Stores Like Kate Spade

Stores Like Kate Spade

Ever wanted to carry bags that make a statement, which make heads turn, which make you noticeable in a room? Who does not want that? The fun that you get while carrying luxury brands and being the center of attraction is an unexplainable feeling. Especially if you are a fashionista.

You might be aware of Kate Spade, deemed as Coach for the younger generation. It has got bags and wallets that are selling like hotcakes. But aren’t you bored watching everybody carry the same kind of bags? Don’t you want something different for yourself that is in your budget but as a luxury item? Here are some of rival stores of Kate Spade that match its level. So go check them out.

Stores that match Kate Spade

Is Tory Burch like Kate Spade?

Tory Burch is a little more expensive than Kate Spade but worth it. The Tory Burch collection is the perfect mixture of vintage classic and the latest chic patterns. Not only the quality and durability, but the finesse with which Tory Burch presents its exquisite assortment of handbags is commendable. Its expertise is in bags, but it also has ready-to-wear clothes, accessories, tabletop and drink wear, linen, candles, sportswear, shoes, and much more. If you own a Tory Burch product, you won’t regret it.

Average price range – $180 – $1100

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Is Michael Kors like Kate Spade?

Michael Kors is the closest brand to Kate Spade that will not cost you a fortune and will turn some heads around when you carry it. Favorable for people who want to carry luxurious bags but do not want to spend a lot on them, Michael Kors has similar style bags to Kate Spade. Its range of tote bags, crossbody bags, shoulder bags, ready-to-wear, accessories, and perfumes serve as the perfect companion for a dinner night or an official meeting. And if you have a Michael Kors bag, the chances are that you can even buy a matching wallet well under your budget.

Average price range – $190 – $500

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Is Marc Jacobs like Kate Spade?

Marc Jacobs itself is a very fancy designer brand that is way out of the price range in which Kate Spade fits. But its MARC by Marc Jacobs line Has been exclusively launched for people who want to own Mark Jacobs but cannot afford to buy such exorbitantly priced purses. If you are a fan of modern and up-to-date designs, Marc Jacobs is the go-to brand. This line might be available at your nearest Macy’s, Bergdorf Goodman, the official website of Marc Jacobs, that too in a wide variety of colors.

Average price range – $200 – $800

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Is Coach like Kate Spade?

Coach is like a father to Kate Spade. If you have got a few extra bucks that you can spare, go for Coach. This high-end brand was established in 1941 in the hub of fashion, New York. Focusing on fine craftsmanship and using leather of the highest quality, Coach has maintained its stature in the handbag industry for almost 100 years now. Their classic silhouettes have got modified with the changing times. And like Kate Spade, Coach’s new designs, such as the Baguette bag, are becoming very popular among young adults.

Average price range – $100 – $800

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Is Ted Baker like Kate Spade?

Ted Baker is the definition of a premium street aesthetic. Based in London, this designer brand has developed a clientele all around the globe. Be it its transparent neon-colored tote bags or high-quality materials, Ted Baker contains a variety that will make a 17-year-old and 70-year-old man or woman look funky and modish. While initially, it started as a brand for males, Ted Baker has now broadened its horizon and serves all the fashionistas out there. Its Vallcon Bow Detail large bag is a highly stylish example of Ted Baker’s minimalistic yet chic aesthetic.

Average price range – $100 -$425

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Is Dooney & Bourke like Kate Spade?

Dooney & Bourke is also a reasonably-priced luxury brand that you can find in your local department stores like Macy’s or Nordstrom. Priced in the similar range of Kate Spade, they are very different in the designs of bags. Dooney & Bourke utilizes textured leather combined with lightweight nylon to produce beautiful and bold colored hobos, shoppers, slings, satchels, totes, and backpacks. It’s not only limited to bags for both men and women but also travel accessories, shoes, and watches. If you are a sports lover, do try this brand because it has a whole collection of sports-inspired products for people like you!

Average price range – $55 – $850

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Is Rebecca Minkoff like Kate Spade?

Unlike some other brands, Rebecca Minkoff focuses primarily on women’s handbags, clothing, shoes, accessories, and fragrances. The ultimate goal of this designer brand is to make a fashion-forward statement among women. And while being a relatively new player to the game, Rebecca Minkoff has already made a mark in the fashion business. Its Eddie, Julian, Darren, Love, Megan, Nylon, and Nanine collections make this brand different and unique from the others. Each assortment has its distinctive style, and they are within the same price bracket as Kate Spade.

Average price range – $95 – $450

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Is Steve Madden like Kate Spade?

Steve Madden is another young brand that has become popular in the past few years. Its prime focus is on footwear. But its collection of bags is very voguish. Having the basic categories of crossbody, clutches, belt bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, it also has different dedicated collections. The Pink collection contains a pink satin shoulder bag with matching heels, while the Y2K vibe collection has the late 90s and early 2000s inspired handbags and matching footwear to go with it. Steve Madden Is a designer brand that is comparatively less expensive than the other designers.

Average price range – $35 – $110

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Is Guess like Kate Spade?

If there is a brand that produces bags for everyday use and special occasions, it is Guess. The sophisticated and polished Guess is the most affordable designer bag in the fashion world. From embellished purses to printed satchels, from croc bags to wallets, Guess shines among its contemporaries providing top-rated quality leather at the best possible rates. If you follow the trends religiously and know the latest craze for minibags, then you can check out Guess’ latest collection and go gaga over it.

Average price range – $50 – $500

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Is Kenneth Cole like Kate Spade?

In terms of price, yes. In terms of quality, yes. In terms of designs, no. Kate Spade is unique, and the same can be said for Kenneth Cole. A company that started as a brand for footwear, Kenneth Cole has now become an identifiable high-end fashion brand in the world. The most expensive line of the collection is the Kenneth Cole collection. And the second most expensive is the Kenneth Cole New York line. This brand might be on a little higher side, but it provides quality and durability, which proves it as a worth-it brand.

Average price range – $30 – $300

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Are there any other alternative stores to Kate Spade?

The above-mentioned brands are the main alternative stores to Kate Spade. If you are in search of something which is of premium quality, is durable, fashionable, and is branded, you should go for one of these brands. Other than them, a few like Fossil, Dagne Dover, Mansur Gavriel, Furla, Matt & Nat provide vegan and sustainable leather for those who require eco-friendly items. 


Kate Spade is a fine brand. And affordable too. Its collection is very trendy and famous among young adults. But other brands in the market can compete with Kate Spade with full strength. The above-mentioned brands are unique in their sense and provide a bit of their heritage and idea to you with their products. These brands’ bags, apparel, accessories, watches are surely going to brighten up your wardrobe and make your friends envious of you.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is Kate Spade like Louis Vuitton?

No, it is not. Kate Spade comes in the category of high-end brands but at a reasonable price. However, Louis Vuitton is a premium brand, and all its items are very expensive. Louis Vuitton is a 19-century brand, and it has maintained its status as a brand of the elite for many years. But Kate Spade has been in the business for only a few years. 

  1. How to identify a Kate Spade bag?

If you want to know if it’s a Kate Spade bag, look for the Kate Spade logo. It will always be in lowercase and have New York written under it. It even has a spade on top of the logo, which makes it identifiable from a distance.

  1. Where to buy Kate Spade bags?

You can buy Kate Spade bags on the official website of the brand. However, if you want to have a look and feel of the product and see for yourself which bag is meant for you, you can check it out at your nearest retail stores. The website can guide you for that. Other stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom Rack also keep Kate Spade bags at heavy discounts.

Stores Like Kate Spade

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