan Mattress Return Policy.

Raymour and Flanigan Mattress Return Policy

Unfortunately, in case of buying a mattress directly from the Raymour and Flanigan outlet store or the online store, you cannot return the product. In case the product has been accepted by you, then Raymour and Flanigan will not be able to process or initiate a return.

Raymour And Flanigan Mattress Return Policy

According to the website, Raymour and Flanigan are very proud of the quality of the product that they sell and all of these products have been checked the time and again in the process before they are shipped.

If the product is bought directly from their showrooms then the company encourages the customers to thoroughly inspect and check the product for any defects before actually buying it out of the showroom. A customer can easily cancel an order on the day of pick up or delivery. 

In case the good you have received is already damaged in transit or it was damaged before you bought it, Raymour and Flanigan encourage you to notify the delivery team or the customer care rep as soon as possible. On that basis, if the repair technician feels that the mattress had been damaged, they can repair it on the spot, or in very rare cases, would they initiate a refund. 

Free Shipping Products 

In the case of a free shipped product, it can be observed that it has been ground shipped directly from the manufacturer to the customer. As this product has not been purchased by the customer directly from the showroom, the company would be more than happy to make a return for the product if you are not happy or satisfied with it.

In the rare case that you receive a damaged part or a torn mattress, the company will look to replace the part as soon as they can. In case the part is not available, then they will be more than glad to replace the part for no extra cost or charge. 

Qualification For A Returns

Several criteria need to be met before a product can be returned to the company and these are:

  1. Only “free shipping” goods qualify for a return
  2. A return request needs to be initiated within 3 days or 72 hours of getting your product or mattress at the customer care center.
  3. To get a refund, the item bought must be in a new condition and it needs to be in its original box, carton, or packaging. 
  4. A mere 15% might be deducted from the merch total in case you will return an item. 
  5. You can also get a return on the mattress if you are unhappy with it in the next 45 days only if you are a member of the Platinum Protection Plan 
  6. In case you are not a part of the Platinum Protection Plan and do not like your mattress, you can also get it changed within the next 30 days. You can have another 15 days to select another mattress with the help and assistance of a manager at the store.


Raymour and Flanigan are one of the leading and one of the premium mattress and furniture selling companies in the northeastern part of the United States. Due to their status and their pricing, they are usually not accepting returns when it comes to mattresses, with some exceptions. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

  1. Can We Try A Mattress At The Raymour And Flanigan Showroom?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes! At the Raymour and Flanigan showroom, you are encouraged by the salesperson to try out the mattresses from leading brand name companies such as CASPER, PURPLE, and other memory foam mattresses as well. 

  1. What Areas Are Covered In The Platinum Protection Plan For Mattresses? 

Various areas can be covered in this plan for mattresses. They provide you with 5 years of protection from all the following, such as body fluid/animal stains, makeup stains, food and drink stains, dye or bleach stains, rips or cuts, burns, crayon or paint stains, glue, tar, or wax stains, or fluid stains. 

  1. Do Raymour And Flanigan Charge For The Delivery Of A Mattress?

They can combine your furniture and mattress orders into one and then they charge a minimum fee so that you can get those items delivered to your home. 

Raymour and Flanigan Mattress Return Policy

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