Where are Michael Kors bags made?

Capri Holdings Limited owns Michael Kors Holdings Limited. These fashion hubs get responsible for the making and manufacturing of many famous fashion items such as bags, purses, clothes, and shoes from luxurious fashion brands like that Micheal Kors, Jimmy Choo, and Versace. The headquarters of Capri Holdings Limited are both in London and New York and is a British Virgin Islands-based company, which has founded in 1981. So, Where are Michael Kors bags made?

Where are Michael Kors bags made?

The fact that the majority of Michael Kors’ items are made in China is well-known. Michael Kors also has factories in the fashion capital of the world, ie, in Italy. At the same time, their products are also made in Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Korea, and the Philippines.

Cost Of Genuine Michael Kors Bags

Michael Kors bags range in price from a meager $50 to a high-end price of $18,000. Wallets are comparatively cheaper when it comes to their price range since they cost somewhere between $30 t0 $895. Theirs authorized Michael Kors website updates the brand’s price list regularly and also displays the occasional sale price.

When made in several countries, the merchandise will also be considered to be genuine in nature. Don’t be alarmed if you notice a “Made In” tag from somewhere other than China.

Serial Numbers On Michael Kors Bags 

All real Michael Kors bags do have a serial number that can help verify their authenticity. A one-year limited guarantee covers handbags, small leather products, and tech accessories from the date of purchase (proof of purchase required). You must supply the product’s serial number and the seller’s name and address to receive service under this warranty.

The Material Used To Make Michael Kors Bags.

Saffiano leather has become synonymous with Michael Kors purses. Saffiano is bovine hide with a delicate crossing weave pressed on it by a machine, if you’re unfamiliar with the brand’s signature material. Synthetics are soft and floppy, whereas originals are structured and rigid. The genuine Saffiano leather will have a slight sheen to it as well. Please keep in mind that not all authentic handbags are made of genuine leather.

Michael Kors Supply Chain Structure 

Michael Kors mostly works with objective third manufacturing contractors for the acquisition of finished goods, which are in charge of the full production process, including the purchasing of piece goods and trim. The Michael Kors brand distributes product manufacturing to 3rd party and external manufacturing partners according to their capabilities, production capacity, cost, and delivery.

Michael Kors also works with several buying agents who obtain finished items from a variety of manufacturers on its behalf. In fiscal 2021, practically all Michael Kors goods are made in Asia in terms of dollar volume.

Michael Kors And Third Party Manufacturers  

Capri Holding conducts baseline examinations of each new, possible direct supplier facility as part of their risk assessment and requires these suppliers to complete extensive questionnaires. Capri Holdings considers the geographic location of a manufacturing site as well as the type of its production process for us, including the expected output volume when analyzing the risks of labor exploitation there.

How To Spot A Fake Michael Kors Bag?

Check The Zippers 

A reinforced steel zipper with a zipper stop is always present at the purse zipper opening. A zipper stop keeps the zip from sliding past the teeth of the zipper and off track. A metallic Michael Kors engraved zipper tag or a round metal MK logo with the word Michael Kors centered beneath the open MK letters can also be seen on the zipper. The apertures of the majority of imitation Michael Kors bags are plastic zippers. A zipper stop is also missing from these fake purses. 

Check The Straps 

The adjustable strap of a genuine Michael Kors bag has well-bored eyelets for buckle adjustments. Heavy, durable metal buckles are used on the straps, with the Michael Kors emblem embossed on the side. The shoulder strap on a fake MK handbag is substantially longer than on an original purse. The openings aren’t punched at the same distance apart, and there are fewer holes than on a genuine MK bag. The buckles are small and do not have an etched branding.

Tips To Recognize A Fake Michael Kors Bag 

A few pointers can help you detect a fake MK designer bag quickly. Before judging whether a Michael Kors bag is fake or original, you should analyze all of its features and components. 

  1. The bag’s bottom feet are flat and smooth. 
  2. MK hardware is manufactured entirely in one piece, with the strong brand embossed clearly and smoothed out. 
  3. MK equipment is heavy and has a mirror shine finish with no chips, flakes, or cracks. 
  4. The letters of Michael Kors’ name are evenly spaced. 
  5. The hardware is sleek with rounded corners and comes in square or rectangle shapes. 
  6. Purse handles are sturdy, do not fold inward, and are wrinkle-free. 
  7. Strap hooks are simple to open and do not provide any resistance


Michael Kors is an internally renowned brand that is known for its trendsetting, chic, and international ways in which people can use their goods. From celebrities to common folk, everyone has heard of Michael Kors, and can subsequently know what aesthetic their brand is known for. From clothing to simple accessories, everything is sold by the brand both online and in their brick and mortar shops. The company had approximately 500 locations and more than 1450 in-store boutiques in several countries since 2015.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I Return A Personalized Michael Kors Bag? 

No, you cannot return a personalized Michael Kors bag.

2. What Is The Flat Rate Shipping Cost For Michael Kors Products? 

All Michael Kors products have a flat rate shipping charge of $5.00.

3. What Forms Of Payment Does Michael Kors Accept? 

Michael Kors accepts payment in the form of credit cards, debit cards, online payment portals, and e-wallets. They do not accept cash on delivery, layaway plans, personal checks, and money orders. 

Where are Michael Kors bags made?

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