Is GLD jewelry real?

Is GLD jewelry real?

Some people like to wear jewelry inscribed with urban art and culture which shows that their values and traditions are more important for them. Some companies are experts in designing art and culture in jewelry according to people’s tastes. One of the high brand companies that sell urban-inspired ornaments is the GLD jewelry store. It is known due to expensive metals of jewelry also. But is it a real or fake jewelry store? It is definitely real. It has excellent quality and services.One of the wonderful features of the GLD store is, it tests the quality and durability of the brand before selling and meets the jeweler committee to maintain the standard and popularity of their business. Furthermore, items offered from GLD shops are sterling silver, pure black,/ white rhodium, and 24-18 k gold. Moreover, customers can make queries through phone, chat, or email during working hours to the customer service agent.

About GLD Jewelry popularity

There is no doubt, GLD is a well-reputed and honorable precious jewelry store. Because they have associated with various celebrities like ASAP Rocky who is a record producer, Wiz Khalifa, and athletes like Paul Pogba and Kevin Durant. Besides that, they have celebrity customers. In addition, GLD prepares high-quality designs in collaboration with some of the biggest professional accounts for great sports like the Chicago Bulls and the Green Bay Packers. Hence, a great link with super personalities cannot prove GLD as a scam. Furthermore, the GLD  shop was set up by two friends named Christian Johnston and Dan Folger in 2008 in Pittsburgh. They opened a shop intending to create jewelry designs that reflect their culture and values. It is an inspiration to know that this business  was started in a basement by them which soon became an international brand store in Miami, Florida, U.S.A.  Apart from their stylish products, they offer superb services or policies which attract more customers.

Warranty and Return policy

GLD shops provide an opportunity to their supporters to repair, exchange or return all the payments if there is a defect in the manufacturing of jewelry. Also, on buying an Alpha Era watch, the buyer gets a 12- month warranty and offers an option to enhance the warranty of 24 months by paying $99. Further, only participating items can be replaced and returned within 14 days of purchase, not custom’ pieces like earrings and solid gold items.

How does it provide benefits to the clients?

Besides celebrity cooperation, GLD earns its fame by making its customers happy. For making consumers satisfied, GLD arranges GLD gang and referral programs which impart lots of profits to their followers.

GLD gang

In GLD gang, the company provides occasions and games to win money and gifts to the customers for promoting their products on social media by using the hashtag.

Referral program

In the referral program, the company put forward a discount advantage for their supporters. They impress their customers by referring to their friends and family members. So GLD products awareness gets increased. The motive of this program is to gather praise because people believe in the words of their nearer and dearer.

How is their Shipping service?

GLD sends their purchased products within 5 and 10 days. The company delivers shopped items to over 200 countries worldwide. If the customer buys a product for more than $ 30, GLD provides free shipping. But for immediate shipping or overnight shipping, buyers have to pay more. Also, GLD offers a free option for international purchasers.

How is the Customer feedback?


It is a review website of businesses all over the world. After doing a lot of research, it is said that GLD  gained more than 4000 reviews and has a 4.7/5 score on Trustpilot which shows people are satisfied inwardly and thus referral increases organically. They have a huge following due to their unmatchable cost.


On Facebook, the GLD score is 4.3/5. Both reviewers and viewers are satisfied with this score. Supporters appraise the quality and services of GLD on social sites. In addition, it also found that some people have been purchasing from GLD for many years.


GLD has proven to be a well-respected jewelry store through its good reviews and collaboration with celebrities. Besides that, its marvelous urban art and culture designs leave a long-lasting impression on customers’ hearts.  As well as, their profitable services and policies make them true and trusted sellers for the customers.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What are the advantages of the Sezzle payment method at the GLD shop?

Ans)  Sezzle payment is a method through which customers buy products and can pay later in four installments if they have no money. Another advantage is that it is interest-free.

Q) How is the GLD shop expensive?

Ans) The GLD shop is the most selected excellent brand jewelry store. Its minimum price starts from $35 for small-sized pendants and can go above thousands. It is not for the average buyer. Also, they sell watches carved with gems which are the most costly item in their selling list.

Is GLD jewelry real?

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