Wilson Combat Military/Veteran Discount

One of the leading manufacturers of guns and firearms in the country has been Wilson Combat. Established in 1977 in Arkansas, this company is known to supply the army and various branches of the military. Since it is such an ardent supporter of the military and the army, it leads us to ask about Wilson Combat Military/Veteran Discount. To know about that keep reading.

Wilson Combat Military/Veteran Discount
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To serve the nation’s finest, Wilson Combat offers a lot of lucrative incentives and offers for the personnel at the military and for the veterans as well. The active members of the US military and the veterans may get up to 20% off on the items from Wilson.

Rules And Regulations for Wilson Combat Military/Veteran Discount

This discount also gets available to the law enforcement officers, medical personnel, and emergency workers. However, it is valid for all the merchandise that Wilson Combat offers except for the following:

  1. Custom work 
  2. Labor and shipping 
  3. The NW parts for the guns
  4. Items on sale
  5. Ammunition  

A veteran for Wilson Combat is someone who has a “retired” id or they have any given medical reason that pushes them to not work in the military due to any service-related disability

A member of the military or a veteran will have to check with Wilson Combat to access their discount. Plus, it can take a day or two (24 to 48 hours) where they can see the pricing structure for veterans or military personnel. 

Veterans and other military personnel need to keep in mind the fact that they will not get the following from Wilson Combat:

  1. Price protection 
  2. Retroactive pricing 
  3. Refunds on older purchases 

Financing A Wilson Combat Gun For Veterans And Military 

Partnering with First National Bank of North Arkansas, Wilson Combat makes it much easier for anyone strapped for cash to own their firearm of choice. 

Contact the online gun builder or phone to select the gun and options you want to buy. You get the final price of the item. Apply for funds online. You will receive a reply within 12 business days. Once approved, the North Arkansas First National Bank will direct the order. At this time, you cannot cancel or change your order. When you’re ready to create a weapon, check out the “Kit Call” for details on creating a weapon. The weapon is created and sent to the FFL.


 1. If the insurance company has sufficient credibility, you can receive the firearm after completion. 

 2. They will fund your firearms even if your loan does not meet the underwriter’s criteria, but will retain them until the contract is fully paid.

Combat-Related Special Eligibility 

To qualify for the CRSC, members must meet all of the following criteria and receive military severance pay for the following reasons: 

  • In 20 years of prestigious service, he served as an active, reservist, or National Guard if you are a full-time medical retiree, working in active duty, reserve, or National Guard, regardless of the length of service. 
  • You are classified as a temporarily retired person with a disability who works in active duty, reserve, or National Guard, regardless of the length of service. Also served as an active, reservist, or National Guard, and gets considered a retired employee under the Temporary Early Retirement Act in 1519. 
  • There are more than 10% of VA-rated injuries associated with combat. 
  • Military retirement benefits are reduced by the Department of Veterans Affairs Disability Allowance (Exemption from the Department of Veterans Affairs). 

You should be able to document that the injury is due to one of the following: 

Purpleheart, Armed conflict, Dangerous service, Means of war, Agent Orange, and/or Radiation exposure.

Returns Of Wilson Combat For Veterans And Military Personnel 

It accepts returns the last 1-2 weeks after you have received the product. Shipments are available for consumers, but they will not take returned goods. Replacement items are sent without cost to customers. You can contact Wilson Combat and return your goods to them at Berryville.

Wilson Combat accepts from a 60-day original packaging for loans, loans, or replacement for 60 days from the shipping date, and accepts the revenue of new/unused/changing products. Shipping has not been approved. All sales of serialized items are final and non-returnable. This includes firearms and low price purchases. All ammunition sales are final. Ammunition cannot be returned or exchanged after delivery. All sales of each DVD opened are final.


In a country that is fraught with intruders and robbers, it is natural that one would want to protect their homes from all sorts of burglars. Wilson Combat has been one of the premier gun manufacturing companies in the continental united states. Due to their affiliation with the military, it can be found that they do offer military and veteran discounts. 

Frequently Asked questions 

  • What Is The Customer Service Number For Wilson Combat? 

800-955-4856 is the number for customer service at Wilson Combat 

  • How Do I Apply For Special Military Compensation?

You can apply for special military compensation through your given branch office and they will decide if you are eligible for a special discount or not. 

Wilson Combat Military/Veteran Discount

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