Who Does Indigo Use For Shipping?

Canada Post Corporation was generated in 1960 from the first postal company Royal Mail Canada established in 1867 by the Canada Ministry. Canada Post has 6,200 Postal offices, and also ships internationally to just about 190 countries all over the world. They claim to be the top shipping company in Canada. Let us see how indigo use for shipping.

Canada Post does use Indigo for shipping. Now according to the official announcement of Indigo, they do not have more shipping at Toronto, and some specific provinces with the Canada Post because they are taking future planning for the working by themselves.

Indigo is working with the partnership of the Canada Post and the UPS. But it is also true that Indigo can be shipped various orders by Canada Post yet.

You can contact Canada Post with this schedule like Monday – Friday, 7a.m to 11p.m ET, and Saturday-Sunday, 9 a.m to 9 p.m ET. You can call 1-866-607-6301 in Canada and 416-979-3033 on an international call.

Canada Post Shipping Strategy

  • Local and global shipping
  • Description of local shipping
  • Description of global shipping 
  • Snap Ship Shipping

Local and Global Shipping

Canada Post has to deliver packet and business letter services across Canada in cheap, quick, and scheduled time delivery. Canada Post does also ship internationally to just about 190 countries all over the world.

Description of Local Shipping

If you wish to ship paper documents and any parcel from Canada to Canada. So the package will measure in these units such as length, width, height in cm, and weight in gm, Kg, and lb. These charges maybe apply to Canada like 0g-30 g at $1.07/stamp, $0.92/ stamp in a booklet, and 30g to 50g at $1.30.

Description of Global Shipping

For the U.S.A, these charges may apply from 0g-30g at $ 1.30, and 30g to 50g at $1.94. For the international shipping, these charges may apply for 0g-30g at $2.71 and for 30g-50g at $3.88.

Snap Ship Shipping

Snap Ship is an online business shipping procedure. It takes only five minutes to ready for shipping. You can get benefits from this opportunity such as reliable price, you can print your delivery slip, inform about the global custom, and order to collect your trade parcels. You can also pay online through a credit card.

What is E-Commerce Shipping Plan?

If you are running an e-commerce company, so you should be helped by the Canada Post. Because you find their shipping service with saving money package. Canada Post has to save an offer on 1,250 parcels shipping in Canada and on 750 international parcels.

Canada Post offers its customers to shop on the internet. You can pay on the web and make a plan to collect an order from you. It is a simple and quick delivery service from the Canada Post.

Why do Shipping Companies Collaborate with Other Companies for Shipping?

These shipping companies have to use other shipping services to access the current and regional location without any problem. So they are collaborating with other partner shipping companies.

Does Canada Post offer free shipping?

If you will purchase different items related to shipping like boxes, envelopes, and postal items at $25, thus you can get them without cost shipping with the terms and policies.

How Many Days does Canada Post Take a Parcel For Delivery?

These parcel services have associated with the Canada Post like Priority Worldwide within a working day, Xpresspost U.S.A within 2 to 3 days, Expedited Parcel U.S.A within 4 to 7 days, Tracked Packet U.S.A within also 4 to 7 days, and Small Packet U.S.A within 5-8 days.


With the busy schedule and growth of e-commerce trends, shipping companies are more developed automatically nowadays. For quick access to customers’ doors and offices recipient, they also do collaborate with other shipping services. This shipping management gives the customer confidential service at the time. So this is a good sign of customers for receiving the parcels. 

Frequently Asked Questions
1)Does Canada Post deliver every item?

No, Canada Post does not ship every item. You can watch the list of controlled and prohibited items.

2)How Can Customer information be secure?

It makes sure that every type of information of the shipping will secure from the Canada Post.

3)How do We Contact Canada Post for Shipping problems?

If you have any shipment problem you should contact at the customer service of Canad Post. If you have not satisfied with this service then you will contact the ombudsman service of Canada Post.

Who Does Indigo Use For Shipping?

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