Does Lowe’s Bend Pipe? – Know More

In addition to a number of DIY products and services, Lowe’s offers a number of online and in-store services and products. Local Lowe’s stores offer material cutting and bending services. “Does Lowe’s Bend Pipe?” let’s find out in this article.

Does Lowes Bend Pipe?

About Lowe’s:

It is common to refer to Lowe’s at Lowe’s (often called Lowe’s) as a retail home improvement company. Mooresville, North Carolina is the headquarters of the company, where it operates retail stores throughout the United States and Canada.

What products will Lowe’s bend in 2022?

Pipe, conduit, rebar, flashing, copper pipe & more.

Copper pipe, rebar, conduit, and flashing are not bendable at Lowe’s stores. In spite of this, Lowe’s provides various tools for rent that can be used by customers to bend pipes. Local stores that are able to bend the materials may be recommended by a Lowe’s representative.

Continue reading to learn more about whether Lowe’s can bend pipe, conduit, corrugated steel, flashing, copper pipes, and more!

Is Lowe’s capable of bending metal pipe?

While Lowe’s can thread and cut steel or galvanized pipes free of charge, they are not able to bend pipes in-store. The service Lowe’s offers are the cutting and threading of pipes, which is performed by a machine, so Lowe’s staff cannot bend pipes in their stores.

Is it possible to get the metal pipe bent instead?

You can bend pipes yourself at Lowe’s with their tools. Among the top pipe bending tools for sale at Lowe’s are Kobalt Spring Tube Benders and the LENOX Od Tube Benders. In addition to metal and plastic pipes, Ace Hardware, Lowe’s competitor, offers in-store pipe bending. Additionally, Ace Hardware offers the service of cutting and bending pipes to the exact length needed.

Are Lowe’s Conduits bendable?

Despite selling a range of conduit products, Lowe’s cannot bend them. You can, however, purchase bendable conduit from Lowe’s if you want to do it yourself. IMC Conduit Benders, which are 34″ and 1″ by IDEAL, are among the top-selling items at Lowe’s.

Instead of bending conduit, what options do I have?

Getting in touch with your local electrician or electric store maybe your best option since they may have facilities that will bend conduit for you. It is possible to bend conduit by hand, using the right tools, available at stores like Lowe’s.

Is Lowe’s capable of bending rebar?

Similar to competitors Ace Hardware and Home Depot, Lowe’s is unable to bend rebar since it lacks the proper equipment.

Is it possible to bend rebar instead?

Lowe’s also sells tools and equipment appropriate for bending rebar, as well as rebar, addition to rebar. Lowe’s sells many tools for cutting and bending rebar in their stores. Lowe’s has a range of products available for bending rebar, including the Single End Rebar Hickey Bender, 60 inches in length, and the Mini 3-Pin Rebar Bender, 12 inches in length. In the alternative, if you have a considerable amount of bending to do, you might find it easier to hire a contractor.

Is Lowe’s capable of bending flashing?

However, Lowe’s sells materials and products for flashing that can be bent. Lowe’s website also features tools for bending flashings, including the Malco S2RLS (priced at $51.98) and the IRWIN Vise-Grip Sheet Metal Locking Pliers (priced at $12.98). Build-a-Bear Siding Brake ($1260.65) is an option available at Lowe’s as a more expensive option for bending flashing.

Where Can I Get Flashing Bent?

You can find local roofing specialists in your area online who can bend your flashing. Lowe’s can also assist you in bending your flashing in addition to providing recommendations for local experts.

Does Lowe’s Bend Copper Pipe?

Copper pipes cannot be bent at Lowe’s stores. As an alternative to buying copper pipe bending equipment, Lowe’s sells several tools to assist you in doing the job yourself. Kobalt’s Spring Tube Bender and Lenox’s Od Tube Bender are two of the best-rated tools at Lowe’s. Your local plumber may be able to bend copper pipes since copper is typically used within the plumbing industry.

What type of tools does Lowe’s rent for bending pipe, conduit, rebar, flashing, copper pipe, etc.?

In addition to tubing, flashing, conduit, and rebar, Lowe’s rents bending instruments that can assist with bending.

When you rent tools from Lowe’s, instead of buying them, you’re able to bend your materials using professional techniques for a fraction of the price.

Depending on Lowe’s location, you may be able to rent tools for a lower price, so you might want to inquire at your local Lowe’s. In some Lowe’s stores, tools can be rented by people over the age of 18 or towable equipment can be rented by people over 21. At the time of pick-up, Lowe’s requires that you have a valid photo ID and credit card. Lowe’s provides rental periods for 4-hours, 24-hours, weekly, and four-weekly rates depending on how much time you need.


In Lowe’s stores, it is not possible to bend things like tubing, conduits, rebars, flashing, and copper pipes. There are many local hardware stores in the area that are able to provide some of these services, in addition to Lowe’s and other similar stores in the area. For customers’ hardware needs, Lowe’s sells and rents tools that can be used to bend various materials including metals, woods, and plastics.

Frequently asked questions
  1. How bent are Lowe’s rebars?

Even though Lowe’s cannot cut or bend rebar within its stores, the company sells hardware products that enable you to cut rebar yourself. You can also rent tools at Lowe’s, which is a great way to cut rebar at an affordable price.

Does Lowe’s Bend Pipe? – Know More

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