Where are Under Armour Bags Made?

Under Armour is an American brand company specifically based on sports equipment products such as clothing, shoes, and bags. Its headquarter is located in Baltimore, Maryland, and with additional more office located in Asia and Europe continent. Let us know ‘Where are Under Armour Bags Made?’.

Where are Under Armour Bags Made?

Products manufactured by Under Armour:

Athletic shoesBags
Shirts Gloves
Jackets Caps
HoodiesProtective gear
PantsSoccer Uniform 
Leggings Basketball Uniform 
ShortsFootball Uniform 
Athletics bras
Athletic bags
Face masks

Where are Under Armour Bags Made?

Under Armour, products are not only manufactured in the USA, but many of their products are also manufactured by third-party manufacturers, and 60% of the Under Armour products are largely produced in 15 countries they are

  • China
  • Jordan
  • Vietnam
  • Malaysia,

China accounts for the largest producer and manufacturer of Under Armour Bags, as at least 19% of the Under Armour Bag/Backpacks which are sold online are manufactured and imported from China.

Under Armour (UA) Made in China:

Roughly 18% of Under Armour’s products are manufactured in China. Furthermore, countries like Indonesia, Jordan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines received a large percentage of the production units. In China, Under Armour has roughly more than 590 outlets, involving those owned by the company and those operated by third-party partners.

Even though it is 20 times smaller than Adidas and Nike, Under Armour continues to expand rapidly in China. In 2018, Under Armour products were sold for more than $300 million.

Under Armour (UA) Made in America: 

A new Under Armour “Made in America” label/logo item will appear on some of the company’s products. According to the company, the second-largest sports brand in the US unveiled an initial range of garments, which were manufactured at the brand’s innovation center in Baltimore.

Under Armour has committed to manufacturing and designing more apparel and footwear at its 35,000-square-foot UA Lighthouse facility. Several athletic brands, such as Under Armour and Nike, continue to manufacture their products in their origin country, the United States. They do this by experimenting with limited-run arrays and evaluating the manufacturing process as well as shoppers’ willingness to pay for domestic goods.

Under Armour (UA) Quality:

The material used in the bags/backpacks is lightweight as well as durable. They’re designed to keep a wearers shoulder’s comfy, no matter what they are doing. The bags are made from various types of fabrics such as Nylon, Leather, and Polyester. Under Armour’s popular bags are mainly made up of 93% Polyester and 7% Nylon and are water-resistant to keep anything that’s inside the bag from reaching out of water.

They are stitched with high-quality threads that won’t break easily, and the zippers are made for long-lasting use. Under Armour is created of a tough material that will protect the items from any splash waters and light harmful things. Under Armour Bags are made using the highest-quality materials.

How Can You Tell If Your Under Armour Bags/Backpacks Are Fake?

 It can spot for various types of reasons such as

  • Quality
  • Different sizes & Packs
  • Fair Price
  • SKU


Coming to Under Armour Backpack; Bags that fall off our shoulders all the time are inconvenient, which is why the Under Armour Backpack incorporates a Sternum clasp to keep the bag on our shoulders. This encourages people to be more active. Even whether jogging or climbing, the Sack Pack does not fall off your shoulders.

All duplicate Under Armour Backpack comes with strong outlines or rubber badges for the logos. Rubber badges are not included with genuine Under Armour Backpacks.

Different Size & packs

All fake Under Armour backpacks are available in a different type of sizes. The original bag has only one standard size and doesn’t come with an extra size. 

Fair Price

Low prices and even buy one, get one free deal available. Original Under Armour products will not be inexpensive. A flurry of sales offers at ridiculously low prices may only suggest the item is a forgery.

Note: Every purchase comes with a complimentary present that is completely unrelated to the Under Armour brand, such as a USB LED light. USB LED lights are not available from Under Armour. The complementary goods are most likely from China, where handing away free LED lights with purchases is a popular sales approach.

SKU code

SKU stands for “stock keeping unit,” which is the stock unit number. This number usually includes letters and is unique for each color model of each brand of bag/backpack. It allows a buyer to check online if their product matches the ordered product. For inquiry, the buyer has to enter the code simply into the search engine to see the results. Search Engine examples: Google

Under Armour Biggest Bag

Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack  is intended for a highly water-resistant finish. Design purpose for Laptop bag, which is tough on the surface and ability to withstand hard particles on the outside.

Materials of Under Armour Bags

Under Armour bags are mainly made from polyester, as this makes the bag more durable and easy to clean. Even some of their bags are made from other materials like nylons, which have a special coating to make them water-resistant.


Under Armour, products are among the best. Same thing as when it comes to sneakers. As of 2021, the Baltimore-based company said that contract manufacturers in China, Vietnam, and Indonesia produced nearly 87 percent of its shoes.


  1. Is it true that Under Armour backpacks are good?

Yes, in terms of materials and durability, it is one of the best bags. It is an unmistakable pick for outdoor adventures and travel because of its sturdy design and snug fit. The bag’s contents are protected by a tough bottom panel. Pockets that repel water and a water-resistant interior

  1. What are the materials used in Under Armour backpacks?

Polyester makes up a substantial portion of Under Armour backpacks, making them sturdy and easy to clean. Other materials, such as nylon, are also utilized, and some backpacks have a specific water-resistant covering.

  1. Is Under Armour a child labour company?

Suppliers and subcontractors of Under Armour are prohibited from hiring anyone under the age of 15 or the age of completion of compulsory school, whichever is higher.

  1. Is it true that Under Armour backpacks are made in China?

Almost all of Under Armour’s goods are manufactured in 15 different countries by third-party manufacturers. China, Jordan, Vietnam, and Malaysia account for over 60% of the company’s output.

  1. Are under Armour bags waterproof?

Yes, it depends on the bag model. The Hustle 3.0 backpack is waterproof as well, made of tear-resistant polyester with the UA Storm water-repelling finish. This waterproof backpack is available in a wide range of colors too and is currently on sale from Under Armour for just $41 (saving you $14).

  1. Is there a lifetime warranty on Under Armour backpacks?

For manufacturer issues, Under Armour offers a full lifetime warranty that includes a refund or exchange.

Where are Under Armour Bags Made?

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