Do Comet Cleaners do Alterations?

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“Are your clothes clean enough? Or is there anything you feel to change in that? Just leave it to the professionals!” Comet Cleaners provides quality dry cleaning and laundry services since 1957.

“Don’t like your clothes anymore? Don’t throw, just alter it with Comet Cleaners!”

Yes, Comet Cleaners do alter the dresses and make them according to the way you want them to look. The company is a dry cleaning and laundry services company which was started in 1957, developing with time the company also started various other facilities that the customers are liking very much these days. One of which is the introduction of alternation that the company provides when a customer wants to bring out something new from their old clothes. 

Do Comet Cleaners do Alterations

The alterations include:- 

1.Replacing zippers: Replacing your old kind of zippers or the damaged ones with something more trendy & good-looking.

2.Size adjustments: The size adjustment is a kind of big thing as the modern diet and the normal routine of a person just takes a couple of weeks to bring up changes in the body shape and size. It’s quite common that we need certain size adjustments from time to time.

3.Hem repairs and adjustments: either you want a real hem or an instant one dad just suits your expectation, or you want to repair your older hem work, the company does it all. Perfect hem repair and adjustment, even new hem work which just gonna make your outfit awesome. 

4.  They even provide instant hem work with the help of hrm tapes or other easy solutions which saves the customer’s time with perfection. They also provide traditional hem work which perfectly suits the mood of the elderly.

5.Cuffing: Cuffing the borders of pants or the wrist of the shirts with a separate piece of cloth which ultimately finishes it up, borders can also be attached either by using buttons or studs. A cuff can also display an ornamental border or have lace or some other trimming.

6.Replacing buttons: replacing your old, broken, missing, or even adding new and designer buttons according to your choice or expectation is also done here.

Certain locations provide alterations on-site, but all can process customers’ requests and send the items off for upgrading. And once the order is placed, customers receive their new and improved clothes back in no time.


The facilities that the company provides to the customers are remarkable with the inclusion of the 24 hours part. 

  • 24 Hour Dry Cleaning Drop Off
  • Professional Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services
  • Same Day Dry Cleaning Service
  • Alterations
  • Express Bag Service
  • Leather to Linens

Now here you are getting all kinds of professional benefits related to laundry work with a 24 hours dry cleaning facility. The same-day thing makes it even better for a busy lifestyle. The pickup and drop facility is advancing the performance and the alterations are just remarkable with the customers enjoying seeing a new look of their old clothes.

The 9 boons of the Comet Cleaners:

  1. Dry Cleaning & Laundry: Get your clothes a professional touch.

           (Polished and professional)

  1. Drop Off & Pick Up Service: Have easy access to all your work without any tension about going to the laundry.

            (Simply awesome for busy people)

  1. Same Day Service: Forgot about today’s party, just have instant access to any of your cute dresses with the same day service facility of the laundry.

            (Simplify your life)

  1. Drive-Up Service 

            (Drive on thru today)

  1. 24 Hour Drop-Off: Oh God! you’re coming late and had to go to work early, just have the benefit of the 24-hour drop-off facility.

            (Drop off day or night)

  1. Express Bag Service

            (Go to the front of the line)

  1. Alterations: The most awesome feature which the customers are enjoying a lot by seeing their old clothes with a completely new look by the professionals.

            (Clean and improve clothes)

  1. Leather to Linens: Don’t have to worry about your different kinds of fabric; they do it all here.

            (We clean all the things)

  1. Wedding Gowns: Wanna relive your wedding memories, just enjoy and let all the other works to the professionals. Happy Anniversary!

            (Memories preserved forever)

They aren’t just cleaning up, instead, they are reshaping your lives! 


Comet Cleaners provide custom alterations to help you achieve the look you were dreaming of. They provide other laundry services for ages. Trusted brand over so many years.


1.Can they help with the different kinds of fabric?

Yes the company has solutions for any kind of stain on every fabric of yours.

2.What if I need an urgent delivery?

No problem with that, the company provides Same Day Service which is just made to simplify your life.

3.What if I’m so busy that I forgot to pick up my laundry?

If this- is a problem, then there’s no problem because the company provides drop-off and pick up services for such busy customers.

Do Comet Cleaners do Alterations?

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