What Channel is a Revolt on the Spectrum?

Spectrum provides wireless and cable connections in America. It works under charter communications. The workers underwent strikes due to failed incorporation of pension and health insurance plans. The strike is still affecting the business and workers associated with it. It’s the longest strike in the US. The spectrum application is available and can be accessed worldwide. Let us know ‘What Channel is a Revolt on the Spectrum?’.

What Channel is a Revolt on the Spectrum?

What Channel is a Revolt on the Spectrum?

Revolt HD was created by Sean “Diddy” Combs in 2013. It is available on channel number 291 with many varieties of shows on spectrum charter. Besides spectrum, it’s also streaming DIRECTV and AT&T U-verse TV. It was an American music show, and later movies were also incorporated into it.

Steps to watch Revolt on the Spectrum:

Step 1 One can go to cabletv.com for further information on the spectrum 

Step 2 there are links to watch revolt on-demand via the spectrum tv application available on the google play store

Step 3 Where one can browse on-demand movies and web series 

Step 4 can have access to music libraries easily 

Step 5 Spectrum TV provides 125 plus channels at $49.99 per month for one year.

Revolt channel number in the spectrum

As per metro place’s website, spectrum tv packages announced by them suggest that it’s on channel number 1304 above RFDTV as well as channel number 97, most of the times mentioned before RFDTV. It’s getting aired on spectrum tv bronze, Digi tier 1. As per the Google search, it’s available on 291 numbers on the spectrum.

Famous shows on Revolt television

Bet on black is a competitive show. The black entrepreneurs give their business ideas on-air and compete with one another. Relating to it is to mind your business on your channel.

Atlanta star big bank and DJ Scream entertain with hip hop music and does a lot of talking. This show is called big facts.

Assets over liabilities are also one such black entrepreneur show that is attracting viewers through education. It’s a reality show.

Spectrum strike

Its ongoing strike is affecting the channels and its services. People had to cancel its services before billing time. The issue was raised on Twitter. There has been a failed negotiation with the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) Local. The spectrum is at a very low pace. It used to be the largest cable provider in New York. The strike affected 1800 workers of Spectrum. The services are currently down as many workers have stopped their services to the company. It would be better to go for a spectrum application for accessing channels like Revolt. The covid pandemic has also adversely affected the strike situation.

Present scenario 

Despite this fact, AT&T tried to acquire a spectrum owner for $1.6billion in 2017. The spectrum has a value of $3.68 billion, giving it the 2792nd value position. This denotes that it has been committed to its popularity.


It is reliable because it avoids copper lines and uses fiber optic cables for its connection, making it faster and more effective. It is cost-effective in its way as well as handling its position positively.


The confusion in channel numbers is because the Charter communications are planning to recently increase its broadcast to African- American networks. It includes AspireTV, Black News Channel, Revolt TV, and many others. This is the latest news released in April 2022.


How much to pay for revolt?

The hip-hop-style television entertainment program has nothing to pay for. You can enjoy it free of cost. The rocking music and tv shows like a bet on black, A kingdom culture Christmas, and assets over liabilities, as mentioned before, are very interesting to watch.

Is it accessible on YouTube?

Yes, its entertainment videos are available on YouTube as well.

Are revolt films featured separately?

Yes, films have different broadcasts from the web series of the network. Its focus is on hip-hop music, and shows mostly relate to that. It also targets African American citizens. They even talk about social justice.

Why is Revolt TV popular?

Its popularity is unique as it has many shows that are different from other common web series. It’s been therefore considered by charter communications to air it on demand by the public.

How do I contact revolt TV?

ADDRESS. 1800 North Highland Avenue 6th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90028 United States.

PHONE. 1-323-645-3000.

WEBSITE. www.revolt.tv.

Headquarters Los Angeles California

When will there be a fixed channel for revolt?

It’s expected to get clear by June, as charter communication brings most of the African American channel by June. Viewers can have uninterrupted access to it. 

What kind of service does spectrum provide?

It provides over-the-top services. It provides no carrier. It provides direct service to users. The charges include broadcasting, satellite, and cable. It also has a skinny wave to air many kinds of special channels, including music, crime, and many more.

How is the spectrum connected to a TV?

Your television can be connected to any of the below:

Apple T

Samsung Smart TV


Xbox One

Xbox Series X/S

Amazon fire stick


What Channel is a Revolt on the Spectrum?

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