Velocity Rewards – How To Earn?

Velocity rewards points are Vouchers that can be redeemed and used on flights, flight upgrades, cars, hotels, products gift cards, and even wine. However, it cannot be converted to cash as it is like a voucher code that one be used only to buy items or redeem online. To start earning Velocity points, one must first become a Velocity member. After becoming a member, one can start earning velocity points for the things they pay for. Each month, the points will just automatically appear in their velocity account. 

Velocity Rewards

You can use your Velocity Points to pay for your next hotel stay, products, gift vouchers, and booking flights, or you can use a combination of Points and Pay to make up the difference. On any monetary component of your booking, you will receive 3 points for every $1 spent. It is necessary to have at least 4,000 points for booking flights and stuff.

To join Velocity Member, one must be a resident of an eligible country: 

  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Fiji
  • Cook Islands
  • Vanuatu 
  • Tonga
  • Solomon Islands
  • Samoa
  • Christmas Islands or Cocos Island.

Velocity Membership Card

Anyone from the listed countries above is Eligible to apply for a Velocity Membership card, and they can start earning points after applying. 

To apply for the Velocity Membership card, one must visit their respective website and click the JOIN button. All you need is your name, house address, contact details, and some security information for ensuring that your privacy is protected.

Online: Visit 

Note: It is free of cost to become a Velocity member; there is no joining fee or annual fee. 

Earning Velocity Rewards Points

It is not necessary to become a frequent flyer; just once or twice is enough. The easiest way to earn velocity points is through Credit Card. 

Your Account is linked to your Velocity co-branded credit cards, so you earn automatically on common expenditures like grocery and entertainment. It doesn’t take long for the Points to mount up, as you might expect! You may also transfer Points to Velocity through most credit card companies and other institutions that provide such a card.

The Velocity eStore is another way to earn Points. Purchases from over 200 retailers, including Apple, ASOS, and The Iconic, will earn you points. In addition, we’re Australia’s only frequent flyer club with access to international department stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s, and Bloomingdale’s.

What benefits do I have for Velocity Rewards members?

When Velocity Points are credited to your Velocity Account, they can be redeemed for a variety of incentives. Choose between domestic and international flights. Accommodation, vehicle rental, and other services are available. You can also exchange your Points for gift cards and other fantastic retail goods at the Velocity Rewards Store.

  • Note: You can book any flights depending on the number of Velocity Points you have. 
  • The simplest way to check for flights with Virgin Australia is to log in to your Velocity Account and select “Search and Book Flights.” When you enter your flight information, you’ll get a screen with a list of available flights and their prices in dollars and Velocity Points.

Where can you use Velocity Rewards Points?

You can use Velocity points in:

  1. Booking flight ticket
  2. Flight upgrades
  3. Book Hotels
  4. Buy products online

Velocity Benefits & Validity

Unlike any other rewards points like Grazie or RBL etc., your Velocity Points balance will never expire as long as you continue to engage in qualified account activity regularly. Earning or redeeming Velocity Points is eligible account activity.

  • Points acquired before June 1, 2016, will not expire until 36 months following the last eligible activity conducted before June 1, 2016. Points gained after June 1, 2016, will not expire until 24 months after your most recent eligible earn activity.
  • Their Family Pooling feature allows you to combine the Status Credits of your family members into a single account. It means you’ll be able to advance to the next level of membership sooner. You can also combine your Points to be rewarded more quickly. Simply log into your Account and enable Family Pooling under My Benefits if you haven’t already.
  • If you’re expecting a new family member, you can pause your Silver, Gold, or Platinum membership for six months and resume where you left off.
  • Transferring Points between family members or receiving Points through a Family Pooling relationship is no longer considered eligible account activity to keep your Points from expiring. Their Family Pooling feature allows you to combine the Status Credits of your family members into a single account. 

The higher the level of the card, the More Benefits You get!

Status Credits are used to define your membership status in the Velocity program. There are four levels to choose from Red, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The more Status Credits you earn, the higher your level and the greater your perks.

You may use your points to get prizes like flights with Virgin Australia and their partner airlines. Upgrades to Business begin at 4,900 Points for Reward Seats and 6,900 Points for Reward Seats (fees and taxes apply). You may also spend your Points to get travel perks like car rentals and hotel stays, as well as retail items from the Velocity Rewards Store.

Recognition of Velocity

In 2013, Velocity was named first among all Asia Pacific Region programs for Overall Reward Availability in the Switchfly Reward Seat Availability Survey. At the 2013 Freddie Awards, the program was also recognized for Best Redemption Ability in the Middle East/Asia/Oceania Airline category.


Redeeming Velocity Points for Virgin Australia-operated flights offers the highest value in terms of shorter domestic flights when traveling with multiple people, and also, velocity has the best reward availability seats than Qantas. 

While the Velocity program has a few drawbacks, it still provides outstanding value for Business and First Class redemptions. This includes flights on its own network as well as Singapore Airlines, for which seats in all cabins can be booked.

Finally, Velocity’s transfer bonus promos provide an additional incentive to keep this club in your frequent flyer arsenal. 


  1. Can I redeem Velocity points to book flights for an infant?

Yes, you can redeem points to book flights for infant

  1. How can I upgrade my seat by using velocity points?

You can use your Points to request an upgrade up to four hours before your flight, subject to Premium Reward Seat availability. Please contact Velocity customer service if you want to request an upgrade.

  1. Can I make a booking on non-Virgin Australia or their Partners airlines?

Yes, and you may contact them so that they can assist you in your booking for non-Virgin Airlines.

  1. If I cancel my flight after redeeming Velocity points, can I get a refund?

Any Points components will be credited back to your Velocity account. But there might be a cancellation fee, as every airline has this cancellation policy.

  1. Can I convert my Velocity points to cash?

Velocity points cannot be converted to cash, but Velocity points are as valuable as money in which you can book hotels and flights and even buy items online. 

Velocity Rewards – How To Earn?

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