Does Amazon Own JetBlue? – Know more

Does Amazon Own JetBlue?

The concept of watching television has taken a major transition since the last decade. Owning an OTT platform has now become a quintessential aspect of life, more like a want turned into an addiction.Access to almost thousands of TV shows, documentaries is hassle-free, thanks to online watching portals and OTT platforms.With the introduction of numerous digital content platforms such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, etc., the raise in online viewing and content streaming has been on the top of cards.It is an undeniable fact that out of most of the OTT platforms, Amazon Prime video holds a major position having millions of subscribers worldwide.But the biggest reason Amazon is popular is for its efforts in connecting the audience globally and to make content viewing more accessible. On that note, Amazon has done a commendable job by tying with JetBlue to provide access to Prime video for all JetBlue passengers.

What is JetBlue and what is the partnership it has with Amazon

Being headquartered in Long Island, New York city, JetBlue Airways is one of the largest airlines in North America by passengers carried.JetBlue is a low-cost airway and has an extensive network established throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and the whole of Central America.

So, what is the deal between Amazon and JetBlue airways?

No, Amazon does not own JetBlue airways, but it sure has made a great move by collaborating with JetBlue in providing free access to stream Prime Video content to all passengers flying JetBlue and are prime membership holders. This is the first-ever commercial collaboration made by any OTT platform and needless to say, it has been hoarding good numbers in terms of increasing numbers of prime members and passengers flying JetBlue airways.

Passengers flying in JetBlue A321 and A320 aircraft can now get access to tens of thousands of movies and content available on Amazon Prime given they are prime members without having to worry about the big slot Wi-Fi-charges. Airlines that have wi-fi usually can charge anywhere from $5 to $20 plus the content site charges along with the usual ticket charges.

All these additional costs can be easily waived off by choosing to fly with JetBlue airways if the passengers are already Prime members.In addition to Prime instant video that has online movies, documentaries, and other video streaming offers, there are other benefits the passengers can avail such as getting access to ad-free streaming Amazon music, unlimited cloud storage for photos, etc.

JetBlue services for Wi-Fi and content streaming

Having quite an ongoing popularity, JetBlue carries nothing less than thirty million passengers every year and mostly expands its horizon across the United States.

  • Though the Wi-Fi options for most of the airlines have been at a minimal level, JetBlue has stepped up a notch by introducing fly-fi, a premium Wi-Fi access to passengers using a range of satellites for high-speed internet access. But, however, JetBlue has always required its passengers to pay an extra fee for using fly-fi services as it is a premium offer.
  • But, if the passengers are already prime members on Amazon, they can easily waive off the charge and get access to content on a plane at their comfort. However, the passengers will have to carry their own devices such as laptops, mobile devices, and smartphones to access the prime content. This includes the passenger’s requirement and their carry-in options.
  • There will not be any backseat integration of Amazon prime video in tiny screens for the passengers. The major advantage is that access to the content can be done at just the $99 prime subscription fee and nothing else.
  • Though many other online content streaming platforms are providing such benefits at the start of Amazon’s feat, Amazon has been faring particularly well at it. It has gone a step further by introducing access to Amazon music, kindle, and other Amazon streaming services to all the Prime membership holders at JetBlue.

Services provided to non-members 

Though the partnership is exclusively entitled to the Amazon prime members, the non-members can avail services too.If JetBlue passengers wish to access Amazon content whilst on their journey, they could still be able to do it even if they do not have a membership.They can rent movies and any sort of content they want to access via the Amazon instant video store over the broadband Internet connection board. But the only difference is they will not be a part of unlimited streaming digital content using the fly-fi broadband services offered by JetBlue. 


Amazon’s aspects of business and commercialization is great indeed.It just marks the beginning of yet again a benchmark of creating a digital content revolution.So, Amazon is surely too good to avoid for any customer, without a doubt.


1) What devices are considered viable to carry, to stream Amazon content on a flight?

Any form of the device can be considered appropriate as the fly-fi option has the same broadband range for every device. however, it is ideal for the customer to download the Amazon prime video application that can support on their android or Mac OS device.

Does Amazon Own JetBlue? – Know more

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